SLP complains to police commissioner over UWP letter to newspaper

By Gideon Aurelien

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(SNO) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has written to Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry lodging concerns about statements made by general secretary of the ruling United Workers Party, Oswald Augustin.

Those statements, published in last weekend’s issue of The VOICE newspaper, have the SLP wanting to know how it is possible for Augustin to be in possession of what he stated in his letter.

According to the Labour Party’s chairman Moses Jn Baptiste, those statements by Augustin suggest that the UWP general secretary is in possession of information which should only be in the custody of the police. The SLP also wants to know whether Augustin has the authority to publicize such information.

Of concern to the SLP are two paragraphs in Augustine’s letter to the newspaper which reads: “Law enforcement agencies on island have successfully collected information which is likely to bring the offenders to justice.”

And the other: “A top Israeli investigative officer presently on island on other related issues is expected to assist law enforcement officers in curtailing such breeches of protocol, including the ongoing leakages which remain of great concern to the security of the state.”

“How does Mr. Augustin get possession of information that law enforcement officers have successfully collected and yet to act on, and why does he feel empowered to make such a revelation?” Jn Baptiste asks of the police commissioner.

The rest of the SLP letter to Moncherry goes like this: “We view Mr. Augustin’s statements as a suggestion that in his attempts at getting after political opponents, he has the benefit of access to the machinery and operation of the police in Saint Lucia.”

“Such statements by a senior member of the ruling United Workers Party are ominous and should be a source of grave concern to the citizens of our country. As you would appreciate, Commissioner, citizens are expected to trust that the actions of our police are above board and are not exercised on the whims and fancies of political operatives like Mr. Augustin. Any indication to the contrary can lead to a loss of confidence in the police and its operations.

“We trust that you will use the authority of your office to properly investigate the basis for such bold announcements by the General Secretary of the UWP. Further, that you will help calm anxieties that such action may cause to the citizens who rely on the impartiality of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force by making a public announcement on the matter.”

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  1. When shared/leaked information benefits them there is no condemnation, once it threatens them they all over trying to demonize it. Why didn't they condemn the leaking of documents and making of these pronouncements from day one. I find it very ironic that the SLP, who are masters of sharing leaked documents are complaining that the GS of the UWP is leaking information about an official investigation into leaking of official documents. SMFH Lucians wake up and stop following these ppl blindly, when they make these statements.

  2. I honestly don't get what the SLP is saying. Firstly, what the police knows -anybody else can know. There is no law against that. You can ask them and if they feel that it does not affect national security then they can disclose. Sometimes the police even inform deliberately to get a reaction.

    Next issue, the SLP said that Augustin disclosed that “A top Israeli investigative officer presently on island on other related issues is expected to assist law enforcement officers in curtailing such breeches of protocol, including the ongoing leakages which remain of great concern to the security of the state.”

    How could the SLP take that to mean that Mr. Augustin got "possession of information that law enforcement officers have successfully collected?"

    I just have to question why the SLP is so engaged in micro opposition? Mr. Claudius Francis, during their term in office was aware and made pronouncements on many issues of national security and the police as party chairman. Why didn't the SLP ever saw that as an act of divergence of information on national security?

    Besides that, where are the information laws which would create an offense for someone who is not by reason of employment divulging sensitive information? In fact, one can question further about what exactly is the nature of the information. Does information that investigators are here to probe a certain activity amount to sensitive or restricted information? I am guessing that the investigators finding would be what is essentially sensitive not the fact that they are here. If we refer to the IMPACS report, on the other hand it was circulated among Cabinet members. Would evidence in a criminal matter have to be reviewed by Cabinet before it reaches the desk of the DPP? In fact the former PM did make an alarming public pronouncement that the report had to be edited by Cabinet before it could be released.

    This stupid strategy of "jumping the gun" in order to cause mischief would only cause a dog to step on its own testicles in anticipation of a bone being thrown. In other words trying to calculate or manipulate situations will only make you look stupid and cause you to say stupid things, something the SLP is notorious for. We all remember the IMPACS investigation where it was predicted by the then PM Dr. Anthony that crime scenes were staged and businessmen and politicians were implicated. It is this same "chatter mouth" prediction which has contaminated and prejudiced the issue and rendered it unable to be resolved. So you are at it again!

    This is typical "Banana Republic" styled politics.

  3. Moses! Give our schoolmate Mr. Moncherry a break...He is qualified to be a Commissioner more than many of your ministers in the past were as ministers and many of the present crop....When some of you get "promoted" your all forget you are human. ...Your party destroy Mr. Francois a fellow VFSSS boy..

  4. Anyone with nothing to hide has no fear of investigations.

    Yo pere.


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