SLP makes 15 major election promises

By SNO Staff

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Dr. Kenny Anthony.

Dr. Kenny Anthony.

The ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) announced a 15-point election promise that it wishes to implement if re-elected to office at the next general elections.

Leader of the SLP and Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony, declared that they will not be mere promises put on paper, but things that his party can manage to deliver, to create a new Saint Lucia.

The pledges were revealed after the election date was announced on Thursday evening (May 20, 2016) at the Castries market steps, where hundreds of SLP supporters converged for another political meeting.

One of the first things Dr. Anthony said the SLP plans to do, is to work assiduously to bring down the unemployment rate by at least 15 percent within the next four years. The aim is to ensure that employment opportunities are made available to more people on the island, especially the youth.

“If you think we can’t do it, look at our history. We brought it down by five percent and we are going to bring it down again. If we brought it down by five percent, therefore, bringing it down another five percent is in our grasp. We are going to do it through a combination of measures,” he explained.

Dr. Anthony said the SLP pledges to construct no less than 2,000 new hotel rooms in the country, which will also help with the unemployment issue.

“Already for this five years, we will be constructing nearly 900 rooms in this time of hardship. So as this economy picks up and galvanizes, we believe not only can we bring down that unemployment rate, but we can bring investments to construct that 2,000 rooms to provide work to our people.”

He also spoke about plans to construct a highway linking the North with the South, from Gros Islet to Dennery, something that is already in the pipeline. This, he emphasized, will change the face of the country, and open up the East Coast for new development and opportunities.


Increase threshold

The need to put more money in the pockets of Saint Lucians is one of the major promises the SLP is also focused on delivering.

As such, the party leader is proposing to implement a tax reform strategy for Saint Lucia and plans to increase the threshold from $18,000 to $30,000.

People who earn $2,500 will not be required pay income tax. This means that some 3,500 Saint Lucians will not have to file for tax return.

“That is what I mean by putting money in your pockets of people, so that you can better face challenges of life.”

Pensioners have also been included in the ruling party’s 15-point plan, and these persons could receive an additional deduction of $4,000 on their personal income.

They will no longer be required to pay income tax, if they earn over $40,400 per month. It means, therefore, that the vast majority of pensioner will be free of the responsibility to pay income tax.


Investment in education

Dr. Anthony also reminded supporters of the party’s plan to help parents who cannot afford to pay the cost of children’s Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) examination fees, but said assistance and support will be provided based on performance.

It was also recognized that many underprivileged children are robbed of the opportunity to pursue higher education, mainly because their parents may not be eligible for loans and don’t have collateral.

However, under a new SLP administration, the Prime Minister has pledged to establish a tertiary education trust fund, something he described as “revolutionary and unique.”

The fund will receive a financial allocation of $3 million and in five years it’s going to reach $15 million.

These loans will be administrated by an independent board, which will decide who will get the grants and the condition under which they will get it.

Plans to transform the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) into a university and give the institution full degree granting status is also underway.

Meanwhile, young entrepreneurs are also likely to benefit from this SLP plan.

 “Our Labour Party app was made here in St Lucia and we didn’t have to go overseas and that’s my point these young people who are working in our services sector needs recognition. They need help. They too must get incentives, just like the hoteliers, just like the manufactures, because they are the generation of the future and this Labour Government will give them a special regime of incentives so that they can be a part of this economy.”

Shifting his attention to the creative arts industry, Dr. Anthony said Saint Lucia has too many bright minds in this specific area and the SLP therefore plans to deliver a new national theatre complex in the new administration.


Health services

The current administration has been heavily criticized for showing little interest in improving the health care sector, although they have built a new national hospital with the assistance of the European Union (EU), which is still to be opened.

But Dr. Anthony said if the SLP is re-elected to office the next move would be to go beyond just building infrastructure, but making a huge sacrifice to introduce universal health care in Saint Lucia.

