SLP gov’t will remove criminal records for minor cannabis convictions: Pierre

By SNO Staff

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Pierre (left) said an SLP government will push for the legalisation of the “herb”.

(SNO) — The main opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has said it plans to completely remove criminal records for persons convicted for the use of small quantities of cannabis, push for “legalization of the herb” for medicinal use and as an economic export crop,when they are returned to govern the country.

This was disclosed by Opposition Leader and Political Leader of the SLP, Philip J. Pierre, in his address at the party’s annual conference held at the Laborie Boys Primary School on Sunday, October 14, 2018.

He said earlier this year, his party held a meeting with the advocates for the legalisation of cannabis and heard their case for legalisation.

“A Labour Party government will as a first step immediately bring legislation to Parliament to expunge the criminal records of anyone previously convicted for the use of small quantities of cannabis,” Pierre said.

“We will enter discussion with informed parties on the use of ganja for medicinal use and its potential as an economic crop for export. We will also enter dialogue with health and legal partners on the legalization of the herb,” he added.

Pierre promised to make the necessary legislative changes within  a “maximum” of one year.

While an increasing number of countries in the world, including the U.S., Canada, and some Caribbean countries, have been moving towards legalisation and decriminalisation of cannabis, Saint Lucia has been accused by the local Cannabis Movement of being lax on cannabis law reform.

Earlier this year, spokesman for the organisation, Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires, had expressed concerned that the Allen Chastanet-led administration is sending mixed signals on the issue when they had made reformation of cannabis laws an election campaign promise.

At a late-May 2018 press briefing, National Security Minister Hermangild Francis had said while he understands de Caires’s concern, the advocate must understand that there is a process — thorough consultation, with the Opposition, so that a unified decision can be made.

“I am not going to look at decriminalization or legalization, but I am looking at the legislation in such a way that you can make it a little less onerous on the young people of this country. So we have alternative sentencing: you are found with a certain quantity, where is for recreational, medicinal, medical, medicine and so on, then you can have that. So we take the example of Antigua, and I think that’s the way to go,” Francis had said.

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  1. Economically, there is a lot of potential for cannabis to become very profitable for us. Just look at the examples in Colorado and other states in the US. The medicinal use of the herb should be the priority. Even recreational use won’t be a bad thing. Just look at places like Amsterdam! Cultivation has to be regulated so we don’t end up with too many of the hybrids we have today, bred specially to have a higher THC content, making it ‘harder.’ Every time this topic comes up, society shows itself to be a big hypocrite. ALCOHOL IS LEGAL and we have all witnessed the effects of its abuse. Substance use/abuse is a responsibility of the consumer.
    PS. It’s really sad that a lot of us cannot read and write properly.

  2. SLP is led by a consortium of criminal elements who cannot even travel to certain countries. France has just sealed the fates of a few more with that cooperation agreement.

    Any voter today, who would cast a vote for the criminally insane SLP is a traitor.

    We have to face reality. This blabbering and blathering SLP has become totally unhinged.

  3. To show you how Pierre is only concerned with politics he said: “I am not going to look at decriminalization or legalization, but I am looking at the legislation in such a way that you can make it a little less onerous on the young people of this country.”

    Because alot of ill informed people think that marijuana is more harmful than good that doesn’t mean that you cannot take a progressive or principled stance. Pierre you should grow some balls and as far as i can see you cannot be a leader that can take the best decisions as against popular ones that are wrong. Thats the bottom line, Pierre is a follower and not a leader, he still panders to the people who make decisions without evidence. Thats the type of leaders that we got in 20 18.

  4. Judging by the pace at which other islands are adopting it i am almost positive that all these things will come to fruition before the end of Allen Chastanet’s term. So what will you promise now?

  5. Good move Prime Minister and a welcome initiative positioning St Lucia to be on the forefront and not left behind while the current administration scratch their ass with the issue should we or shouldn’t we in the mean time everybody else is positioning themselves to make money by lobbying certain ministers and buttering their palms (they know themselves) to come in and cultivate the Lucian High Grade for millions while locals get locked out and locked up for even having the smell on them.

    • Well said indeed !

    • You would be an idiot not to know that this thing was being promised since the Labour Party of 1979.

    • seems like you have you head up your ass. your so called prime minister will never have the chance to do anything but spit out unfulfilled promises like he has done his entire political career. keep dreaming slp. you will never be in power again unless you move to cuba or venezuela

  6. 🌍The shitstem is rigged🌋

    LoL!u politicians come like laughing stock.yall will do and say anything to persuade the masses.we been waiting on Allan for make promise on those exact gestures…how ungreatful and selfish they are talking about medical and economical only mostly to their benefits,the same ones that delivered somany oppression,brutalization,antagonization,intimidation,frustration,prison,deaths yet the gov’t wanna rip the billions of profit while the gov’t can possess tonnes they are criminalizing john public to possess a kg of weed….these ppl are actually taking the poor man opportunity…we should have the right to grow it like any other crop with freedom and to sell to markets……..this weed ting is all about a jealous world where the very fortunate don’t want and like to see the less fortunate thrive on this cash crop…..and fools get it in your head that weed is not bad because we smoke it….its bad because the evil man say its not good ironically them same ones say bulling is good.

  7. pierre is proving himself a fool each time. he always comes up with weird “pie in the sky,” ideas. better keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. all those trying to legalise marijuana i hope they can take care of all the young men whose mind get blown smoking this thing. the drug does not go with every body. some people take it and they are fine. others take it and go in some other demented direction. thats just the facts.

  8. Pierre you do everything now lol smfh

    • when will he also promise free plywood again? oh yeah, the next election. your promises are always empty pierre. how about free trips to the slp favorite communist countries? slp motto “we promise everything until we are elected and then we blame everyone else”

  9. A good initiative it’s time we embrace the future of marijuana

  10. Wow! trying to pander to the crowd now? In spite of the changing of opinions on the matter these are valid offences and should be seen as such. Notwithstanding UWP beat you to the punch! ALREADY IN PROGRESS!

    • Trying to “pander” in spite of “changing opinions” yeah only the ones with the stiffest upper lips that just need to die off.

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