SLP responds to debate request from Guy Joseph

SLP responds to debate request from Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Saint Lucia Labour Party notes the empty request from Guy Joseph for a debate on St. Jude Hospital.

The SLP believes that the issues surrounding the completion of St Jude are of a technical nature and Mr Joseph is not qualified or possesses the necessary technical competence to opine on these issues. Instead, the SLP calls on Guy Joseph to respond to the following issues in which he has the knowledge and information:

1. Accept the invitation from Mr Richard Frederick, his former cabinet colleague who has publicly invited him to debate several issues including allegations of bribery.

2. Account for his tenure as President of the Minibus Association and the financial management of the gas station and financial rebates that he managed for the minibus drivers of Saint Lucia.

3. His role in matters listed in documents lodged in US Federal court, especially the many phone calls he made, as then Minister responsible for airports, to Antonio Azenza, during a period when Azenza’s company, A&M, was preparing to bid for, or being considered for the Hewanorra Reconstruction contract and what role he played in having the bidding process canceled when first A&M was not the bidder selected, followed later by A&M been handpicked by SLASPA.

4. His role, as Minister responsible for roads, in providing over twenty million dollars in direct awards to the same A&M, a company with no track record in road construction.

5. Why was that same company, A&M, given advance and mobilization payments to execute direct award contracts that they were supposed to finance themselves by the design finance award method. What was his role?

6. What was his role in the storage of hurricane relief supplies at the private residence of members of his family, in the aftermath of Hurricane Tomas

The Saint Lucia Labour Party believes that those are the issues that Guy Joseph has the knowledge and expertise to debate.

In the meantime, the Labour Party will hold a special press conference on Tuesday 19 June at 11 a.m. to take Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to task for describing as jackasses the many individuals and groups who have expressed concerns and disagreement with the many blunders and vindictive acts committed by his government over the last two years.


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  1. Why don't you'll(SLP) just accept his invite and then put all those questions to him yourselves, not accepting makes it look like there is something to hide, as far as I'm concerned both you'll political parties are playing games with the citizenry and future of the country, its high time that some of you'll politicians started going to jail for crimes against the state period. IDIOTS


  2. SLP is the last org organization that should Bray about this debate. "Yo Peh". If they weren't they would take the guy on. It was under their watch that all the misappropriation of all that money at St Jude took place. Why don't Kenny come out and explain that to the people in the debate with that Guy. Yo Peh toujour.


  3. Why don't those lickle boys don't ever grow up? Foolishness.

    If they were mature and smart, they would be debating important national and high-minded issues. SLP is just a bunch of smart-asses.


  4. Guy is the biggest loser I've ever come across.why u eh take on Fredrick for all he has said about you.realy st Lucian ?if a man was saying so many untruths about me would I just accept it or take his ass to court ?but all u stupid ppl see is red and Damn yellow in this country. Don't care if your children eat sand tomorrow .is your party u supporting. Some of u don't even believe in Christ like you do your politicians .this country is slowly dieing all because of ignorance and wonder the prime minister referred to u as jackasses .Guy should have never been given an other chance to finish what he stared .all greed, but there is a god. He will surly judge us all.


  5. Honestly reading there comments under her is amazing, but not surprising at all, everybody talking about 3 millions dollars spent on investigating guy Joseph, do you’ll even understand what a “treaty” is? Does some of the folks under her even read? Or you just one does ppl who hear things and just run with it as gospel truth. Dammmm I am ashame of the level and high of ignorance that is display under these coloums. Dammmm man!! Looshans pls read man.


    • You could use a few reading sessions yourself with your missed uses of 'e' and 'r' all over the place. The random commas and the conjunctions at the beginning of sentences. How did you manage to confuse spellchecker algorithms so badly?


  6. SLP should be the last people to talk about being qualified or having the technical competence to handle the St. Jude's Hospital project.


  7. You mean to say after things are so difficult in this country some St Lucians can still defend the UWP


    • Things are difficult in this Country simply because you all a..holes refuse to work. You all want everything to be given to you all lazy morons on a silver platter,wake up suckers UWP is in the house not SLP. Time for free rum and chicken days are over get a job and a life thanks.


  8. Slp wait a minute, didn't you Guys paid a Guy millions to investigate Guy? So the answers to the questions you're asking should of been public knowledge by now. After all tax payers foot the bill for the investigation


  9. Why is the SLP still asking these questions. Was the 3 million dollars spent on the investigation on Mr Joseph a hocks? SLP needs to "Keep it Real"


    • Richard Fredrick is a nobody.....Trust me I promise to send him a big bag of Purina Beneful for himself and if he feels like it he can share it with his dogs.


  10. Crap from the SLP. They have been the noise in St Jude the issue. They have investigated Guy Joseph. They should be the one telling St Lucians what was the 3 million dollars investigation findings. All these questions should have been dealt with in the investigation. After all it was our money used. What is more insulting is that they have included Richard Frederick. Yes it is insulting. This Richard issue is insignificant. What I would like Richard to tell the people of the South is why wasn't the La Resource and Balenbouche Housing Project completed. I would believe Guy everyday before Richard on the bridery debate. Come debate the St Jude Hospital issue. SLP LOVE RICHARD NOW.


  11. Slp its not about Richard, Its about u. I love that debate. Richard is a none issue at this pointing all full of shit, do try to hide behind richard...


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