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SLP condemns action taken by Speaker of the House


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House Speaker Leonne Theodore-John

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) strongly condemns the action of the Speaker of the House of Assembly to remove the Motion on the Order Paper of the Sitting of the House of Assembly to debate the changes made by the Prime Minister to the CIP Regulations.

The SLP contends that the action of the Speaker, which she said was on the request of the Prime Minister, was illegal and an abuse of power.

The removal of the Motion for debate was followed by the Prime Minister presenting a Minister’s Statement on the CIP. This Statement is not what is required by the CIP Act which clearly states what information must be presented to the Parliament and people of Saint Lucia accompanied by an Auditor’s Report of the finances earned by the Programme.

This course of action surely raises a question as to what does the Prime Minister seek to hide in the operations of the CIP.  There must be something wrong about why the Prime Minister would not want a debate nor submit a formal report – required by law – to the Parliament.

The SLP continues to express its deepest concern with the actions of the Allen Chastanet Administration, which actions serves to weaken the reputation of the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP). Under our SLP Government, the Programme was introduced with the objective to create a well-regarded, well-regulated and prized Programme which respects the values of the St Lucian people and their citizenship rights. Sadly, this vision has been compromised by the actions of the current Administration.

Specific safety mechanisms, including the annual cap of 500 applicants and the requirement to show proof of minimum $3 million net worth, which were specifically created to protect the programme, have been removed. The Labour Party believes that these changes, along with the cheapening of the level of donation as a qualifying investment and the guarantee of processing all Desert Star Holdings (DSH) applicants within 35 days should all be reconsidered for the sake of the reputation of Saint Lucia.

The SLP and other concerned parties are not in agreement with these changes, as these changes will undoubtedly undermine the national security safeguards which were embedded in the setting up of the CIP. The Labour Party believes that the CIP should be presented as a premium, selective and highly valued option and not sold as the lowest option available to any and everybody. The refusal of the Prime Minister and the Speaker to allow a debate or to present a Report as required by law to Parliament forces the Saint Lucia Labour Party to take a strong stand against the present management of the Saint Lucia CIP. 

Without any hesitation, when the Labour Party resumes office, we will reinstate the net worth requirement and will undertake another due diligence assessment on each and every application granted under the UWP, with our promise to revoke any passports of applicants, who do not meet the $3million net worth requirement or does not meet the strict due diligence requirements which Saint Lucians expect.  Applicants applying for citizenship in St Lucia should be warned that when the SLP is returned to office, we will also demand that all citizens who did not donate the full contribution amount of USD 200,000, will be compelled to top up the contribution that they made at the time of becoming citizens.

 For the sanctity of our citizenship, we do not tolerate any applicants who do not meet the first-class standard that we expect from individuals seeking citizenship in St Lucia.


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  1. The funny thing is that except for their useless press releases, the world will not remember the SLP.


  2. I can say the same with foster "since when that's your roll".Remember the unnecessary debate he had with guy showing his true colour I didn't hear anything from slp then why now just keeps your mouths shut bunch of hypocrites. That's where you all have to stay in opposition and back like hungry dogs.


  3. concerned foreign citizen

    Very childish. I guess this is the reason most children behave this way.


  4. Tell it as it is

    Labour walked out. Don't let them in again. Keep them out. They know where they belong. Out of parliament. Most Lucian's are quite happy that labour is out. Please don't return to the house. Walking out was the most sensible thing that you did. Do us a favour and never return.


  5. Leon eh ready yet. Grace pppl embarassed.


  6. People wouldn't like me as speaker, because I would have placed a name tag of each parliamentarian on a chair in the chamber. As soon as you walk out your seat would be taken out. You would probably have to seat on the floor for the next session you decide to make a come back. What is the message to young people who fail to get their point across or fail at accomplishing something? Walk out on the problem or give up when the odds are staked against you?


  7. The SLP in their current state: I don't mind them walking out everyday. The former PM has already walked out on the party and his Constituents, so whats the issue?


  8. I see nothing wrong in the discussion, Infact if i were the PM, i would welcome it! The purpose of the leader of a country is to move the country forward using his vision whilst taking advice and accepting criticism. This is the only way in which we can develop. A discussion doesnt mean you have to accept what the other side/person involved in discussion says. You simply listen and adjust your plan accordingly to what makes sense in a diplomatic way.


  9. De circus on now free admission...............


  10. The worse thing the UWP could have done was to appoint this female as Speaker of the House for St.Lucia...not good at all...as a para legal worse decision ever!!


  11. Clearly this woman doesn't even know what she is about she is as dumb as chastnet and his whole cabinet


  12. That speaker is worthless!!!!


  13. I am in charge now and will do whatever i want and feel like. On the other hand I cant risk that speaker position ..aa u want the PM to sac me....
    well well well sad state of affairs back home in St. Lucia


  14. wah, wah, wah cry baby cry. almost two thirds of the country doesn't care what you think slp


  15. SLP/Hilaire really want to discuss CIP now, SLP introduced CIP and Hilaire told Timothy Polen on News Spin he did not know if Jufali had a St.lucian passport. when he was asked if Jufali had a St.lucian passport he was answering like he had a hot potato in his mouth. By the way where is the Diabetic Reserch Center?


    • Case and point how much did jufali paid for those passport that he had, Hilaire just power hungry sorry for pip.


  16. It appears that even in opposition after being soundly defeated in the last elections, the SLP is still under the illusion that it is still the government of St Lucia ( even with a reduce minority in the House of A)-
    when will that shate come to an end . Why does it always have to be what the minority St Lucia Laobur Party wants and not what the majority of more than 10,000 more of what the SLP received as votes would like to see.

    Why cant they accept that the country voted for a change in direction and not to continue the Kenny Anthony's policy which is what Pip is doing??


  17. Why Kenny and his idiots eh behave themselves


  18. Please tell us how Jufallie got a diplomatic passport. How much did he pay? Where is that money? Did anyone's get kickbacks from it? Why is Ernest Hilarious still taking mumu tablets on this matter?

    Let's take all of that in strides and I'm coming for Chastanet next.

    Answer that SLP and come back to me so we can ask UWP questions after.


    • I wish slp would read this before bleating up a storm. Why can't they answer these questions to this day. No one would have even known about jufali appointment of it wasn't in the UK newspaper. But instead they take the trump approach and try to deflect everything instead of answering these questions. These VERY pertinent questions


  19. Enough of this repetition. We are tired of it. You walk-off so be it. Things will always run without you all. Thinking of it, I prefer you all out.


  20. IT WAS NOT ILLEGAL, SLP IGNORAMUSES. The leader of government business in the Chamber can change the order of presentation of any matter during the session. Bookies never learn.


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