SLP leader accuses Chastanet of deceiving Saint Lucians

SLP leader accuses Chastanet of deceiving Saint Lucians
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) supporters were recently told at a political rally that Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet wants to deceive Saint Lucians.

SLP Leader, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony recalls Chastanet telling Saint Lucians that if he is elected to office, Saint Lucians will not be required a visa to travel to the United States (US).

“Who is Allen Chastanet for the US to waive visas for Saint Lucians? But he is there to deceive you,” he declared.

Dr. Anthony used the SLP platform to attack his opponent at the next election stating that Chastanet is not prepared for governance and the promises he has made should be taken with a pinch of salt.

He said Chastanet is most afraid of the SLP’s communications manager, Jadia Jn Pierre- Emmanuel.

“And this young lady, if Chastanet could avoid taking a call from her, he would avoid it why? Because he was able to lie to the public that he even forgot himself,” the SLP leader asserted.

The Prime Minister was referring to Chastanet’s comments about oil prices during a radio interview, where he flip flopped on the prices when questioned in detail.

Referring to the UWP leader and its candidates as “Allen Chastanet and his gang”, the prime minister said the opposition team has failed each time to attract a dynamic crowd like the SLP.

“Whatever activity they hold, somehow they cannot get the crowd or capture the imagination of their own supporters. What has Allen Chastanet done?”

He continued: “Every time the SLP has a function, he deliberately has a function. He is a follower.”

The SLP attracted a massive crowd at their recent political rally held on the La Clery Playing field, to launch the party’s Castries North candidate, John Charlery.


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  1. I am so sick of Kenny Anthony, he reminds me of a leader who was just thrown out of office, Stephen Harper of Canada, I think they are cousins, both of them are idiots.


  2. Kenny is suffering from dementia. He believes that Allen will destroy him so he warning everyone at every opportunity he has. Before he opens his mouth is Allen. But poor guy doesnot know that Alllen is NOT the UWP. He is part of a Team. So while Kenny is fixated on Allen, the UWP is moving slowly and surely on the SLP weak and incompetent candidates- have you seen them?


  3. Ok Mt boss Kenny if you have all the big crowds and uwp has none well just call election because am sure u are in this thing to win dip down inside u know is not as easy as u say


  4. Mr. PM, discuss the relevant issues please. It appears that you have totally run out of ideas to address the many issues this island is facing. Man, stop acting like a school child. St. Lucian politics has become one big circus with a bunch of clowns. I am hearing nothing of real substance from neither UWP nor SLP. The only flicker of hope is coming from the LPM.


  5. 'Sad-but-True" you seem always try to convince others why Chastanet is not a leader. However you only highlight the quantitative aspects of being a leader. A leader could exhibit alot of what you said like prowess and charisma yet he lacks the qualitative values which makes a true leader. Don't forget that Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest leaders of all time. However he lacked quality in directing his thoughts and deeds to righteousness. Kenny maybe very good at leadership per se, however he lacks the good qualities that would make him a good leader.


  6. Kenny stop talking about chastanet .what you doing don't make sense tell us what you will do with health care are we going paid at the new hospital. There are so many things to talk about you talking about an other man. Is stlucia yours to control. Tell us how you will take care of crime in this country.kenny our bank accounts have no money left. We cannot pay your bills they keep piling up we want jobs. With the money you making invest in stlucia so we can get some jobs.when was the last time you walk in Castries to hear the cries of the people .Kenny we have a lot of poverty in stlucia.


  7. Kenny, Mr Francisco loves his daughter and Mr. Chastanet knows that because he love his children too. What you are attempting to do is put division between them or between Mr. Chastanet and Mr. Jn Pierre. That will never work.


  8. Kenny you cannot base the popularity of your party by crowd attendance. I can recall in 2006 the UWP pulled the largest crowd ever on the Boulevard, you would have thought the elections results would have been 17-0 instead it was 11-6. in favor of UWP. The SLP in particular whenever there is a rally, would truck people from all over St. Lucia, the people get free transport, so nothing to loose after all it is a Sunday so they go for the lime it does not mean that every body in attendance is interested in what SLP has to discuss, free rum free transport free lime so large crowds at rallies means nothing.


  9. What happened to the debate the uwi open campus was supposed to organise?

    Lets have the debate on pertinent issues, im not really interested in the immature platform banter.

    Organise the debate kenny or Chastenet.


  10. Kenny stop talk crap. Youget scared of the monster you and your gang created. When one ask to come and hear about the IMpacts in the UWP advertisment it doesnt mean that the report was in hand, It can mean also that you are so lost in dealing with the report that UWP can take you and your boy and girls to task. You talking about lies who lied about telling the criminals to give the people a chance, who lied about the finger printing, who lied about rachamel and more. Chastnest had you peeing in your pants so you run scared. Well HermanGil Francis dealt a bit on the impacts so BOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. What nonsense. How desperate can dr. Anthony become. How can chastanet say he can stop visa requirements to the USA. Dr. Anthony really thinks he can fool st. Lucians into believing the garbage he spouts. But he knows why he does that because we have allowed him to.

    Deceive? Who is the master of deceit, spin and silence? Who promised 100 million in jobs, a now well recognized bluff. Who now says stand by for a Diabetes Research centre? A bluff in waiting.
    Who is silent on rochamel, grynberg, IMPACS, lambirds and juffali?

    As for being a follower try as much as he is really trying, Dr. Anthony will NEVER EVER be able to follow in the political footsteps of Sir John George Melvin Compton, father of the nation.


  12. Allen has proven to me that he is a very unintelligent individual.
    This is why he is so easy "picked on", because he lacks the prowess and charisma which is typically ingrained in a "Leader."



    • This comment is coming from an individual who does not own a hotel and who does not employ many St.Lucians.
      Tsk Tsk.



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