SLP says Chastanet’s comments on Juffali opportunistic

SLP says Chastanet’s comments on Juffali opportunistic

SLPPRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party has described Allen Chastanet’s comments on the divorce case against Dr. Juffali as opportunistic and ill-considered, particularly as they relate to a civil case where neither the Government of Saint Lucia nor that of the United Kingdom can become directly involved.

The Party is of the view that the Leader of the UWP’s has demonstrated a lack of judgment and immaturity by publicly denouncing a Saint Lucian diplomat through the media. The SLP advises Mr. Chastanet to quickly learn the ways and means of diplomacy and the conduct of statecraft if he is to be taken seriously as a political leader.

The Labour Party believes that Ambassador Juffali has been specifically tasked with promoting Saint Lucia’s economic interests  and is a strategic appointment that brings to the table considerable experience in wealth creation and with it unique access to international capital. This is a valuable tool in our Nation’s drive to project itself to a new audience of potential partners.

Saint Lucia is faced with the challenge of increasing its diplomatic and commercial strength in an increasingly competitive global market and needs within its diplomatic arsenal those with a specific capacity to access and deliver investment capital. Whilst Saint Lucia’s economic growth may not be in the short-term political interests of the UWP, they are in the national interest.

It is a matter of regret that the Leader of the UWP has allowed his comments to be used in the domestic and British Media without first having made any attempt to seek clarification on the role and the undertakings of Dr Juffali, or without having the courtesy of advising him of his intention to attack him publicly. It should be noted, in this regard that Dr Juffali is in no position to respond to such attacks as an apolitical appointee.

The SLP notes that the Foreign Policy Review process and Report highlighted the need to move towards Commercial Diplomacy and the UWP neither objected to nor made any comment on this during the consultation process.

The SLP points out that it is the depths of hypocrisy from Chastanet and the UWP to criticise Dr. Juffali’s appointment as the UWP itself appointed a number of persons who to this day have not been made public. The SLP calls on the Prime Minister to publicly announce all the persons who were appointed by the UWP administration and specifically those who were appointed by Mr. Chastanet.


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  1. Deflection at its best! Chastanet is not the issue here. Truths are hard to come by when corruption is in the mix. Let's look at the key positioning of a non national called juffali as the ambassador... Who according to reports is absurdly hilaire removes himself from said role to become director of sorts at the citizenship for investment program? Have we connected the dots? Expect a surge in wealth for the usual beneficiaries of nepotism. Nothing about this is savory. But of course nothing will be done about it.....


    • Kenny needs to STOP rewarding ineptitude and incompetence! Hilaire in charge of Citizenship by Investment is a recipe for disaster. He has already allegedly sold the diplomacy that was entrusted to him to the highest bidder with no regard for this country, and with all regard for himself and what he could gain from it. Next we might be selling citizenship to whoever can pay or whoever can offer the biggest bribe and I shudder to think who and what will be allowed into our country. He is an embarrassment to Saint Lucia! He was at the WICB and he was at the London High Commission.


  2. If chastenet is so wrong, explain to us why he never attended a meeting in his capacity on tge behalf of st lucia.


  3. *******************************
    Sandy Brown November 18, 2015 at 7:05 PM

    So basically Ernest Hiliare gave up his post as Ambasador of St. Lucia to the UK inorder for Juffali to be appointed, whilst becoming head of the Board of the Economic Citizenship Programme in St. Lucia? So what's next, Prime Ministership?

    There's something rotten and stinking in the State of Denmark, and it ain't fish.

    Now a fish rots from the head. And in the citizenship for pay and NOT economic development the head of the sitting government makes the final calls. Boy oh boy! This thing reeks of corruption right there, And they have just started. They have just started.


  4. This is one appointment that St Lucia can do without. I Feel utterly revolted by the presence of this man making representations on behalf of this lovely island. Who sanctioned this appointment? What on earth were the powers that be thinking when they appointed this impertinent fellow to such a lofty position?

