SLP holds double conference


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The Saint Lucia Labour Party will hold two conferences on Sunday.

The constituency of Castries South East will host its conference at the Bexon Parish Hall at 3:30 pm, under the theme “Delivering on the Promise of Better Days”. The guest speaker for the day’s event will be Dr. Kentry Jn. Pierre.

The Micoud South Conference will be held at the Desruisseaux Multipurpose Court at 3:00 pm. Deputy Political Leader Phillip Jn. Pierre will deliver the feature address.

The SLP says it is proud with the success of the constituency conferences held so far and expects this weekend’s activities to follow in similar fashion.

The party invites its supporters all over the island to attend.

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  1. thing are better every day with the SLP that y we can say the management is better than the other.

  2. Talk, talk and more talk...for goodness sake stop mama guying the populace. SLP is the worst thing to happen to SL in my lifetime and I am 40

  3. Better days come on kenny

  4. You are proud right now...smfh...never again......

  5. It might be a short and sweet speech. "Truth be said we cannot deliver Better Days" En Rouge, En Rouge, En Rouge.

  6. Amazing that they make no attempt to hide how nepotistic these appointments have been. Sad sad sad. Not a damn thing will change. A country gets the leaders it deserves. En rouge.

  7. SLP = Sa Lops en Pejamars

    They are at it again!

  8. All the best Kentry....You are surely enjoying the better days....others are getting bitter days.....


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