SLP poses straightforward questions to Allen Chastanet

SLP poses straightforward questions to Allen Chastanet
Chastanet was a former minister of tourism

Below is a statement from the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP)

Having heard Allan Chastanet’s statements on DBS television on Friday, May 31, 2013, the SLP is demanding that he provides evidence to support his baseless (and possibly libelous) assertion that “the Labour Party under Kenny Anthony was convicted of maladministration”.

The Labour Party finds it alarming that someone who is proposing himself for consideration for high leadership positions would premise his analysis of the explosive findings of the Report of the Review on whether the potential fraud was committed under the Finance Act.

Surely Mr. Chastanet should know that fraud and misappropriation of funds are wrong and are not a function of the legislation governing the Councils.

The SLP calls on Mr. Chastanet to explain to the public, aspects of the review of the Soufriere Town Council which connects his campaign as UWP Soufriere candidate for the last general elections directly with illegal use of that Council’s funds.

The SLP presents a specific example from the report which documented funds from the council being used for Allan Chastanet’s campaign launch, which featured internationally acclaimed band, Third World.

The records show the following amounts with cheque numbers paid from the Soufriere Town Council to cover campaign expenses: (names of recipients withheld but can be found in the report)

Cheque # 00450, dated 11/14/2011 for $525.00 paid for training of (election) agents
Cheque # 00451, dated 11/14/2011 for $2,019.00 paid for catering for Third World Band
Cheque # 00452, dated 11/15/2011 for $7,100.00 paid for transportation and installation of flooring for launching
Cheque# 00453, dated 11/15/2011 for $21,000.00 paid for stage, 2 tents, roof, sound and lights.
Cheque # 00454, dated 11/15/2011 for $8,000.00 paid for production of fireworks for launching

Total amount: $38,644.00

The SLP insists that Mr. Chastanet explains why his campaign was being financed from the funds of the Soufriere Town Council.

The SLP is also curious as to whether the Town Council was counted among the “Friends of Soufriere”, who Mr. Chastanet said at the time was sponsoring his Third World activity at the Soufriere playing field. Considering that the OECS Court of Appeal called Mr. Chastanet “someone who is not a witness of truth” we await his explanation in this regard.

The SLP believes that Mr. Chastanet, as well as other members of the UWP, is well aware that the report on the Review of the Financial Operations of Town, Village and Rural Councils was never tabled as a forensic audit. That said, the SLP challenges Mr. Chastanet to deny the reported misuse of Council money; and is he suggesting that a forensic audit would have spared him such scrutiny?

The SLP is planning a press conference later this week to introduce its new public relations officer and to deal more substantively with other aspects of the Review report.

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  1. Given the SLP's record under Kenny, they have no right to point fingers, methinks they're trying to destroy Chastanet due to fear. If Chastanet is found guilty, then he should repay the money, but Kenny too should repay 'Roach-mel' etc...Take cover Lucians, cuz the games are about to start.


  2. These expenses were for the lighting of the courts in soufriere etc. Check the records again and other similar events. Not for Chastenet campaign. Hope he never becomes PM. Oh Lord, there goes our little island "chastenet owned" back into the slavery days!


  3. whether it be SLP or UWP the are all money sucking political parties and the members involved also... saying this though the SLP dip their hands to get their share that's the only party i see that has moved St.Lucia from the time of Sir John..."THE RICH WILL ALWAYS BE RICH AND THE POOR WILL ALWAYS BE POOR"


  4. I am sure he must be shaking in pants. I have always been told those who live in glass houses, don't throw stones. Now these things have come up and I am not to please in the manner in which they did but hey, politics have dirty games too.. I am seeking an explanation. not leaving out what else does the SLP have waiting for the opposition to mess up, for they to make public... that seems to be the trend lately. " shut up and your secrets will stay hidden"


    • i really do agree with you, cause it seems like every time UWP tries to cover their asses at one point, something else comes up, that's even i guess their really should keep their mouthes shut, cause all of them play the same games..


  5. Hey if chastanent used council/ tax payers money for his election campaign and it is unlawful he should be fined by the courts or jailed. If the report done at tax payers expense does not hv anyone fined or sent to jail then the report is a waste of tax payers money. Simple.


  6. How about things are hard nd all u salary raising but can't pay workers no raise their salary all u just a bunch of pocket pickers


  7. St lucia has had enough of that hala carsa bushit you all not tired of pointing fingures fork man get up and work


  8. The St. Lucia Labour Party Incorporated the Directors are the Executive Committee of the Party. Funded by the Government of St. Lucia.


  9. Please be advised Mr.Leo Clarke is not the PRO of the Party and never was he. Mr.Clarke is the secretary of the party....

    Mr.Grady you must get your info correct before you write your comments.

    You may need to ask the last administration about using tax payer money for elections and personal use.


    • Who don't know that Leo Clarke is the secretary of the "party" or should we say the club. But you can't fool me about who use to write those papishow PR when it comes to defending the CLUB. Leo Clarke is PRO and Secretary in one. Otherwise he would not be the first one on the radio trying to do damage controle for the SLP. Go take that and suck it on it.


  10. As long as the new public relations officer is not funded by Tax Payers Money, you can put jack straw to do PR for you all. I guess Leo Clarke is too busy these days frying bigger fish, and no longer have the time to put out those papishow press release he has been putting out. You all already have Jadia on the public payroll, loads of media consultants. I guess you all want more of the basis to be filled. Just remember no tax dollars money to fund your new PR officer.


    • too was Darnley LaBourne on the taxpayers' what's your point?


      • Darnley La Bourne was never the PRO of the UWP party. He was doing the same job that Jadia is doing. The only difference he never made the kind of money that Jadia is making. Again I don't care what you all do in your party. I just want to make sure that the SLP won't be using tax payers money to pay the new PRO of the St Lucia Labour Party. I hope you hear me loud and clear because if that happen there this will turn into the big affair.


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