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SLP condemns Government’s withdrawal of annual subvention for National Trust


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Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) strongly condemns the action by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and his Government in withdrawing the annual subvention to the National Trust, for the first time since the Trust was formed in 1975 by the government of the former Prime Minister, Sir John Compton some 42 years ago.

SLP Political Leader, Honourable Philip J. Pierre, has described the move by the Allen Chastanet regime as “vicious, vindictive and reeking of victimization.” According to the SLP leader, “it is clear that the move by Mr. Chastanet as Minister for Finance, is in retaliation to the Saint Lucia National Trust’s principled position on the Dolphin Park at Pigeon Island National Landmark, and the DSH Project and its environmental impacts.”

The Saint Lucia Labour Party wishes to place on record, its support for the National Trust, as the legal entity entrusted with the protection of our environment and patrimony.

The SLP also re-affirms its non-discriminatory policy on governance, and puts Prime Minister Chastanet on notice, that such acts of pettiness and bullying will not be accepted by the Opposition and the people of Saint Lucia.

The SLP also wishes to assure the Saint Lucia National Trust, that we will restore its subvention upon our return to Government.

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  1. 1. I believe SLNT at its core has a vested non partisan interest in preserving our culture, heritage and natural environment.
    2. Opposition is doing their job when they rationally oppose actions that are unreasonable and unwarranted. But I can see how them speaking out now can look...
    3. I think the work of SLNT is for all St.Lucians and that they should continue to receive funding.
    4. I don't think it was a wise move for the Prime Minister to make at this time considering all that's going on with DSH etc. It doesn't show well for his PR and for his support for the core mission and aim of SLNT which in itself is representative of all St.Lucians...

    *** This my 'unbiased' opinion simply observing things from unpartisan standpoint.

  2. I don't stama when I talk lol like Mr.piere

    Slp what happened to the st.judes hospital and the funds you'll put in you'll pockets u ppl are soo not right but money and power hungry ppl it's a shame we can get a man like sir John back or the ministers from his time u men are counterfeit go back in the hole you'll come.from do lucians a favor

  3. Boy Pip I see that your red shirt is turning purple.

  4. Prior to June 6 Nadia, Denia and Calixte were continually on Facebook showing their party allegiance openly. They are well know SLP supporters and they cannot deny that. Even after elections they pushed their political agendas relentlessly They are now leading the charge and are pretending to be objective. People in this country are sick with their political allegiances. People in this country need to wake up and smell the coffee. The country is broke. Criminals run free. There is social disorder all around us. There is no magic cure. Taxing people and business to death to fund unsustainable short term employment is not the answer. Some hard decisions will need to be made. Those living at Cap, Vigie, Marisule, the Morne, Moule a Chique, Bon Terre, Rodney Bay, Marigot, Bois Jolie and Anse Chastenet need to understand the poverty that exists in this country. People defecating in buckets. Children sleeping on the floor. Single mothers unable to feed their children without resorting to prostitution. Parents unable to buy school shoes for their children. People who have never visited Castries far less another country. It is so damn annoying to hear expatriates, St.Lucian's who ran overseas or privileged elite pontificate on development the way they want it.

  5. Kenny's Rabid dog person


  6. 42 yrs and SLNT still depending on government! Awa eee time to cut the damn cord!!

    • The Trust is a Not for profit organisation set up to conserve heritage. It was not set to run as a business! All it's surplus goes into conservation work. In fact the Trust receives donor funds to do several conservation projects. So it's not like the Trust just sitting there waiting on tax payers money, they doing other things too!

      When the Trust was there putting out stuff on radio and news, nobody listening but now people hear politics involved everybody paying attention and they responding to things ill informed. People before you open your mouth and talk garbage do you research and get your facts straight before you talk.

  7. Tell the nation why the SLP stopped funding the Southern Tourism Committee during his last budget.

  8. I would see this as nothing put an SLP public announcement.

    If there are things entrusted to the National Trust, why isnt their revenue generated from these entrusted lands etc...
    E.g Trips to the Maria Islets,, entrance fees to Pigion Island Park etc...
    The government cannot be funding an organisation, and the organisation goes on a rampage AGAINST the government. No matter which party forms the gov't.
    As civil servant one cannot criticize government policy openly, or they can lose their job. Whats the difference here?