Dr. Anthony said a promise was made in the last election but was not delivered, which has to do with ensuring that Saint Lucians are given access to beaches.

“We are are going to pass a law to guarantee and secure the rights for all St Lucians to get access to the beaches of this country. It must remain the property of the people of St Lucia. I must make sure it is done to save and protect the patrimony of this country for the generations yet to come.”

Other party promises made on Thursday includes: ensuring that Saint Lucia transitions from fossil fuel to clean energy; build a new headquarters for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force; make the country’s capital a duty free cruise destination,  in order to attract more attract tourists; and focus on improving agriculture.


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  1. Yeah? With each each candidate stooge making his or her own set of confused promises?

    What a clown act! Do you people want anyone with a half a brain to take you bunch of jokers and stooges seriously? Really?

  2. The blundering PM makes additionally, 15 major blunders.

  3. Our Stupid Labour Party has been very productive of late. Nay. Extremely productive. In fact, it can teach those two productivity echo chambers something about productivity. You can measure it, instead of just talking about it.

    Forsooth, the Stupid Labour Party continues on its merry way of producing empty, useless promises for the lame- and pea-brain followers.

    Now it has a whopping 15 more dumb promises for public consumption.

  4. Many of us here in Toronto are still waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting,
    (oh we just woke up!) but still waiting, waiting, waiting for some real progess and
    visible change, concrete proof of investment, great interest in health care, jobs, less
    crime and accountability, and a true sign of leadership in our country. Then we want
    to see someone who is well vetted sent up here to represent the government.

    St Lucians need to wake up. Change that mentality and empower yourselves. It is your
    life, take charge. All you have been getting is empty promises, especially when elections
    come around. Time is catching up with you. We need real progressive personnel in the
    forefront. Those who practice pandering to line their pockets should get out of the line and let a few real St Lucia loving people join the political parties. Please do not re elect the disgrace that is our
    supposed government. We need vision and direction, or else our bottom will drop out. Time for
    a change people. Stop the corruption. A whole lot of scavengers being rewarded for lame work.

  5. smh
    what shame!! the PM wants to talk about unemployment etc... what the hell is 5% ?? you have secondary as well as tertiary graduates every year plus those who graduated before and still out of a job. no work yet employers expects them to have 3-5 yrs + working experience how in this earth that's possible?
    kenny stop your madness!! stop giving people cutlass to cut grass behind the grass and calling it "work" or "a job"

    hotels amongst other establishments are letting their staff go, persons positions are becoming redundant , businesses are finding that their team is overstaffed etc... and you want to talk bout no less 2000 hotel rooms.... smh there are more than 2000 people unemployed ...and fall in all walks of life.... pppssshh ..."apparently employment for kenny is just hotel rooms and grass cutting".. so those who unemployed will either now work in a hotel or cutting grass... what happens to the rest?? atleast another 2000 hotel rooms will be constructed?????? lol...

    a hotel was being constructed somewhere on the east coast what happen to that? bankruptcy? the place is just there enjoying the sea breeze ....

    ...roads from north to south.... more madness!! ...

    ...those earning salary of 2500 wont have to pay tax...hahahaha... how many persons salary that not even close to that...more madness.!!! all them talk bout income tax etc when you owe government they are very much acquainted with ones 7 digits but the other way around, you have to wait yearsssss to get the money government owes you after filing taxes.....
    and the country in more debt!! " borrow, borrow come tomorrow"

    health??? i thought that was going to be priority.....

    and the list goes on...

