SLP describes motion of no confidence as historic; congratulates opposition members

SLP describes motion of no confidence as historic; congratulates opposition members
Pierre making a presentation during the no-confidence motion debate

(SNO) — Although a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Allen Chastanet brought by the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) was defeated in parliament, the party described it as “historic”.

The party also congratulates its members of parliament for participating in the debate, saying their performance was outstanding.

“The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) congratulates the Opposition members on their outstanding performance in the Lower House on, Tuesday, 29th January, 2019,” the party stated in a release late Thursday. “The Motion of No Confidence (MNC) brought by the Leader of the Opposition, Philip J Pierre, against the Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, was truly historic in the annals of politics in Saint Lucia.”

According to the party, the motion served two purposes.

“To highlight the Prime Minister’s demonstrated deficiencies, especially his cluelessness, recklessness, and lack of empathy, in managing the country,” the statement said.

Additionally, the party said the motion gave “Saint Lucians the opportunity to witness whether the Prime Minister’s Cabinet members truly represented the interests of Saint Lucians or their own”.

“Tuesday’s debate undoubtedly achieved its purpose,” the SLP said. “The Opposition SLP showed, in convincing fashion, the exceedingly bad stewardship of the Prime Minister over the past two and a half years. Additionally, with their feeble attempts to defend the abysmal performance of the Prime Minister, and their vote to retain him as Prime Minister, Cabinet members showed that they certainly don’t represent the interests of Saint Lucians.”

The SLP said the debate demonstrated to all Saint Lucians that facts and truth do matter.

“In the face of ‘alternative facts’ and ‘fake news’ from the Government, the Opposition debunked the Government’s lies and distortion to bring the truth to the people. In that respect, the people of Saint Lucia won Tuesday’s debate,” the party said.

The motion was defeated 11 to six.


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  1. Oui mamma! SLP have their heads all screwed up. They see a HISTORIC FAILURE. To these mental pigmies a historic failure is a resounding success. Little wonder they rolled out the red carpet for the Mad Duro.


  2. It's obvious that the motion would have been defeated, however,it served its purpose and ojectives.By now we all can see that the ruling Party don't have the country and its people at heart, rather than being self serving and enriching themselves.They were given the opportunity to prove to all St.lucians, that when they're talking ills about their PM,behind closed doors they can do it for the world to see,but,they chicken out.We now have to hope and pray,that between now and 2021 ,we can move forward and the country is not plunged into further destruction. I pray that God will,light our paths and guide us in the right direction.


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