    This man hails from one of the most brutal kingdoms in the world. There are so many competent St Lucians out of work and who could so easily take up this diplomatic post. Instead they are being deliberately ignored in favour of a cantankerous outlander who knows nothing about this country.This appointment smacks of pure opportunism and nepotism and nothing else. He is in the process of divorcing his wife and it looks like this legal dissolution will be anything but amicable. The "wife" is planning to take him to the cleaners for all that he is worth - billions.

    So in order to avoid a settlement or palimony he finds himself a piece of juicy steak which he can tuck into. He was offered diplomatic immunity immediately as this comes with the territory. Now he can do as he pleases since he is accountable to no one. He has no affinity with the state of St Lucia, and his only affiliation is to secure his vested interests. He probably does not even know where St Lucia is on the map. This irascible character hails from a country that practices Wahhabism,, a virulent form of religious ideology that belongs to the dark ages. It is ultraconservative and fundamentalist to the core. It is being exported to countries such as Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Somalia. One just has to look at the state of these countries to see how they have been fumigated by this extremist pseudo-Sunni movement. They have no respect for non believers and in their words"infidels" - They are willing to eradicate all kauffars or infidels from the face of this earth.

    The Saudis brutally enslaved our African cousins in the name of their religion.Black people in Saudi Arabia have no rights and are often seen as in the words of the Arabs"the lowest of the low"- Yet there are many misguided blacks following this religion which loathes and detests them. Karl Maxx, the philosopher once declared religion to be an opium of the masses. He believed that the general populace was being taken for granted by those with an unrelenting belief especially when organized into a system of doctrine and practice. With the billions of petrodollars the Saudis have in their coffers they can easily afford to export their austere and stringent form of religious diatribe to the less fortunate around the globe. We in the Caribbean have to be on our guard at all times. We should not give these discontented Arabs any foot in any of our doors. All they need is a sniff and they will take advantage where opportunity lies.Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

    This appointment smacks of opportunism and nepotism. Many have concurred that this dubious character lacks the necessary skills and qualifications to do this job. To add further to St Lucia's alarm his daughter was made ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Would Saudi Arabia have done the same? Would they have chosen a St Lucian to become their ambassador to St Lucia. NO is the simple answer. This family seems recklessly determined to buy their way into every aspect of St Lucian society. They have absolutely no compunction in doing so. They will use their largesse to bluff their way through and no one will ask questions. They will avoid scrutiny by simply embracing the cushion of diplomatic immunity.

    The Saudis do not like black people. They treat us with utter contempt and disdain. Their contempt and lack of respect for us blacks is legendary. A man who comes from a country which sent 11 attackers to blow up the world trade centre in New York should not be allowed anywhere near the confines of diplomatic postings hosting or handling for St Lucia. We should not allow any Saudi to come to brainwash our impressionable youths. Do we really believe that this man would have chosen St Lucia if he had another country to offer him such privileges? No sir! He is only offering his unbridled services because no one else in their right mind will take him on. Let us hope this does not backfire on the former diplomat who offered him the position in the first place. I heard that he has a desire to become prime minister one day. His judgement may well be called into question on this one.

    The malevolent and baleful Telegraph newspaper in London is getting in on the act with their pernicious reporting which is doing more harm to St Lucia's reputation than good. This British broadsheet is full of closeted racists and fascists. They love to spread poison and propaganda as well as making up stories. I am imploring the powers that be to avoid giving this right wing rag any more fuel to keep the fire burning. The reporter who wrote this story from the Telegraph is anxious for another hit. He nicked this new angle from St Lucia News Online. Be careful with this mercenary. Stay well away from the likes of this rapacious and self-indulgent hack who has nothing positive to offer our splendid isle. Like Lord Invader said'if it's people business you minding you not contributing one damn thing so Bare'.

