SLP holds first national public meeting in Vieux Fort

SLP holds first national public meeting in Vieux Fort
Philip J. Pierre
Philip J. Pierre
Philip J. Pierre

PRESS RELEASE – On Sunday 29th January 2017, the Saint Lucia Labour Party will hold its first national public meeting since the June 6 General Elections in Vieux Fort South, next to the Vieux Fort Square on Clarke Street, starting at 5.00 P.M.

The meeting is intended to deal mainly with the DSH issue and will aim at further informing the public of the Party’s position on the project. The Party will make it clear why it cannot support the project under the current agreement and conditions.

The Party will also give its assessment of the performance of the UWP Administration at the end of its first seven months in office.

The lineup of speakers include: Political Leader, Hon. Philip J. Pierre, Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South and Former Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, along with Hon. Alva Baptiste, Hon. Shawn Edward, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire and Hon. Moses Jn. Baptiste.

The Party believes that the DSH matter has drastic implications not only for the southern region but also for the entire country, and therefore is inviting all Saint Lucians, from north to south, to attend and be informed of the reasons why this deal is too risky for our country.


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  1. Piere give us solutions not dissent. You dont like the project, great, but what do you recommend. You have been in office for over a decade. The last 5 years your administration just sat on its hands to scared to move . We chose the exact opposite of you for a reason.

    Kenny was in office for so long and failed to implement any fundamental judicial or legislative changes. Chastenet walks into office...the OECS Assembly finally meets after 4 years, FATCA is finally passed, AEOI agreements finally signed with the OECD. Investment has finally begun to pick up. Talks on renewable energy has finally begun. The public service being too big and too inefficient is finally being addressed.

    Im a labourite and even I have to admit the man (Chastenet) gets things done. The financial industry is the workhorse of any economy. You let our banks slowly die while u sat by idly. How could you not see BOSL was over leveraged. How could you not see you average man could not get financing for his business. How could you see outdated property legislation was preventing your banks from getting toxic assets off their books. Your gov sat on the board for 10 years man. You guys had no plan. You havr no plan. Only dissent.

    For now step back. You have failed. Step back. Regroup. Get your heads back in game. Get some fresh blood more suited to this modern world in your camp. Then return for the elections in 4 years.

    While you plan remember the world is changing. Your focus ( listen up too chastenet) should be improve the financial space, invest heavily in renewable energy through Lucelec as your oil import bill and its effect on your terms of trade is unsustainable and you high electricity prices make you very unattractive to investors, reduce the public employ too many people and are artificially pushing the wage rate above its market value while promoting bad work ethic, revise all outdated rape on the rise..perhaps make tazers/pepperspray legal, reform and restrcture the health sector from the inside out, free yourself from the chains of the Brewery and the Distillery and begin heavily taxing alcohol. You need to reverse this cultur of alcholism.
    Provide boardwalks for persons to run etc, in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce the burden diabetics and other lifestyle related diseases put on the health sector.
    Give mental health some serious attention. The unemployment rate wont go down over night. But in the meantime provide counseling to those who need it so our people stop killing themselves out of despair.
    You cannot do all of them at the same time as u dont have the financial capacity. So pick two to address during your term and do it well.


  2. As a young man , I do not give a damm about UWP and SLP and who has memory of what SLP or UWP support and what they don't, it is same difference, just different party .I am sick and tied of these none sense in which both party has left us with a broke Country because of bad decisions .

    I need to admit both parties have undertake very good and very bad projects, some of these things are a gamble but none of the past project has and will cost St.Lucia more negative than this Horse shit project. This horse ... project my people, is literally pushing future young people, and other investors out of our own country.

    We will left with no opportunity for other future plans , because that Chinese project do not leave room for any future investors, not even for the coming generation. Think about it, if one investor had control of the entire Rodney bay /Gros Islet area not even Chastanet would be able to own a hotel and super markets and enjoy the good life that these investment has afforded him .That is exactly what we are doing in Vieux fort.


  3. Yes truth , maybe it was not brought to closure to protect us St.Lucians. There must have been a good reason why the deal was not sealed under the labour administration. Projects of such magnitude can not be signed off with eyes closed . One has to read the fine print which a lot of us overlook. Remember all that glitters is not gold. I understand how we feel as St.Lucians we don't subscribe to independent thought and we only see as far as our toes.....SAD!


  4. I am a Labour supporter.. I hate hypocrisy.. Why you'll my people are being so bitter.. Its obvious that majority of the process was done under our Administration.. Only reason why the current Administration is able to take it to closure that soon ; less than a year after being in office..please!!
    let's put country first instead of our selfish agenda..then again this is just the game of politics. One Love..Shalom.


  5. If my memory serves me right. Every single project initiated by the Uwp has been opposed by the SLP. Remember the Pigeon Island causeway, Point Seraphin, the tunnel, the dam, Hess oil terminal, etc,etc. So, what's new. Useless bunch of politricktions.


  6. If my memory serves me right, every project initiated by the UWP has been opposed by the SLP. Remember the National Provident Fund,the causeway., Hess, The tunnel, the dam, Point Seraphin, etc, etc. So what's new. Smh.


    • And so has the UWP when the SLP is in power. So the question is not about UWP or SLP but about the quality of the contract. By the way, have you read it? I bet the honest answer is no?


  7. Does Slp has the interest of the people or playing politics with every. I hope St lucians don't fall for kenny and company schemes. St Lucia please take advantage of this investment opportunity.


  8. DSH can only fail, if the Chinese back out of it. Otherwise, SLP can rant and rave. SLP, the slum and ghetto creator for a party, does not have the capacity to do anything else but to shoot shate now.


    • And so has the UWP when the SLP is in power. So the question is not about UWP or SLP but about the quality of the contract. By the way, have you read it? I bet the honest answer is no?


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