SLP official dismiss rumours his party was behind Soufriere Hospital fires

SLP official dismiss rumours his party was behind Soufriere Hospital fires
Jn Baptiste dismisses as "political hogwash" that the SLP or any group was responsible for setting the Soufriere Hospital on fire on Nov. 9 and Dec. 2, 2017.
Jn Baptiste dismisses as “political hogwash” that the SLP or any group was responsible for setting the Soufriere Hospital on fire on Nov. 9 and Dec. 2, 2017.

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) spokesman on health Moses Jn Baptiste said he will not entertain any suggestion that his party or any group would set fire to a hospital.

The former agriculture minister was responding to questions from the media today, Dec. 5 about rumours that the SLP was behind the two fires within a one-month period – Nov. 9-Dec. 2, 2017 – at the Soufriere Hospital.

He said anyone who has any such evidence should report the matter to the authorities so that an investigation can be carried and the “criminals” brought to justice.

“We have said before that we will not even entertain any discussion on whether the Labour Party or any party or any individual actually set fire to a hospital. We do not believe it is even within the thinking of individuals to set fire to a hospital,” Jn Baptiste said, calling the rumours “political hogwash”.

“We are not going to entertain any notion, that not just the Labour Party, but any group set fire to the hospital,” he emphasised, while expressing concern for the well-being of residents in the community, as well as concern that two fires have occurred within one month at the medical institution.

Jn Baptiste backed up statements made by Health Minister Mary Isaac that his colleagues have yet to receive a formal statement on the investigation into the first Soufriere Hospital fire.

No one was injured in either fires.


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  1. Mr. Jn. Baptiste, you are doing the exactly the opposite of what you said. You are indeed entertaining the
    "political hogwash!"


  2. It's very sad that people actually believe that a political party would commit arson to a hospital. It seems we haven't healed from the 2016 election yet


  3. With the absence of proper police and justice system everything is tossed out as a conspiracy theory. When Kenny Anthony was undermining our whole system of governance: doubting public officials, putting workers against workers, police against police, civil servant against association, nobody steps in to say "you are wrong." However everybody joins in the malaise when our societal structures starts to crumble.

    The biggest mistake that St. Lucia has ever made was to bring Dr. Anthony into elective politics, with his coming we have experienced the worst division, hatred and bigotry and name calling. Meanwhile he has enjoyed political currency because of his tact at painting others as corrupt with secret and unauthenticated investigations, and vile tactics. In one of the greatest democracies the US, past presidents refrain from criticizing or investigating their predecessors because people are intelligent enough and there are independent agencies who take on such work. These practices exist because they are fully aware of the political and polarization effects.

    In all Prime Ministers past NONE has left so much controversy or problems that has stck to the country's butt and just can't seem to be shaken off. We still have Roachamel, Frenwell, Juffalli, Richard Frederick (although this one is suddenly out of the spotlight), IMPACS, Grynberg etc, etc., So tell me which other public official has left so much confusion and allegations of wrong doing after their tenure? Yet people go on to support him fanatically. So tell me haven't we realized that the common denominator is KDA. But I will say one thing that KDA is a smart man, which renders his supporters to be the direct opposite. We have tried him, tested him, given him all benefits of the doubt yet the writing that the die hard don't want to read is that HE HAS FAILED. So give somebody else a chance. Stay calm sit back and judge.


  4. your party that did it well. yall did five years in with the one vieux fort yall did nothing that was good as uwp come in power the first year people already giving them pressure for something yall never completed and wasted millions of dollars even the money poor people donated cause they wanted the hospital to finish now the soufriere one burn just to give uwp more pressure to make them seem like they doing nothing now. yall that burn it and you as a minister would never say if it was your party followers that burn the hospital you would always deny it as you are doing now


  5. This captured photo does no justice to you Jn Baptiste.......this look is quite similarly to what a person guilty of something but denying it would "how is me uh? no offense sir, i'm not accusing you any wrong doings....just poking fun at your expense.


  6. Such desperation! Indulging in divisive diversionary tactics to hide the fact that they are clueless about how to run the country. Frankly, this is the MOST INEPT Government in this country's history.

    Chastanet it is time to admit that you lack vision; you are unable to deliver on your promises and the "five to stay alive" has actually turned into a "fight to stay alive" for the citizenry and your Administration.

    It is little wonder that most of your Cabinet have gone either quiet or MIA. The bells are bang bing bang!!!

    Instead of engaging in such drivel you ought to attempt to address the crime rate that has gone unabated, unemployment [releasing phantom stats are not sufficient], your excess travelling that has yielded nought, your delivery on your promise to reduce gas prices, the white elephant in Vieux Fort [is the land that houses St. Jude part of the DSH agreement? ], investing in local business [as opposed to funding foreign companies like OJO labs]....the list goes on.

    Frankly, I wish to move for a vote of no confidence in your administration. Cut the crap and stop the indulgence in the antics that that pander to the illeterates and leeches of the system . Get on with that job and deliver on your borrowed slogan to #MakeStLuciaGreatAgain [ha haha].


  7. why don't you'll tell the fire service provide the origin and cause of those fires instead of typing a heap of crap. Instead of putting pressure on the relevant department to properly investigate all fires in St.Lucia, lucians rather resort to all kinds of conspiracy theories and ridiculous logic.It's time to grow up.


    • It's quite simple really. Blaming Kenny and the Labour party is proven to relieve stress induced by but not limited to, shame, guilt, ineptitude, anger, frustration, stupidity and ignorance.
      Our conscience is free knowing that they are culpable for all calamity and failures of fair Helen.

      Thank you Kenny and SLP .


      • When a government of SIMPLETONS cannot deliver its best tactic is to engage in shame, blame and make excuses. Simple.

        I have no doubt that someone has been earmarked for the purchase of this property. Just wait for the announcement then draw your own conclusions.


  8. The things SLP supporters posts on Facebook, the venom etc, I would not be surprised why anyone would think they are capable of such acts.


  9. No matter what anyone says, I'm of the opinion that these fires didn't just happen.
    The last one at the Maternity Ward, with no one present at the time is very suspicious.
    I pray that whoever is involved in setting theses firers will be caught, and very soon before
    he/they set another one. This is very evil. My Gad, since when did Lucians become so evil???


  10. Mate lie...the 2009 stjudes fire was political too nd labour was behind it....hence a project to.squander the millions nd mothing strange all others too...when slp is in power no fires?
    Assess the years nd dates of the four fires which party was in power...


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