SLP concerned about $15.9M contract awarded for work in PM’s constituency

SLP concerned about $15.9M contract awarded for work in PM’s constituency

Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre said the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is “very concerned” with the recent “direct award contract” to Fresh Start Construction Company Ltd. to rehabilitate six kilometers of road in the Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s constituency of Micoud South.

Speaking at a press conference today, August 15, Pierre, who is also the SLP’s political leader, alleged that the contract was awarded without bidding internally or externally for $15.9 million.

He said the contractor has described the facility as design/build/finance road rehabilitation loan and has agreed to finance the full extent of the works. The repayment term is four years at an interest rate of 6.5 per cent per annum based on an initial outflow of $15.9 million, Pierre said.

“Unmistakably, the facility made to the Government of Saint Lucia by the company is a loan. As such the approval of the Parliament of Saint Lucia is required for this loan pursuant to Section 39 and 41 of the Finance (Administration) Act 15.01. We therefore await this matter to be laid before the house for full discussion and disclosure,” Pierre stated.

The former government minister noted that the UWP government has “departed from the practice of the former Saint Lucia Labour Party government to bring design/finance/build facilities to Parliament for approval since all such facilities were treated as ‘loans'”.

He said apart from the need to obey the law, the practice of parliamentary approval allows for scrutiny and transparency of the terms of such contracts.

“The Saint Lucia Labour Party is calling on the government to honour the law and obtain parliamentary approval for the Micoud South Road Rehabilitation Project at the next sitting of Parliament,” Pierre added.


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  1. Ok PIP What about explain and full disclosure of direct awards to IDC, Irwin Gajadhar and CIE the PM cousin who did Fond Coolie Bridge,the direct purchases for consultancy to your friend Darius for $15,000 monthly to do work ministry's staff were already doing. Also consultancy in Entrepot, again direct purchase to a aman who had zero engineering work of note supervised. Man this design finance, build I find is nonsense and a rip off but I must say the residents of the communities NEEDED this rehab job and are not complaining. You did even see it fit to rehabilitate Marchand Main Road. So zip it. Take a rest and gv a younger man a chance.


  2. Pip you know throughout the Caribbean every nation knows about the favouritism that SLP displays while in power. Some foreign officials even tell their family come here cuz SLP will pay them and they don't have to actually complete the job. So maybe start to explain that before you start asking questions


  3. This is just hot air being blown. I have seen for the past two decades both political parties doing the same. We need to stop this and concentrate on moving Saint Lucia forward. We keep on eating away the very foundation of Saint Lucia that our parents worked tirelessly for. In all good faith there should be an body independent of both political parties investigating and ensuring that decisions made are in the best interest of "THE ST. LUCIAN PEOPLE". It is heartbreaking to see over 3 decades of more so called educated St. Lucians get into politics the same selfish mistakes are being made. Have we ever sat an ask ourselves as politicians are we a good example of a politician that young person would aspire to become.

    From THE IRON FIST to A PASSIVE LEADER to A POWER HUNGRY LEADER to now A LEADER WHO "KNOWS" BUSINESS and not governance of a country. smh

    It is sad to see the regression of a country with so much potential.

    Where do we go from here. Trying to catch butterflies when we can't even catch a crawling ant.

    "Hotels breed workers and not entrepreneurs" We need to invest in our people and make our country self-sufficient..Get investors that will develop 100 acres of farm land that will produce a product on the trade market that we can be proud of.


    • Agro-industrial developments come mainly from within. Foreign investors are mainly interested in having field or farm hands. Nothing more. We need a lot of "Made in Saint Lucia" entrepreneurs. But, we need a radically different type of education system to ever begin to get there. Engineering must be made a very high component of education. Bite the bullet. Pay the cost of training. Today, we are producing a great many CXC graduates, but largely good enough to become low-wage clerks. Are we mad? Why are there so many mad politicians? Just too many in the population never rise above being just CXC graduates with credentials that can never get recognised overseas. It is better to suffer some brain drain, than to have, on the other hand, few brains at all to drain.


  4. It amazes me. Pierre is actually just in robot mode. Accusing the government of ills his party perfected and became masters of. Pip at least come up with something new, something original. You are becoming as predictable as the sun's rise in the morning.


    • Curious, I an curious as to why you are so off message. It makes one curious as to why you did not address the issue, Curious. Guess that curiosity will not get answered.


  5. hahaha, the slp calling out someone else for favoritism with contracts. they are by far the most hypocritical party in the Caribbean. of course, any contracts the slp gave to their friends were never completed.


    • Luciaboy, address the current issue. Raise your head from the past. Wrong does not become right. But do not worry, you will understand that when you grow up to be a luciaman.


      • open your eyes and listen with your ears blind and deaf man. the issue is the slp actually accusing another party of the same acts they perfected during their tenure. the issue is you trying to pretend none of that happened. the issue is the slp actually proving anything is wrong. maybe you will grow up to realize your party is a bunch of corrupt liars. only then will you be a wise man grasshopper


  6. Is that the same man who said that he would establish an office of a Contractor General? Well he who comes to justice must come with clean hands. Repeat that "wolf, wolf" statement again Pip...........See, no one is listening.


      • yes, it is rubbish when they still have not answered where the millions that were spent during their term and nothing to show for it.


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