    I am calling on the political establishment to revoke and rescind this diplomatic appointment with immediate effect. We do not want a crabby, sybaritic, debauched,intemperate interloper interfering in our internal or external affairs. Apart from oil Saudi Arabia has nothing to offer St Lucia or anyone. If anything we should trade with them...If they are not interested in trading with us we should find countries that are willing to. This whole affair is lopsided. There are no Lucians representing Saudi in anything. That being the case we should not allow their citizens to represent us in anything.Let's nip this in the bud at the earliest possible convenience. Do it now. Send this mercenary packing with his oily tail between his legs. Wake up St Lucia and smell the cacao tea.

    Viva St Lucia The Land I Love and the land Of My Mother.

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Berlin Germany


    • I will forgive your long rant but your efforts at generalizing an individual because of their place of birth is unforgivable!! I am however in agreement with the fact that some of these states need to be held accountable for the crimes against humanity. There are numerous individuals committing atrocities in the US, Canada, UK, Russia, India, China, Australia, Africa etc. yet individuals from these places are accepted why is that so? If the cure for cancer came from a Sunni, Arab state will you reject or rebuke it?? The list of non nationals representing other countries in diplomatic affairs is exhaustively long so read up on your foreign and diplomatic relations worldwide maybe you will be a little more enlightened!!


      • The list may be long like you said but there is something in it for the individuals who are suppose to be representing these states. They are all in it for themselves. No one does nothing for nothing in this world. Not even the Arabs with all the money they have amassed over the years from oil revenue. Resident or non-resident ambassadors are mainly used by developing countries.

        Countries like the UK, USA, Germany France all use their nationals to serve as ambassadors in foreign lands. Why should St Lucia be any different? There are lots of competent St Lucians who are quite capable and willing to serve this island at the drop of a hat.You need to study the facts before you rattle on about this subject. I have hardly stated anything that is unforgivable in my riposte.I am stating facts. They say facts is the lifeblood of good investigations. You write what you observe and investigate what you know and see.

        I make no apologies for what I have written above and will stand by every word. If someone finds a cure for any deadly diseases then it is something for all of humanity to celebrate. Good health is for all. Every human being on this planet deserves to be happy and healthy.

        The people from the western part of Asia namely the Middle East have carried out abominable acts against my African cousins. They brutally uprooted blacks from the great continent and enslaved them long before the Europeans started the transatlantic slave trade. They have never said sorry or paid one dime in compensation to Africa. Just recently these bloodthirsty religious fanatics were trying to forcibly convert blacks into their faith using brutal methods. They done it before and they are doing it again.How can a religion be one of peace when it uses weapons to convert people? They did it in India and hence the partition of Pakistan and Bangladesh into separate states. They use to be all hindus until the Middle Easterners came and divided them using religion...The opium of the masses.

        We are revolutionary in the Caribbean and in the Americas. We have always fought to keep out invaders from taking over our splendid isles. Haiti is a prime example of a country that took on powerful forces from Europe and defeated them. The Caribbean islands are sovereign states which means we govern ourselves. Colonial powers can no longer tell us what to do. We are quite capable of looking after our own affairs. No one gives you nothing for nothing. The Arabs infiltrated the unconscious minds of our African cousins with their poisonous ideology much to their detriment. They did this solely to divide and disrupt the continent from progressing. They are envious of Africa and Africans. They committed genocide and to date no Arab have been brought to book for the atrocities they committed against a largely innocent people - Yes Black people like me.

        They would not dare take such liberties with the Caribbean. We will stand up to anyone who wishes to impose their will on us. We will not put up with any religious diatribe which compels our women to completely cover themselves - not in this heat and not in this lifetime. The burqa and full faced hijab oppresses women. Women in the Caribbean are liberated. No woman wearing these strict religious attires can ever feel liberated. Our Caribbean women will have none of it. To quote Karl Maxx again' religion is the opium of the people'.

