SLP commends disaster management efforts

SLP commends disaster management efforts

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has commended the effort of all who played a part in restoring the country following the destruction by the recent trough.

A press release from the SLP extended special words of gratitude to organizations such as the St. Lucia Red Cross and the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO). Religious groups and ordinary citizens were also greatly applauded.

The party said it regrettably mourns for those who lost their lives during the ordeal.

“We recognize the invaluable service of SPC Calvin Stanley Louis who died as hero serving the country and people whom he loved. May he rest in peace,” it added.

The SLP additionally complimented the work of the government “for the level of efficiency in which the disaster is being managed.”

“We are indeed proud of the maturity and level of professionalism displayed. The quick restoration of two of the major bridges destroyed in Canaries and Piaye, is particularly commendable,” the SLP said in the release.

Water company WASCO and the St. Lucia electricity services were also thanked for their ongoing efforts in restoring the water and electricity supplies.

“Further we extend sincere gratitude on behalf of the people of St. Lucia to persons overseas who have contributed in one way or another. We appreciate the countries who have pledged their support,” the SLP said.

“The SLP believes that natural disasters are inevitable. However the manner and level of integrity in which those disasters are managed defines true leadership and true patriotism,” the party said.


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  1. you do know jadia is the press secretary to the prime minister and not the saint lucia labour party right, I'm sure you knew that, the saint lucia labour party has a p.r.o I'm not quiet sure of her name though lol but that shows the average Lucian cannot distinguish party from government ...........


  2. I am happy for the fast respond of the people and government. Nohting can be perfect,but we still have everything what we need again.



    STOP YOUR PARTISAN POSTURING. There is a difference between the government and the party. Why can't you understand that you simpleton.


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