SLP pledge on education

SLP pledge on education
Guibion Ferdinand
Guibion Ferdinand
Guibion Ferdinand

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) on Friday announced its plan for the education sector. SLP candidate for Micoud South, Guibion Ferdinand, presented a detailed plan.

Below is his full statement:

Pledge: The next Labour Government will introduce a programme to assist parents in meeting the cost of the fees for CXC exams. This programme will be based on need and performance and will come into effect in 2017

Education and human resource development have now become synonymous with the Saint Lucia Labour Party government. This is the government that eliminated the shift system in our school system.

We constructed new secondary schools in Piaye, Anse Ger, Babonneau, Ciceron, Marigot and Gros Islet. We brought Universal Secondary Education to Saint Lucia to make it possible for every child in Primary School to get a secondary school education. It was a Labour administration that developed the Book Bursary programme for primary school students and introduced a text book rental programme in secondary schools.

The National Skills Development Centre was established by a Labour government in 2001 and through the NSDC, Learning Enrichment Centres were set up in several locations around the island.

Our administration understands that education must extend from toddler to senior. This is why we established the National Enrichment and Learning Programme to give adults an opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge.

In the last four and a half years we continued our focus on human resource development. We introduced a bursary of $500 to the parents of children who pass the Common Entrance examination. We provided a $700 Teaching Supplies Grant to teachers. Our government introduced the One Laptop Per Child Programme, so that every student in Forms 3, 4 and 5 now own laptops, which they use for research and learning.

We refurbished the Saltibus Combined, Denierre Rivierre Combined, Dennery Primary and Desruisseaux Combined Schools. Additionally, our Labour government renovated the Vieux Fort Infant, the Corinth Secondary, Clendon Mason Memorial, Fond Assau Combined, Canaries Infant and Micoud Infant and Primary Schools.

In our next term of office, we will help those families who find it difficult to meet the costs of CXC examinations by b introducing a programme in 2017 to assist parents in paying for these exams. The programme will be based on need and performance, and it will ensure that no capable, deserving child is left behind and no
parent will have to suffer the pain and anguish of not being able to register their child for CXC examinations. This is the who we are – a caring Party that believes everyone must be given an opportunity to succeed and to excel.


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  1. Someone who can make a worthwhile contribution but will be more than likely be spoiled like those before him. People think that they must get into politics to make a worthwhile contribution. The reality in St. Lucia is that most politicians become devoid of ideas and stop being worthwhile when they enter politics. We need a new generation of people who will put country before self. Until then we will continue like hamsters on a wheel going nowhere fast.


  2. Since the SLP has not got together a realistic political agenda prior to the general elections , I would strongly recommend that they all retire because they do not stand a chance to retaining their positions . I am sick and tired of some little low life , self -centred individuals with no disregard trying to belittle St.Lucians . All these promises should have been fulfilled 5 years ago. SLP has had 10 years = two terms in office and delivered nothing to the people of St. Lucia . It is such a disgrace .


  3. Imagine that the SLP pledge on education and the candidate's full statement is one Main promise and a list of what the SLP has accomplished in the last eight years. How can a plan of action for the education sector be summarised by one promise to pay CXC for those unable to meet the cost. My GOODNESS PLEASE STOP TAKING ST. LUCIAN FOR FOOLS AND ADD SOME NEW DESERVING IDEAS AND USEFUL POLICIES THAT CAN MAKE A VALUABLE DIFFERENCE TO THE LIFE OF ITS PEOPLE.


  4. You are suppose to set an example for the youth but all in the name of power you have a teacher from Vieux Fort primary on your platform in Chique 27/05/16 That is wrong and you know that how are we going to trust you if you are going against all what you stood up for. KDA please explain I will not realise the Teachers name at this time. I am starting to think Mr.GF is a Fake


  5. As you speak today Mr. Ferdinand, school children at the Vfort Primary school have been dismissed three times for this week because of the ongoing construction of the Government Complex near by. These children are being deprived their preparation for this years common exams and if the 6 grade was not dismissed they are been asked to work under this unacceptable conditions. Why couldn't the children education be given priority and commenced the construction during the summer holiday during which the dusty ground works will be completed. What is the urgency.


  6. When will all these useless promises end. We need to see action. Stop this nonsense. Stop!!! We want growth we want a future. The youth are suffering, the country is suffering. we need to see where our tax money is going. What happened with the monies collected from vat. Stop promising and tell why the promises last year were not kept, and what ur'll did with the monies.


  7. It's sad that most of our efforts are still focused on primary and secondary education. One would think that all those issues would've already been fixed up given their importance and being things we can readily address. Tertiary education is where we make our mark on the future of our economy and that means university education and also a focus on entrepreneurship.


    • You just pointed out the cerebral limitations of the ENTIRE SLP. These idiots have no damn vision.

      SLP is just hell-bent on producing generations of hotel maids, bell hops and roadside grass trimming gardeners for several generations to come. Is that what you want for your children and your children's children.

      These political morons are up to no good. See they all come well "zolanized" to feed the nation a future of continuously regurgitated undiluted crap. Are we to vote for that?

      These people have had their heads and brains long ago traded places, with their their posteriors used to be. What a topsy-turvy society, Saint Lucia has become.


  8. Please no more career educators as minister of education. I am in no way undervaluing the contribution that principals and teachers make. However in most cases they are not aware of the needs of the private sector in St Lucia. They have spent their lives in the public sector and focus on Academics because that is what they know. We need vocational skills (This needs to be done by our top students and not to be pushed on just those who fail academically). Workplace ethics. Workplace communications skills.
    We train our students to be teachers instead of training them to be skill workers in society.
    One of my biggest wake up calls was when I left A-level and realized that I had no employable skills except to be a teacher or academic. Really! after 15 years of school and excelling you teach me skills applicable to one profession.


  9. All That tells me is that you all are still not going to improve on the job situation because I find it an insult for a government to tell me that the will help with CXC exams give us our pride and dignity back create jobs for the people so they can pay their own bills(bullshit) having to depend on you to pay my bill is a sign of control guys wake up we have gone passed all of these crap. By the way the 50 dollar bills that were being handed out on Wednesday night for a vote shows a sigh of weakness and desperation (to all those people who got that money remember this any time a man receives money that he did not deserve or work hard for it finishes very quickly one way or the other I say to you the people of Micoud South do not sell your sole for a few 50's today and tomorrow you are suffering trust in god and do not trust any one who wants to buy your vote. (Mr. Guibion Ferdinand this one is for you if you allow your party to do that to your people you yourself will pay the price remember no one can full the all mighty what you reap is what you sow). All in the name of power.
    I could go on but I will leave the rest in the hands of the all mighty god.


  10. Yet another false promise. It that the promise of the future of this state? Is it? One act of buffoonery after another. Joker, get lost!


  11. Gibeon u caan run a school is a constituency u want to run. i am a desruisseauxian and i wont vote for you. Reason being you on the wrong side. Had u ran on a UWP ticket i would certainly vote u.


    • Some people really don't think before they type. He cannot run a school or a constituency yet you claim if he was on the UWP ticket you'd vote him. So all you see is colour


    • You obviously didn't complete your schooling. It is evident as you clearly didn't realize the manure you had written before posting . Thank God you're just a "shotta" and not a community leader or anything as equally important.


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