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SLP names senators


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PRESS RELEASE – Political Leader of the SLP and Leader of the Opposition Hon. Philip J. Pierre has made recommendations for the appointment of Opposition Senators, to Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, Governor General of Saint Lucia.

Mr. Joachim Henry, Candidate for Castries South East, Mr. Jerome Gedeon, Candidate for Dennery South and Mr. Guibion Ferdinand, Candidate for Micoud South have been selected to represent the interest of the Opposition in the Upper House.

The Leader of the Opposition says the selections were made to provide exposure and valuable experience to the new candidates who have expressed an interest in continuing their political careers.  Hon. Pierre says he is confident that the team will raise the bar already established in the Senate and will do all in their power and authority to represent the people.

Changes can be expected during the term, as a rotation system will be used to engage the talents and services of Team Labour.

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  1. Aa, so what's about Emma Hypolyte, Alvina Reynolds, Lorne Theophilus, Harold Dalsan, and Stanley Felix???? So they just chock them on a side. Choopezzz.

    • Jade Brownskin girl

      These people are never going to run another election. Emma is too old. Alvina should have never run, atleast the second time. Stanley Felix is no politician. He has no record of social consciousness and is no freaking sheriff. I dont know why that bexon dude was chosen. Victorin was and never will be victorious. Dalson is dead politically and is making ugly faces to his grand children. Lorne was never a politician. He is dead politically. The other two dudes again will never win elections. They should have chosen Jeanine as a senator, so she can make allegations.


      Brownskin girl

  2. They mAke jade Brown leave her HTS job now she lose her PRESS SECRETARY job and they ain't give her a lil senator. Nothing for her.

    Wha them feller really malpop.

  3. What is a senator's compensation package like?

  4. Changes can be expected during the term, as a rotation system will be used to engage the talents and services of Team Labour.
    This is a copy from the UWP who rotated senators but when they did so, they were criticised and misinformation was spewed that it was as a result of infighting.

  5. Joachim Henry ? Oh my God. I wasn't concerned about him in the general election because I knew that Guy would defeat him. But as senator, its time when he embarrasses the labour party. This guy will have a lot of questions to answer .

  6. Good choice now do your jobs and make sure the gov are held accountable...

  7. i endorse the senators except for joachim Henry.

  8. no experience senator waaa

  9. No big surprise there. They all need jobs badly. It's a also a lesson about leaving your safe job to run for elections in St Lucia. What protection is there for anyone who take such a risk.

  10. No senator Jadia....ah right's about raising the bar...oops J


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