    enough with all the political gimmicks for a vote...we all know if KDA gets re-elected none of that will take place maybe at the end of another 5 yrs( if he is elected )then the gimmick of priority will pop up again ...empty promises "empty vessels make the most noise"

    put unemployment on a side a's what lucians want... that an example or examples are made of the psycho-paths we have lurking around ... implement the HANGING!!... it in the law and yah afraid to do it.... i am tired of seeing faces of victims or hearing of victims and not hearing or seeing whats happening to the perpetrators ... that cant be right ... criminals have more rights than the victim.....hell no!... they do their crime when it's time they pleading insanity.. they not insane at all when they commit the crime.... plus when i find such a maniac in my house and i lam-bay-say him, now the law want to tell me bout it's an offense... so it aint an offense for the idiots to come rob, or destroy someones daily bread or watever the case may be ??... ... even the GREAT BOOK speaks of what one can do if you find one in your home.....NOTE WELL,"IN YOUR HOME"..

    the political madness has to stop!! the judicial system needs a makeover!!

    we are fed up!!

  6. 15x the foolishness. Fiftheen times the amount of lies they prided themselves on spewing last time around. 15 times the asinine crookedness from an overwhelming SLP, our very ignorant and Stupid Labour Party.
    They think that for all these better days, we are even 15 times more stupid than before. Throw these ppl out 17 to nothing. Let them do STEP and better days.

  7. You vote where your interests lie. I have seen nothing about a concerted effort to solving rape cases or equipping relevant persons with tools to pursue justice for victims. As a woman this is one of my main areas of concern, and KDA you're just not cutting it.

  8. INSERT FROM CDB ON ECONOMIC GROWTH IN THE CARIBBEAN. Btw party hacks St. Lucia has experienced -ve growth in 2012, 13,14 under Kenny. Check it yourself. We have the slowest growth in tourism in the OECS too.

    The foregoing recognise the role of government as a
    facilitator rather than a driver of growth. Additionally,
    public sector activity is being limited by a lack of fiscal
    space. CDB suggests thirteen policy actions to help
    improve productivity.
    1. We need a strategy that will allow us to take
    advantage of innovation.
    2. Doing business reforms: we need to improve the
    Investment Climate, making it easier for private
    sector to thrive.
    3. Labor Market Reforms: increased flexibility, freedom
    of movement, participation and productivity.
    4. Human Capital Development: investment in quality
    education for all, with emphasis on science,
    technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
    5. Fiscal Consolidation: adoption of Fiscal Rules,
    increase efficiency of revenue collection and
    expenditure, prioritise capital investment, reform of
    6. Fiscal buffers: improve the level of national savings
    to be able to better absorb the impact of economic
    and other shocks on the economy.
    7. Energy reform: we need improvements in the
    regulatory environment in order to foster energy
    8. Policy environment that assists Micro, Small and
    Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), such as better access
    to credit.
    9. Targeted and affordable social protection; this
    is applicable to social safety nets, transfers and
    10. Maximise regional integration and take advantage
    of free trade agreements such as Economic
    Partnership agreements (EPAs), and seek new
    11. Improve Regional Transport and Logistics: increase efficiency of movement of people and goods across
    the Region.
    12. Mandate building and infrastructure codes to
    improve resilience.
    13. Measures required to minimise the spread of new

    • CDB armchair economists know in their hearts that #11 is just empty talk. There is no regional structure to undertake that either in the pubic or private sector. It is worse in the public sector because the birds of Antigua have laid down the precedent of national interest before profitability or sustainability. The crap continues.

  9. Um, a few weeks ago health care was going to be his # 1 priority, now it is another # 1 priority. Honestly, I may not have a problem with SLP but KDA SHOULD. NOT BE OUR PM. Every term has a money scandal. Helen Air, Rochamel, Grynberg, Juffali. Nah people if all u ain't want Chastanent just don't vote SLP.

  10. Tell Kenny go to hell!!!! He brought IMPACS on this country to get rid of one man, Richard. Said he was the worst thing that could have ever happened to Saint Lucia. So he used the Americans to help him reach his selfish goal, win the election and he did win. But guess what! IMPACS is now like an albatross around his neck. And Richard his good friend. Political expedience has washed away all his political sins as alleged by Kenny - again just in an attempt to win this election.