        This man is unfit to hold court or to represent St Lucia in any diplomatic posting. He is using this privilege afforded to him for his own vested interests. He does not give a monkeys about St Lucia. Our politicians are too blind to see this. If he really cares about our lovely isle then he should use some of his largesse for the benefit of the country.How about building a few schools or a housing estate to offer shelter to the many homeless people in St Lucia? The Arabs have over $300 billion in Western banks yet they chastise and berate the West as the great infidels -the kauffars who ought to be eliminated. Why leave your money in their banks?

        The Arabs feel justified in offering their religious dogma to the less fortunate as they believe it is a prescription to undo all the ills facing the societies they are striving to proselytize - while on the other hand they are liberally bestowing huge financial rewards and generosity to the very people they claim to loathe - The West. What a bunch of hypocrites! They would rather give away the loot to the Westerners while their religious followers in places like Somalia,Bangladesh, India, Pakistan Afghanistan wallow in extreme poverty. So it's fine to have the citizens of these countries adhering to every sermon and edict that comes out of Jeddah but it's another thing to offer their largesse to the already well-heeled in the West. When will these religious practitioners open their eyes and see what is transpiring around them?

        The powers that be in St Lucia should immediately rescind and revoke this diplomatic appointment. There are many St Lucians who are quite capable of representing their country at the IMO.. Please give the post to a Lucian. We do not want any man who hails from a country that still beheads people, that thinks rape is the fault of the woman, that forbids women to drive, that still continues to enslave our African cousins, that allows underage marriages, to repressent us in anything. We need to protect our people from the likes of these philistines before they set shop to start corrupting our people. St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean can certainly do without this new form of neocolonialism.

        Please stop being an apologist for people that have committed unforgivable acts against our people.
        Viva Africa and the Caribbean! Long Live St Lucia The Land Of My Beautiful Mother!

        Malcolm L'Overture
        Berlin Germany


  5. And Ernest actions were opportunistic! What was his reward for giving up his diplomatic post at IMO for Juaffali? How much? And again what will be his reward for giving up his post at the embassy in London to make way for Mr. Williams who is presently working with Juffali? So what we have Is our London embassy being run by a Juffali insider and our representative at IMO ia Juffali himselld. So in essence our Lonson embassy is run and controlled by the Saudis. Saint Lucia has been sold, Kenny explain that instead of making feeble excuses and trying to pull the wool over our eyes


    • Hilaire's reward was castries south......or so he thinks he has a sharlair coming his way, that's why the so called good boy chose to run to his new home in coubaril.


    • So basically Ernest Hiliare gave up his post as Ambasador of St. Lucia to the UK inorder for Juffali to be appointed, whilst becoming head of the Board of the Economic Citizenship Programme in St. Lucia? So what's next, Prime Ministership?


      • Coincidentally that board was created to facilitate Ernest Hilaire's ability to run for elections as he would not have been able to do so as HC - but Kenny think Lucians stupid and can't see through SLP corruption! Hilaire I can't wait to see your ass lose. It is time you stopped getting privileges created for you by Kenny and work for it like every other Lucian


  6. I wonder what opportunities some people got with this appointment?
    Instead you'll take you'll fastness and properly inform the people of St.Lucia in an effort to reduce their discomfort on the whole issue especially with the impending Citizenship by Investment program you'll instead asking that "The SLP call on the Prime Minister to publicly announce all the persons who were appointed by the UWP administration and specifically those who were appointed by Mr. Chastanet. "
    Don't insult us with you'll tit for tat nonsense and that goes for the other parties too. Instead pay attention to what is being said by St.Lucians whether they support it or not, about this whole issue and by extension ,the Citizenship by Investment program and properly inform us.
    Recognize that we St.Lucians are concerned whether it might be much ado about nothing I don' know but it is high time you'll address our concerns.
    We simply don't have time for games DAMN IT. Nonsense.


