Former SLP members labeled ‘prodigal sons’

Former SLP members labeled ‘prodigal sons’
Hermangild and Peterson Francis. *UWP photos

Former Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) members – Hermangild and Peterson Francis – have been labeled as ‘prodigal sons,’ who will one day return home, SLP General Secretary, Leo Clarke has said.

Clarke described the SLP as a party with a big heart and said they will await their return with open arms, explaining that the Francis brothers may not be too happy with their journey to the other side of the political divide.

The SLP general secretary noted that while the Francis brothers have decided to leave the party, their brother, Claudius Francis and their parents, remain staunch supporters of the ruling party.

Claudius was recently elected SLP chairman and also serves as president of the Senate of Saint Lucia.

Meanwhile, Hermangild who is a former deputy Police Commissioner, has been tipped to become the National Security Minister, if the United Workers Party (UWP) is elected to office.

But Peterson, who won the run-off to become the UWP’s candidate for Castries Central, recently stepped aside to allow a former SLP government minister, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, to contest the seat instead.

While Peterson said his decision was personal, others have suggested that Flood-Beaubrun stands a better chance at winning the seat, and as such the party decided to give her the opportunity to contest the seat.


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  1. That Paterson fellow considered to run up, but won't walk around mingle wit ppl. Find the issues communicate wit Castries but sat 2 places if you were to see him. Dealt wit certain individual like the rest to low for him. He had to bk down cause he won't get supporters. Bullshit and you want votes. You hard to bk down. Wouldn't stand a chance wit your sticking so call high level of sophistication.


  2. It is left to be seen, the Francis brothers were not wanted in your SLP party, That SLP party has a history of ignoring their long standing members. By the way can you tell me about people like Thomas Walcott and Winston Springer Sr. They have been brushed aside In team labor once your novelty gone labor quick to move on so don't worry about the Francis brothers.


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