SLP meets members of the Cannabis Movement

SLP meets members of the Cannabis Movement

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – On Wednesday 4th July, 2018 the executive and several members of the Saint Lucia Labour Party held an informal meeting with a delegation from the St. Lucia Cannabis Movement lead by Mr. Andre de Caries.

The meeting was to allow party members to receive information and opinions on the latest developments regionally and internationally on the move to make more effective use of the cannabis plant, decriminalization of the use of the plant, and research into its medicinal value.

The meeting was cordial and interactive and there was lively discussion with members of the movement.

Suggested amendments to the Criminal Code to allow decriminalization of the use of small quantities of cannabis and suggestions for a new Cannabis Act were also discussed and copies of the proposed amendments distributed.

Saint Lucia Labour Party Leader Hon Philip J Pierre commenting on the meeting thanked the members of the Cannabis Movement for accepting his invitation. He assured them of his support for a progressive agenda commencing with consideration of decriminalization once all aspects including health, education and religious practices have been considered and discussed.

Hon Pierre said:  “This is part of our Party’s philosophy of inclusion and dialogue with all partners on matters relating to the social and economic development of Saint Lucia.”

Also present at the meeting were Dr Marcus Day, Aaron Alexander and Dr Stephen King.


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  1. Hypocrites. What a bunch of hypocrites! What a party of hypocrites! Everything about SLP is fake. Everything. Everybody. Nothing genuine here. Beam me up. There is no intelligent life out here.


  2. SLP has no credibility. That party sold the country a tissue of lies about a 15% raise for civil servants. The party MARCHED IN FAVOUR of that increase. They marched.

    After winning the elections, that same party said, that it knew that the Saint Lucian economy could NOT WITHSTAND that INCREASE. In other words?

    SLP lied. They lied. Today they continue to lie. SLP just uses people as stepping stones to power and comfortable political pensions. That is all they do.

    You would be an perfect idiot to believe anything from one group of people who lie as a matter of habit. SLPs are liars. They just use people.


  3. I do not trust how this opposition party works. Everything they had the opportunity to do while in power they failed to do. Now they in opposition they have the time to meet and great. I do not support this cannabis movement but I am listening to them. Maybe one day something will catch my attention. We cannot be too hasty to get into these agreements.


  4. Now in opposition Uall wanna meet them. Lmao. So I take it now uall will fight to legalize de herb ?????


  5. When SLP was in power....they had every opportunity to forward the cannabis movement but delayed it's progress with their Poli-tricks. Now when ur not in power and can't do a thing to forward the agenda u want to engage the committee smh. Poli-tricks to try and gain political points of public approval. I don't trust this one bit, chps tun


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