SLP leader expresses confidence in Dr. Ernest Hilaire and Shawn Edward, calls investigations “political witch hunt”

SLP leader expresses confidence in Dr. Ernest Hilaire and Shawn Edward, calls investigations “political witch hunt”
From left: Pierre, Dr. Hilaire, and Edward
From left: Pierre, Dr. Hilaire, and Edward.

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – During a Press Conference called by the Saint Lucia Labour Party on 28th March 2018, Party Leader Hon Philip J. Pierre expressed confidence in two members of Parliament who are said to be under ‘investigation’ by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

During his rebuttal to the debate of the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, the Prime Minister also claimed to be inquiring into the St.Jude Hospital.

The SLP Political Leader said, “..As Leader of the Party, I have full confidence in Dr Hilaire. I have full confidence in his work as Parliamentary Representative for Castries South, his work as High Commissioner to Saint Lucia in London and I believe what’s happening is a political witch hunt which is not new to him. In fact the Honourable member for Dennery North is under investigation into the so called Minister’s account. I’ve spoken to both of my colleagues and I have full confidence in them and I believe it’s a political witch hunt and at some point the truth will come to the forefront.”


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  1. Why don't Allen launch an investigation into the Ministry that Guy 'coolie man' Joseph is running. You have a crook as your right hand man. Guy has stolen millions from the country. Where is the farm you bought in Canada Guy with our money?


  2. If there was nothing to hide, that exercise would not have been called a witch hunt.

    What exactly is SLP afraid of?


  3. Allen Chastanet is one who should have been investigated many moons ago for costing the country millions when he was tourism minister. 20 million a year for American to fly to St Lucia under his watch, when Pierre took the ranks and he told them to get out the country wont bow to loan sharks. He bankrupt the tourist board, cost the loss of Air Jamaica at the time to St Lucia along with the jobs, jazz 2008 9 &10 a flop because he cut the budget to make up for his short fall. Rum Wine & Food Festival was a flop back in the day and it still is it never generate a profit to date. The firing of the Soufriere Concierges costing poor people their jobs and today he is St Lucia's Mosiah.


  4. To the Prime Minister et all. If no one is going to jail after this fiasco,please stop the charade now


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