    For our sake and for our future I hope and pray that this selfish and vindictive being disappears politically from the political landscape of Saint Lucia as quickly and as abruptly as the announcement of his election date.

    This man and his party has done nothing worth noting for this country in five years. All they did is victimize all who dare express any negative opinion about the SLP. Victimize public servants, turn the PSC into a political weapon to promote their supporters. Enough is enough!!!!!!

    We vote for governments not to be treated like their servants and be victimized. We vote for them to serve us. Yes serve us. But their arrogant arses couldn't resist the opportunity to go after all those who dared express a contrary opinion. They salivated at every opportunity to destroy us. So guess what!!!! Now is my time! Yes!! MY TIME!!!!! And I intend to use it to send a message loud and clear that enough is enough. This is where the insignificant me and many others too, become powerful, very powerful indeed.

    These guys got an opportunity to create jobs to move this economy forward. Instead they gave all major contracts to one business man. One who is self sufficient and needed to purchase nothing locally.

    After five years in office and having neglected some of the roads in our communities, they are now feverishly trying to concrete everything in sight. This type of dependence politics must go!!! No government must be given a second opportunity to treat its citizens this way. And this why on June 6 I will feel like a giant, yes a GIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Guess what! I truly feel like a giant. I actually got these monkeys off my back. No better feeling than that. They all can now go to hell.

  11. All i can say is: If Kenny had to read these comments on social media he would immediately book his one way flight to Trinidad. Give it up bro. We had enough of your crap!!


  13. Reasoning with an slp party supporter as a pose to an slp candidate supporter is like trying to convince an atheist that God exist by using the Bible as evidence. No dice. I wish ppl would wake up and see the slp admin is not right. Stop being hypnotized and decieved. All i can say is just pray God will show u and ur family grace from what will come from with election esp if slp were to win.

  14. Lorne Armstrong

    Someone printed that nonsense Kenny put up on line and started passing it around town. I could have sworn I herd Paula saying "This looks good to wipe my a** with". People pass out on the ground laughing

  15. Kenny.... it eh looking good uh papa. My advice is just call it quits and just move to Trinidad cause all I see is people kicking you in the a** on social media and in public. It's like 99% of people speaks negative of you. Hey Kenny look at the bright side, at least we will all get to see Jade Brown's sexy rack on HTS again

  16. I rather die twice before my death than vote for these pompous ppl who thrive on nepotism and stick up their noses at the poor.


  18. There is a saying the most ignorant set of people in St Lucia is a farmer, an adventist, a rasta and an SLP supporter. I aint know for the rasta, the adventist and the farmer but the SLP supporter............. they have first place

  19. This two face guy knows he is taking St lucians for real fools....15 ways to comfort his pee brain supporters.kenny you were given 5 yrs to fulfil at least just one promise,your promise is like the reverse.....what ever u promised,exactly the opposite to what u said is fulfil...

    • Yeah Kenny is a Joke and St Lucia still remains the 5th slowest growing economy in the world.

  20. When I go to vote on the morning of June 06, I will remember the hungry days I've had over the past four and a half years . I will remember my depressed state being on the brink of SUICIDE......unemployed, broke, hungry. I will remember visiting Kenny Office and asking no begging the man to help me with a lil job step, nice whatever. And I will remember the mamaguy shit that Kenny uttered to me.

    Like nice jobs are reserved for special people. Well...... Haha my time to kick ass Kenny. I will vote for Dr . Ulric mondesir in polling division k2 .

    • As for me I will remember how much bus fare I pay to go communications to beg them to fix our roads. I will remember the parliamentary rep never returning one phone call. I will remember the days my children go to school hungry because the salary cannot take us to the next month. I will remember when my children walk with their shoes laughing because we cannot afford to buy a new pair yet. I will remember not having enough money to pay for school books, uniforms and school fees. I will remember having to beg neighbours and friends for bus money because we just don't have and the children must go to school even though they hungry. I will remember the better days SLP promised 5 years ago and the BITTER day my family has experienced in the last 5 is not rocket science where I going to vote - Sarah/UWP ah comin!!!!!!!!

