SLP plans to review every citizenship granted under new CIP provisions

SLP plans to review every citizenship granted under new CIP provisions
Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre
Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre
Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party continues to express its deepest concern with the actions of the Allen Chastanet Administration which serves to undermine the integrity and reputation of the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

The Labour Party believes that the removal of the US$3 million net worth, the cheapening of the level of donation as a qualifying investment and the removal of the annual limit of 500 applications and the guarantee of processing all Desert Star Holdings (DSH) applicants in 35 days should all be reconsidered for the sake of the reputation of Saint Lucia.

These changes will undoubtedly undermine the national security safeguards which were embedded in the setting up of the CIP.

DSH is a controversial development proposed for the southern community of Vieux Fort including a race track covering over 700 acres. The development has generated national condemnation because of the terms of the agreement which includes leasing land at $1 per acre for 99 years.

The SLP wishes to inform that a Labour Party Government will review every citizenship granted by the UWP under these new requirements. The Labour Party believes that the CIP should be presented as a premium, selective and highly valued option and not sold as the cheapest option available to any and everybody.


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  1. Slp go sit and see wat you'll can do for our country instead of looking at the current government and talking uselessly ppl like you and.all the rest Are thieves and bullies


  2. Since when did a statement clearly campaign oriented ("a ...Labour Government...". you lost the last election!) simply labelled as a press release become worthy of including in the News section?

    Let them purchase ad space like any other special interest group!

    This is not News.

    Nor are we in an election campaign.


  3. It is simple. If DSH comes on board Chastanet would have brought the south in one year where kenny did not take it in 20 years. Can you imagine the repercussions for Labour.

    Consequently SLP's strong holds of Vieux Fort would be under threat if not lost. Maybe Laborie too.

    SLP is only fighting DSH because of its potential to make them lose their strongholds. That is really their sinister agenda. End of story.


  4. Ha ha. that's letting the fox in the hen house. the slp would not approve Jesus Christ just be on the opposite of the uwp


  5. SLP you are the NON-ENTITY that began this charade called CIP. Hilarious and his minions wanted quick money out of that scam and scheme and did not care whether it was good for st lucia or not. chastanet does not think of the future of this country. to him the island is just a huge experimentation. Hilaire made SLU CIP the WORST. Chastanet made it the CHEAPEST. Talk about raping fair helen. i cannot even afford land and house in my own country, you selling passports and my nationality for just over 200, 000 E.C. dollars. so any dog and cat , or overseas crook with a few dollars overseas, can afford to buy a st lucia passport. since when we get to that desperate? Both the SLP and Chastanet should be bought to account for gross stupidity and negligence. But life is a strange. things have a way of surely coming to a close.


  6. "DSH is a controversial development" says who? Julius James? There is no controversy with DSH. The major (by far) of Vieux Fortian are looking forward to "The Pearl of the Caribbean". You all SLP left VFortians ignorant and hopeless now you are capitalizing on our ignorance, with that stupid VFCCCC, by opposing the project. If it was for the North you Phillip would not open your mouth because the more empowered people of the North (unfortunate for the south) would eat you up. You all have done that to VFort for decades now. I recall SLP being against the construction Halcyon Days Hotel in VFort and decease John Odlum promised to change into a hospital if he had gotten in gov't. They were against the construction of the factories in the industrial estate. They were against the financing policy for the Airport Redevelopment. Now they are against DSH. I want to make it clear to you again that VFortians are not against DSH. You need to take precaution when making your statement because it may misguide when you are prepared to take action.

    If you are interested in the welfare of VFortian and the South, why didn't SLP complete the housing development project at La Resource and Balenbouche? Why didn't you all ask Frederick, The Minister then and now spoke person of the VFCCCC, why wasn;t it completed? Is it because he too do not want to see VFort and its people develop?


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