  7. I dont believe SLP jumbies will still align themselves so much to think that that we the people shouldnt have been made aware of such an atrocity.
    I am not political but as any other person in power or authority, You should be responsible for your action. this diplomat has to be responsible for his actions. No matter who the hell Kenny or Hilare think he is to them. He is now damaging our country's reputation with him trying to evade compensating his ex wife. Imagine what he can do to try to get out of perhaps allowing St.Lucia to get thier part of a sweet deal. tanto tanto


  8. Election is near therefore Kenny will hang on to a straw. Will the government not SLP stick to the issue and not Chastanet. We the citizens of St.Lucia demand clarification on the Juffali issue. Please do not treat as idiots because there are clever people in all walks of life not only those with doctorate. So Mr.PM do the honorable thing and give us the facts. We are afraid of terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


  9. I'm tired of these politicians treating us St Lucians like idiots, incapable of understanding what is happening around us. Whether Chastanet is being opportunistic or not is hardly the issue. The issue is how come we're only finding about this person because of a British newspaper report on his legal troubles?

    The government makes announcements about appointment of ambassadors all the time. The government publishes numerous press releases every month - there seems to be a press release for every pothole patched. So how come there was never an announcement about this person?

    On the face of it, there was a deliberate decision to keep the St Lucian public in the dark about Juffali's appointment. Why? That is what the SLP and the government need to address now.


  10. We all know Golden Balls is unmannerly. Even his staunch knows that. They also know he is a bully and arrogant and i will add ignorant here. He only only knows his way and no other comes up for emphasis. Diplomacy is not something he knows and so he can't practice it. His only way out of trouble is threats and lies. I would worry very much for St Lucia and St Lucians that day the UWP under the political leadership of Golden Balls is voted into office!


    • Obviously common sense is a scarce commodity for you. You sound party colour blind. Why not focus on the real issue here which is the deception of St.Lucians and the government's numerous ridiculous diversionary statements to run away from the questions surrounding this whole scandal?


  11. Announce them! Announce the names of all the government appointed permanent representatives of St Lucia overseas. I don't care which party appointed them. Just announce them. They are bluffing. They will never release the names.


  12. Given what is happening in the middle eastern countries, we have chosen a Saudi Arabian man to represent us? If what I am reading is true, which the government has yet to refute, it is alleged that there has been no record of Juffali attending any meetings of the International Maritime Organisation in the 19 months since he has taken up the post. He does not possess any qualifications in maritime law. What is more interesting is that it is stated in the daily telegraph that Saint Lucia opened a new Honorary Consulate in Saudi Arabia on November 1 and the head of the island's diplomatic mission in Jeddah is Mr. Juffali's daughter, Halla. It is alleged that the new Consulate was established at no cost to the government of Saint Lucia. So what is really going ?

    Stop trying to pull the wool over people's eyes by focusing on what the opposition has said. Focus instead of answering the questions which has been brought to the fore. Don't you think Saint Lucians deserve clarity on this, why an ambassador has been a no show in IMO meetings, what is the true cost of the consulate in Jeddah..and what are the implications for Saint Lucians give the close ties with such countries.


  13. Oh shut the hell up SLP. There is no justification for this secret appointment. You are wrong for not informing the nation. This blame game of if uwp do it we can get away with it is papishow. It's time to put the interest of st Lucia first and screw your political defense.


  14. oh gosh man enough is enough not long again for the political hungry ppl who fighting for power.allen you will never able to bring stlucia back only if is you that printing yor own monies.cause other country well want help america that the headstone of the world ck what is happening they need help cause they out off tatics .kenny you self start thnking and fixing what wrong .in all this poltical saga just have to shake my head


    • Your comments border on sheer ignorance and party affiliation. Be a critical thinker; the facts are there...smh


  15. SLP as usual, is always scraping the bottom of the barrel in search of relevance. Hey look at what they come up with. Where is our national interest in all of this? Such matters are beyond your ken country bookies?
    Okay! You are welcome to the crap that you will keep finding there. But please save the rest of us from the alacrity in which you and your moo-mou followers bathe in from top to bottom. SLP, you stink!


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