  21. You couldn't keep your promise to inject one million dollars into the economy.I must now trust you to keep 15..keeping promises has never been your forte. Fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me. Go rest yourself man.

    • the sum of 1 million dollar :
      = what we importing every day on food (and up to now no need to drastically improve farming ??)
      = what government collecting every day on VAT (300 million a year)

  22. Who feels it knows it

    Why no Jobs jobs jobs this time. If no jobs how can you have more money in your pockets,

  23. Indignant Cynic

    Sooooo.... 15 more sets of words to fail then?
    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  24. Wow...A bunch of INFERIOR, UPSET AND ANGRY "Yellow Party" / UWP supporters Threatening Violence ( as always.)
    Why are you so angry?
    Did they forget to give you, you 50 acres and a Mule?

    Remember, you are yet to find two more candidates to finish your line-up 🙂

    Oh well, you did say, "Call Elections Now" 🙂
    And we did.

    Got' cha!


    • Off with their heads

      Yes this is the EXACT mindset of u SLP folk.... yall think ppl are inferior. Remember the inferior ones are in the majority, we will see who will have the last laugh.

    • Oh boy we have a house n here singing for his supper or should I say scraps, hey everybody lets all vote for the man who never deliver's on anything. SMH.

    • I hope that Lucians do not buy into the rhetoric of this dual personality PM who suffers from the KENNY AND TONY SYMNDROME.
      Kenny said VAT was anti-worker, anti-poor and oppressive. Tony implements a 15% VAT
      Kenny said there would be no VAT on water. Tony increase water rates by 66%.
      Kenny said $100 000 000 in job, jobs, jobs. Tony created the environment for businesses to send people home. High rate of unemployment.
      Kenny presented a 15 point pledge. Tony I await your presentation (the hidden agenda)

  25. You promised St.Jude Hospital in 6 months to 1 year of being in office it is now four plus years not close. Get out man. You dont give a damn about the siuth all you care about is true value builders choice shannels barons foods. The rich who will not assist no one unless you say go ahead.

  26. Lmao 15 promises wi... Just like better days! Lmao only better days for the upper middle class and the rich. Not for those who fall on the shorter end of the stick. So much foolishness being spewed from that mouth. All his trash ideas are stored in his belly. Run way with DAT talk.

  27. Tourism tourism! What exactly you going to do about agriculture? Sugar beach just dismissed close to 80 employees.
    Stop promoting laziness in St Lucia you just feeding lazy people on our tax payers money. Giving well abled bodies money every month. Open factories and let the people work for their money.

  28. But wait .how the hell he want to bring the nouth with the south aa Kenny turn god aa vwayyyy

  29. Foolishness. You hear crap? Where is Kenny going to get the money for S.L.P. to build all these hotels?

    Government is in the business of building hotels nowadays? How comes this same prime minister did not have the wisdom to build those hotels when he took over after the collapse of the banana industry? Then, we did not have Fidel Castro's Cuba as our competition.

    Today, the airlines have landed there. Today the cruise lines are returning and have visited. And a very funny tourism ministry says 'no problem'.

    Puerto Rico is concerned. The Dominican Republic on the opposite side of Haiti is worried. Our idiots in the SLP, the Stupid Labour Party here says 'no problem'.

    Why must we give one single vote any other stupid person anywhere, and in any constituency on the island who has no common sense to continue to make our very promising SLP, an albatross on our backs for another five long years again? Why? Because we like slavery?

