SLP calls on Prime Minister to obey the law

PM Chastanet

PM Chastanet

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party is calling on Prime Minister Chastanet to point out where in the Standing Orders of the House of Assembly or in the Constitution of Saint Lucia or any reference book on Parliamentary practice can the Prime Minister instruct the Speaker to remove a procedurally correct motion laid by another member from the Order Paper on the day when it was slated to be debated, without consultation with the member who proposed the motion.

Saint Lucia is governed by laws not the rantings and whims of an arrogant Prime Minister. The SLP will always be guided by the law and is never afraid to challenge anyone who transgresses the law.

The Prime Minister must not treat the people of Saint Lucia as his servants but must at all times observe the law.

No threats, intimidation, acts of vindictiveness or victimization will ever frighten the SLP to abdicate its duty to the people of Saint Lucia and not stand for law justice and democracy.

The SLP warns the Prime Minister that it reserves the right to take the required and necessary action to stop him from breaking the law and stands by its parliamentarians in their justifiable and legal action by walking out of Parliament on Tuesday 4th April 2017.

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  1. So what I'm getting here is this: it was the Labour Party's God-given right to bypass constitution and standard parliamentary procedure on numerous occasions while in government, but now that they're sitting on the other side of the table it has suddenly dawned upon them that it's criminal and unlawful to conduct proceedings in this way? Talk about pot calling kettle black...these St.Lucian politicians are just clueless and full of shit! It seems the only time either party cares about the plight of Lucians and "lawful parliamentary procedure" is while they're in opposition. It's time that we as St. Lucians realize that both of these political parties keep taking us for a ride and do things with the intent of satisfying only themselves. Neither Pip and his crew nor Chastanet and his crew truly care about making a difference in our lives, and that is the sad reality.

    • It's persons like yourself that perpetuate the vicious cycle of political gossip whilst citing no factual evidence, continue to pervert the democratic process. Objectively, Allen Chastenet has succeeded in bringing about unconventional change, most of which are procedurally incorrect and bordering on illegality in most cases. Never has public opinion been so rife as to contradict an administration's policies as evidenced by the multiplicity of signed petitions on a list of grievances... go fool who can be fooled, the 11 likes under your comment simply proves fools are in the majority, SAD!

      • lol...the signed petitions are strictly by labour party supporters. The people who voted Chastanet in give two table spoons about petitions. People are hungry and they want jobs. The only public opinion that matters is at the ballot box. By the looks of it there is no way you win an election within the next 30 years. The labour leader who has emerged is clearly not an alpha male and may not even survive the infighting that Chastanet obviously knows about. The choice for an overthrow of the current SLP leader is not good either. Fake alpha males with deep female voices do not a leader of a party make. Neither is the secessionist from laborie, a constituency devoid of any improvements over the last...well never! So what you have is a bunch of people like yourself who neither understand power or politics, thinking that a petition by calixte George Jr or Christopher Hunte will get you back into power. The Audis purchased through the 100 million invested by Kenny need to be repossessed before this petition works. If you can tell us the salaries under the last administration of these petition starters then I think Chas and company should resign....apart from that...await the 4 year blockbuster budget, unprecedented construction boom, unprecedented investment and general positive movement on the island. Compton got that same hate and you still had to eventually bow down to something greater than yourself...fall back!

      • I guess your expansive use of the English vocabulary has fooled you into believing your opinion is the only one that counts...another one of our educated idiots I presume. Had you read and understood the entire post, you would realize that I'm supporting neither one of these parties. But then again you sound like a Labour party hack whose arrogance and blind faith in Kenny & Co. knows no bounds. You're the one who should be objective and admit that both political parties have taken us for a ride and have been doing quite a bit of their business unlawfully!

  2. Sweet St Lucia is finish under chasnet and company,yall people who support the crap is because yall are just as damn

  3. Why are these labour rats sorry labourers such spur losers

  4. LOL so many hate comments for SLP....Chastanet, I hope u appreciate how ur slaves defending u eh!

  5. When will the PAPISHOW and STUPIDITY stop in St. Lucia. Always some shate between two incompetent political parties which lack what it takes to move this country forward.

  6. SLP, like Donald Trump is taking our world backwards. They offer nothing good for this country. Start getting used to staying in the political wilderness for a very long time.

    Sorry that your loans are not going to get paid just yet. Perhaps you might want to call on the Russians for help, SLP.

    They are reentering Nicaragua.

  7. Everyone should be held accountable for his/her actions under the law, No man is an island. Impeach if needs be.

  8. Will there ever be a press release by the SLP acknowledging something good that was or is being done by anyone or a release bringing to light something good that they are currently doing for the country and people of Saint Lucia whilst in opposition (community projects for example)? If there ever has been, it was certainly a rare event.
    Every day something is posted they're against something or saddened, disgruntled, disturbed, appalled, flabbergasted etc. about's past getting old.

    • What shate you writing there. Do you listen to news items. A little money you must have gotten that barely lasted you a day, making you talk such utter nonsense. You must be living in some other world.

      • so it's utter nonsense to want to see something positive once in a blue from the opposition? u must be the one living in some other world

    • Give me an example of something we can ALL cheer about.

      • Ask the people from Barre Saint Joseph and Ciceron. They will tell you Hilaire does all the time. If you don't know don't talk. Why is every one upset with SLP. They are doing what opposition is supposed to do.

      • "The Pearl of the Caribbean" in a forgotten Vieux Fort. Hooray!

  9. Why didn't you all tell Kenny that he was breaking the law when he signed a document for greensberg, the governor general was the only one permitted to sign? Have you all ask Kenny about Rochamel and Frenwell, especially Frenwell? Why are you all continuing to undermine St Lucians?

  10. now SLP you'll can do whatever you'll want, you'll cannot stop nothing, from going on in st.lucia, by the RULLING UWP,, PHILLIP you can never be the priminister of st.lucia, now you and your SLP monkey's cannot and will not at no time form government of st.lucia again,, no SLP anymore, thats why you'll fighting and trying hard to fustrate the rulling UWP,, BUT MAJEE YOU'LL DOING.

    • Black police

      Stop talking bull. What do you know about politics. Go and get some education before you start to write such crap. Your name alone speaks for itself.

  11. what's wrong with these SLP monkey's? what law the priminister have to obey, SLP fools,, the law priminister have to put right now, sence the SLP MONKEY'S walk out of parlament, that they should never walk in parlament never again, to debat anything, you'll party loose stay out and leason to the UWP voices on a speaker outside parlament,, thats the law that should be in place,, day-bann slp macack.

  12. Have u seen his skin color? That's where the arrogance stems from.

    • Then Kenny is also arrogant.

    • Have you seen your attitude, Francine? That's why you'll always be bitter, hide behind race, and be blaming everyone else for your self-made unhappiness and the fact that you made nothing of your life. Perhaps visit church find Buddha, find Allah, or find God (if you can get over that Jesus was white), find something to help conquer your inner demons, or join a self-help group.
      All the best with that.
      God Bless.

  13. Things can get ugly sounds like a reel boxing match but looks like Mohamad Ali got this round! toeek!

  14. By the same token, wise ones, tell chapter and verse, where in the law does it say, that it cannot be removed.

    First principles for all our novices. Everybody knows that wherever the law is silent on an issue, it means that the action is permissible. Amen.

  15. majee SLP puts out as usual.


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