SLP lauds PM Anthony and Labour gov’t for returning economy to “positive GDP growth”

SLP lauds PM Anthony and Labour gov’t for returning economy to “positive GDP growth”
PM Dr. Kenny Anthony.
PM Dr. Kenny Anthony.
PM Dr. Kenny Anthony.

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party congratulates Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. Kenny D. Anthony and the Labour Government on its control of the economic levers of the country over the last four (4) years which has now resulted in the return to positive GDP growth in our; as announced in the latest report on Saint Lucia by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

According to a recent IMF report, on the back of a strong tourism inflow and lower oil prices, the Saint Lucian economy has returned to growth after experiencing a recession in 2012 and close to zero growth in 2013.

The IMF reports that GDP growth reached 0.5 per cent in 2014 and is expected to accelerate to 1.6 per cent in 2015 driven by Tourism and Transportation services.

The Party notes with great pride that the country has recorded growth in Tourism, Construction, Manufacturing and Agriculture. Inflation has declined and our fiscal performance has improved.

The SLP expresses gratitude to the voters of St. Lucia for the confidence with which they returned the management of the country to the Labour Party in 2011 and remains confident that the Labour Administration will continue to make our country proud.


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  1. ROSEAU, Dominica, Friday November 27, 2015 – The Roosevelt Skerrit administration is making changes to Excise Tax legislation that will see sweets, chocolates and carbonated beverages being hit with higher taxes.

    The Excise Tax Amendment Bill, presented before Parliament yesterday, calls for a tax rate of 10 per cent to be applied to these goods. Additionally, a 10 per cent rate increase will be applied to alcoholic drinks.

    Skerrit said the move is aimed at curbing the incidence of chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCDs) in Dominica.

    “Through this amendment order, Government is reaffirming its commitment to the 2001 Nassau Declaration by CARICOM Heads of Government that the health of the region is the wealth of the region, while encouraging citizens to adopt healthier eating habits and lifestyles,” the Finance Minister said in introducing the amendment.

    “Government will continue to monitor statistics on non-communicable diseases to determine whether the new rates are a sufficient deterrent of the consumption of large quantities of sweets and alcohol.”

    The measures had been announced in the 2015/2016 Budget.

    Read more:

    Kenny needs to take a page from this instead of adding more charges to our utilities. We have a young populations always DRUNK and each day ALCOHOL is destroying more homes and families. Our YOUNG people are at risk because of the level of alcohol consumption. Alcohol is doing more damage to our country than Marijuana and cocaine.


  2. That 1.6% is a projected figure! It has not yet been achieved. "All things being equal", it still has to be recorded and achieved! They do not teach that in law school. As we can see, law lecturers are clueless about business and economics. Thanks to calculators, some may be able to add numbers correctly.


  3. Great job SLP,
    Blow your own trumpet.
    Pat yourselves on the back.
    Whilst you at it why dont you explain why it is that st.Lucians are suffering more now than ever before.
    Why the PM made a statement about the impacs report knowing full well that investigations are not complete.
    Why the price of fuel is still so high and the cost of oil has been so low for months.
    Why the VAT percentage has not yet been reviewed from inception.
    Please explain.


  4. Kenny suddenly good news before elections, that wont work things are desperate in st lucia. we can feel it, nice try but your days are numbered. you will NEVER again lead this fair Helen.


  5. lol quarter of the country's revenue is through tax !! good job kenny they praise you for taxing the citizens to get their pockets fat.. up to now we have no transparency on vat not only that can your economy grow and our hospitals do not exist ?? i guess the highway is more important to attract foreigners whiles we die you want more money by selling our passports when you all just mismanage our money and keep the people in poverty !! we are not second class citizens !!!!!!!


  6. Who says SLP is wrong to laud the Dr. Kenny Anthony government? The imaginary growth is to put more money in their executive pockets. Kenny, the one-eyed man, is king among we blind asses. At list so he and his SLP hacks think.


  7. Lol. All I have to do is laugh! This is indeed quite funny. Growth? Where exactly? The only growth I'm seeing is around the politicians' midsections? SMH.


  8. You are accustomed to comparing us to our sister islands. Why dont you compare us to Granada where this report is concerned. Idiot


  9. Dammit! That is terrific news! Saint Lucia's annualized growth rate has doubled from 0.8% to 1.6%! No more need to send us barrels. We are going to eat that 1.6% till election time.


  10. Suddenly elections on the horizon and we seeing growth. Kenny stop insulting us! We are intelligent people. The growth is in yours and Hilaire's pockets only! The pockets filled by Juffali!


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