  30. The 15 Bluffs:
    - I the reduction of 15% going to be artificial like the 5000 jobs created last qtr through STEP? secondly these construction jobs are temporary, the bigger picture is the viability of these projects.
    - So we going to have both 4 lane Choc-Grost Islet and one from Deneery-Gros Islet? Given the current 4 lane you guys built currently from vigie to Choc, im not holding by breath on if the lanes will be wide enough to ensure traffic safety.
    - increase tax allowance?...What will be the offset? Will there be higher VAT rate 15-17.5% or increase tax rates for people in higher brackets or less deductibles allowed?
    - Additional tax relief for pensioners? refer to previous point
    - More handouts, what about ensuring we produce a system that will not allow the children to fall through the cracks. We have number of students entering form 5 who cant yet write their own name..shame...let's fix this foundation
    - Questioning the credibility of the "Independent" board that will be overseeing this initiative.
    - How a new Police HQ is going to solve the current IMPACS cloud over our heads and boost the moral of the Police force. BTW what about the Forensic lab?
    - Are the citizens going be burden with increased taxes or fees like the Water Dredging fee imposed on us for this project?
    - How you are going to ensure a robust economy, because so far all you pitched out the the usual infrastructure projects undertaken previously that provided minimal returns to the economy and witness deterioration of these projects.
    - What about the ensuring our main hospitals are functioning at acceptable efficiency.
    - Sir Arthur is a break down tertiary institution which its current issues are yet to be resolved. Fix those first before thinking of spending money on a adding onto a weak foundation.
    - What are the initiatives/projects lined up to achieve those
    - Do we expect additional taxes/levies placed on cruise ship passengers to facilitate this?
    - How can we ensure citizen saftey in the production of Nutraceuticals as currently In the global market, there are significant product quality issues. Nutraceuticals from the international market may claim to use organic or exotic ingredients, yet the lack of regulation may compromise the safety and effectiveness of products. Companies looking to create a wide profit margin may create unregulated products overseas with low-quality or ineffective ingredients
    - At the rate of all these hotels being built that taking up our beaches, how credible are you in ensuring we can be protected?
    Kenny I see your 15 bluffs and based on your proposal I will wish you best on your future endeavours.

  31. Empty promises!

  32. There is more visibility in what kenny is promising than what the uwp is trying to promise, the slp manage to do quite alot in the blue print for growth

  33. What about our women & girls in this country? All this suffering at the hands of men. Women are being violated in this country. What are you putting in place for us females?
    I am not impress with your plans. It is making me depress. I need some better ideas. PM Anthony you are still on building infrustracture but you still don't get it. What about our securiy? The 3 main issues we need here is to fix our health care, national security and unemployment. We also need better pay for all workers in this country.

    • The last time I got 14.5% and the country is still suffering from its effects. That was politics at work and not management.

      • You got it because our current Pm pushed and protested with you to get it....and you were quite contented

  34. The 16th promise is ........get the hell out of politics,no more SLP.

  35. I just hope that he keeps his promise about those beaches, I am sick and tired of trying to take my family to the beach only to be ostracized by these hotels, Sugar Beach in Soufriere, Marigot Beach Club and Capella in Marigot, Ti Kaye in Anse Couchon and I am sure many more, in some cases they give you access to the beach but they make you uncomfortable if you step on "their" piece. That really upsets me, in the same statement Mr Anthony says that they are building more hotel rooms, ummm well make sure when you take their money they know not to upset local families, its all wrong. Don't sell out our country!

    • In saying that he already broke his promise. He just sold sabwesha in choiseul. The only good beach in the area . So think again.

  36. This is what you call .... talking, nothing about employment for st lucian.
    NOT A WORD!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOT A WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOT A WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KENNY NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

  37. James-the real

    OH MY GOD, !! THIS IS CRAZY AND FUNNY AT THE SAME TIME... One have to sit and really articulate the utter AUDACITY, by the Prime Minister to try to PROMISE St.lucians ALL OF THE ABOVE... When he has NOT delivered on NONE OF HIS PREVIOUS PROMISES.