    Please let these SUBVENTIONS come to the SCHOOLS instead. Its much needed and will be appreciated.

  9. The management of the trust should resign. No wait! Toolsie should resign from the management of the trust. To have allowed the trust to in any way seem political is to the detriment of the trust. There is truth to the notion that the trust is more vociferous in its opposition to the UWP Regime than it is the Labah kabwit government. How can you let Calixte George Junior be seen as part of the Trust? Doesnt it make sense that you would understand the nature of any battle? Why start off the disagreement with project at pigeon point and DSH like its a bar room brawl with bar room language only to now return to the formality that was needed in the first place? The trust has lost all credibility. And to think that Chas did not do know that his political strength will remain after this move is to not understand how truly powerful he is. For the SLP to stupidly get involved is again stupid in that they do not understand that Chas was making a link between the trust and the SLP in the first place. PIP gassa fire them unstable communications officers yo!


    This thing is beggining to be very childish like behavior.i was in strong campaign for UWP taking gov't..but plz mr.PM stop running our country and lives on your personal agenda and feelings..we are still in support of you inspite what the last gov't did to us..u need to put your acts together and get it right.
    This move is unwarrented and very questionable,afterall the (SLNT) their job is to conserve and pressrve what's left of our natural environment.they may have been highly affliated with the previous gov't but its all in their duty to oppose such projects because it demolishes our likkle environment.
    Im sorry since it's your first experience governing a nation but stop acting like when you were a kid and seeking revenge on your friends and to make matters worse we all know u can be very spoil,having whatever you want even its not logical.
    I would like to know your mission..are you in for the long haul with the interest of st.lucia and lucians or u just here to fulfull your passion and dream and avenge your rivals for 1 five yr term?........politics is very filthy and corrupt.our nation should be as ONE and stop dividing against our own me kenny and goons rejoices when you make foolish even confuse that older shass didnt advice you more on this knowing its highly contradicting.

  11. The true colors are finally out. The finally took the bait and confirm the affiliation of the SLNT.

  12. If the trust has become the mouthpiece of the Opposition by not showing any semblance of neutrality, then the SLP pick up the slack and fund its operations. What has happened? The Jufalli funds have been wiped out already?

    • The SLP has a right to voice their opinion on the matter. But it does not mean that is National Trust that tell them to do it! Nor does it mean that National Trust will not bash them the same way!

      Let's refresh our memories!

  13. "We will restore the subverting upon out rwturn to office". Politics again. So the SLP will be running their mouths for five years non stop. OMG. People never want to accept change and yet they expect things to get better. There are other agencies that the government needs to look into. While On the matter of cutting cost I suggest they look into the vehicles belonging to government. Far too many are on the road all day doing almost nothing. Millions could be saved in that area.

  14. I am seeing alot of Castro-style leadership by this government. Everyone that seemingly opposes them are punished in one way or another. Last time I checked this nation was still democratic and capitalism is still the order of the day.

    • Who instituted 361? Who gave Maduro a red carpet welcome and favoured his dictatorship over the US?
      Who was Castro's bosom buddy? Who gave away our nation's sea bed without the consent of the Governor General? Who harassed the female owner of a TV station? Who conditioned the masses into believing that cutting grass behind the grass was something to aspire to? Who fired the 3 senators because they opposed a dirty deal? Who worked with foreign agents to destroy the banana industry.....from green gold to pig food within 5 years?

      • Didn't Kenny change the constitution of the SLP to allow himself to serve a third term? Didn't Kenny use tax payers money to use that hobbit Dominican Lawyer to silence his critics?

      • And so let Chastanet squander whats left of the country..............!Well massa croking his whip and I want to know when will the pretenders admit their eyes and skin burn. Never seen such a vindictive bully in my entire life. His problem is simple: he believes he is too important. The is wicked and evil. He must go!

    • I don't stama when I talk lol like Mr.piere

      Dude do u even know wat it is when a country is communist u couldn't even say anything online nor have internet u retard


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