SLP accuses PM Chastanet of manipulating Prince Harry

SLP accuses PM Chastanet of manipulating Prince Harry
Prince Harry
Prince Harry
Prince Harry

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party has been advised that his Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales will be participating in a sod turning ceremony for the so-called DSH project in Vieux Fort.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party regrets that the Prince was manipulated to participate in this ceremony by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet whether for promotional purposes or otherwise.

This is a project that is the subject of controversy. To date, the Government has refused to answer questions about the project posed by the Opposition.

Likewise, it has refused to publish its agreement with DSH for public evaluation and scrutiny. Further, the Government has also refused to consult the people of the south whose lives would be dislocated if the developer has his way.

The SLP regrets that a goodwill visit by Prince Harry which it sanctioned while in office, will be marred by involvement in a project that is the subject of public concern.


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  1. Either SLP commentators are senile. abysmally stupid, weirdly misguided or just plain dumb, one has to advise them that all the crap they have been accusing the government of since their election loss does not hold up to scrutiny.


  2. I think you people needs to work together and build the country. ....oo many back biting and bringing down Its your country unite together and build it up!!!! he SLP was there and a lot of flip flop was going on and everybody was only grumbling. Now you got change but still like you not satisfied. ...ang you'll self.


  3. So why is Minister Shawn Edwards on the cricket team? Is the SLP doing one thing and on the other hand manipulating and stirring up ignorance of the differently abled (I did not want to call them incapacitated idiots)?


  4. It's a shame to see the SLP continue this pattern when they're in the opposition again where they drill the ruling party for every step they take. They make a basket of fruits look like dead rats on the street. Idk if that's their way of trying to tarnish the image of the pm and his party but it's disgusting to see the lengths they go to just for a little publicity.


  5. REMEMBER THE QUEEN IS OUR QUEEN TOO. she is the head of state... look on your money st.Lucian see who you see...the queen head.. SO why in the world SLP saying does comments.. SLP MAD..SLP WHY you got to dis the one you report to...SLP MAD....SLP PEOPLE TOO


  6. Philip Pierre if not before surely now as leader of the SLP and opposition leader the time has come for you to grow up.


  7. Politicians are ring the backs of the masses and many don't even know it. What a pity ! I say stop that project before it begins.


  8. ...slp behave ....stop acting like little children that tell on their older brother or sister for not getting their way.... y'all think is Allen y'all hurting but the whole of St.Lucia when y'all come with the crap...lets work to build up not break down...


  9. SLP has just tarnished the prince right there. making it look like the man is an imbecile who can be manipulated. The press release itself states that SLP doesnt know why the prince is asked to participate in the sod turning. So why then write an article about it SLP. This is childish. Who the heck is being paid to write these nonsense. I can sure do a better job because this is laughable.
    furthermore you insult investor by stating "so caledd DSH priject" thats another insult to drive our nation down. stop it maysier


  10. I voted SLP but your all loose what happen the pm cannot promote his country move on SLP bitter days


  11. Please Press Release Officer (or whover), there is a glitch or something, in all releases his name changes from Harry to Henry.... take a look. That cannot happen on the day!!!


  12. The invitation of the prince to take part in these activities is an oximorron! Just to make infuse a little "feel good factor" in what is otherwise gloomy and dire circumstances. If Chastanet and his clowns had any respect for themselves and the people they say they serve they would never involve an institution known for its politically neutral position in matters of a political nature. Talking about prostituting.......Chastanet and his UWP dishes it out in abundance!


    • Mate are you a fool.. The queen is the head of state. SLP should not even say does comment if they are ment to be serving st.Lucia and the queen.


  13. the slp continues to look childish and drive away anyone that might consider listening to them. their hatred and bitching is a continuous pattern of a selfish party


  14. are SLP people MAD? Are they crazy? should we not send for a doctor for all or some of these guys? which party in their right mind will want to get involved in political drama when a country is being visited by a prince of another country? i would think that our politics would not even be part of that. this should not even have been printed by SNO because it makes no sense. i have lost all hope in that party. they are way too much for me. awa wee! DESPERATION KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES AND IS A TERRIBLE DISEASE TO HAVE.


  15. The people of St.Lucia has spoken SLP, move on, and let the prime minister do his job ok, you guys had you'll chance now step a side and let the UWP government do their job. Instead of wanting him to fail work with him togather we can achieve great things in that case jobs and more jobs. Smh


  16. ohhhhhhhh shut up and put a sock in it slp. so many things kenny do and nothing for that . yall take jufalli and put him as our diplomat without even consulting us the people


  17. We are looking forward to the Prince being in Vfort on Friday. So SLP, shut-up your jaw under your nose.


  18. Give it up SLP, stop the politics and bullshit. Even LPM is more griwn up than you all. Time to stop the embarrassment of a press release


  19. Like seriously, SLP really does not care about the ppl of St. Lucia and seems to be saying anything for political mileage...........This is like Impacts all over again............ Stop tarnishing St. Lucia because you are in opposition!


    • Are u for real, the only ones destroying and tarnishing St. Lucia are the bunch of jokers governing the country right now. They are an embarrassment to the Caribbean.


      • you and your SLP volaires have been the embarassment in the Caribbean and internationally dont take your mad dirt and put it on others. it's plain to see. apparently you think you are schooled but even fools have had their fill of you and cant stand your SLP. the SLP is a recognised failure at governance. thats why you all are out and will be out for at least another generation. just remember Compton ruled for 30 years. boy go start cutting grass under STEP thats where you belong, but even that may be alittle too complicated for your ant mind. FOOL.


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