    This CONDESCENDING ATTITUDE is exactly what is wrong with the Prime Minister. He take St.lucians for granted, he thinks St.lucians are stupid. And most of all he thinks because he has a DOCTORATE DEGREE, he could manipulate and do what ever he wants and we all have to accept it.



    To believe this crap.

    LET'S BE HONEST AS SAINT LUCIANS: The SLP Government has not delivered to the Saint Lucian people, and THINGS HAS NEVER BEEN THIS BAD IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY.



  38. Well they have delivered many capital projects in spite of hard economic times so now the economy seems to be growing and if it continues on that path i think he can achieve most of those things.Good luck at the polls..

    • There is a reason they have delivered capital projects. Its more about love of self than love of people.

    • Iamvotingforchrist

      Don't you guys see we are living in the last days? Don't you guys see what is happening in the world ? Do you guys see the world getting any better ? Why do you guys have so much faith in those politicians? Aint nobody can make this world better except for GOD. Instead of insulting eachother , exchanging words with eacother seek God if you haven't and place all your problems in his hands!! I assure you he will NEVER forsake you, disappoint you , he will never make broken promises!! And to everyone talking about election is right around the corner and "blood must shed" I say to you be careful what you say with your tongue; your tongue is a very powerful weapon and I rebuke all evil doers !! make peace among yourselves as an island don't let those politicians divide yourll . have a fantastic weekend everyone !!

  39. st lucia simply beautiful

    Push back elections to where it should be and deliver on any one of these points.

  40. last election Kenny announced 2 pledges and he could fulfill them, you think is 15 he will fulfill looooool
    infact the following week he came on national tv and told us he cannot do it.....
    Basically Kenny was like...sike!!! lol

  41. on pensioners,quote:
    They will no longer be required to pay income tax,if they earn over ""40.400.- PER MONTH "

    well, if the statement is correct, for sure SLP benefit the really reach people and make them more reach. 40.400.- pension a month ???

  42. Not impressed. There is nothing wow about this. This is just safe.

    Small island states like ours really need visionary leaders if we are to survive.

    We can no longer accept mediocrity. If these are the types of pledges, or ideas that these people are coming up with, I fear for the future of St.Lucia.

  43. And I'm making one. I have never voted in my life, but I promise I will be first in line at polling station to vote you out.

    • STUPID LABOUR PARTY (SLP) have grey hairs and no grey matter. Millennials know something that these SLP old-foggies with dimmed eyesight cannot see. SLP stands for stupid labour party.

  44. Kenny your days are numbered mate . These are promises that your government should have already fulfilled 5 years ago. Your entire team needs to retire .


    • Yea man every now and then you get a smart Lucian like yourself to think on my level. They eh ready yet none of them, and dem flambos itching craving salivating drooling to get in power just to do worst than the current government and they will do whatever it takes to get there.

  46. Only NOW???. Get OUT!!!!

  47. You call that ransom. All the pAst years every new year speech Kenny repeating saying things will be good and we still waiting for the better days. Nothing running. Yes we not forgetting that 2011 promise.

    So now is fifteen new promises. Why them promises could not have been done before, during these pAst years. Kenny was in government. All he did was run behind chastanet, disrespect us with silence and no answers and then dump us with juffali.

    So after five years of stagnation we Now are held to ransom with 15 bait for a vote.

    Kenny you were in office. Not chastanet. You did not do it then why trust you now. Awa not this time.

  48. I had more confidence in you 2011 blue print that never came through as plann. This one is a low blow. I honestly wish you would lose this election.

    • some years ago when Kenny won the election with16:1 he had all chances and power to make a drastic change. But what he did = ....nothing, govern like business as usual, borrowing,borrowing,borrowing and bringing the country more and more into the grip of IMF.
      If VAT generating 300 million a year,why is our dept year by year still increasing?? It do not require rocket science to realize something is rotten in spending taxpayers money.
      that's poor leadership, that's just to be afraid to make decisions without foresight.

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