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SLP calls for transparency in public assistance grant review


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Lenard Montoute. Minister responsible for the Ministries of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party notes in a Press Release dated Monday March 6th 2017, the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment informed the public that a review of all public assistance/disability grants will take place.

Considering recent statements by the Minister responsible for the Ministries of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Hon Lenard Montoute on Wednesday March 1st 2017 on the review of the NICE Program where he declared that “Over 90% of the employees in the NICE Program are Labour Party supporters…” hence there would be “no political fallout,” the SLP hopes that the fate of the unfortunate citizens receiving public assistance will not be the same as the NICE workers.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on the government to be fully transparent in the review and resist the temptation of political interference in the execution of the review.

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  1. What a mess this labour party has become. No wonder Kenny has not given up his seat and sailed into the sunset on a 60 foot sailboat big enough to sell out a St. Lucia's seabed. Kenny is definitely coming back...poor PJP!

  2. blah,blah, blah. the slp should practice what they preach. they never let the country know what was going on for any issue. I am surprised they know how to pronounce transparency. they really are the most hypocritical political party in st. lucia history.

  3. Get out of here...Sharon Terrell

    • no slp, you get out of here. the nation has spoken but the slp continues not to listen. just like when it was in power


    Its almost like the labour party have nothing to do, except make press releases instead of taking a much needed 4 years of out office to reflect on their poor governance and watch the UWP do what labour could never do and run a country properly. All of that politicking got you people nowhere. All that party infrastructure and long term office holding tactics got you nowhere. All that propaganda got you and will get you nowhere. Painting people black instead of coming up with viable policy prescriptions will get you nowhere. stop releasing public announcements, stop speechifying, stop that ridiculous midday talk show from that once talented, but now useless hack. When you cant go to new york every labour day on the country's have useless talk shows, with no one but the hacks watching. The chas has yalls by the balls. there is nothing you can do but watch work get done. Next stop....New airport. Yo pere maing!

  5. SLP ran the most opaque government ever, in recent history. Obfuscation was their hallmark. Yet, they are quite busy asking for transparency from government today. Are these people in the rank of file of that party need walkers for their brains? Are they perhaps going senile? Or, are they deliberately and shamelessly simply practicing politics as a parliamentary opposition, which is opposition for opposition sake?

    Tell us. What about Frenwell? No word on that stupid deal was in the public domain until it came to light that $48 million had been lost and squandered in trying to secure 600 low-paying maid jobs a hotel. Now bear with me.

    Those us who know something about human resource management know fully well that no company in the private sector remains in business spending with a metric for job acquisition cost $80,000 (eighty thousand dollars) per employee. This is unheard of, it falls immediately into bankruptcy.

    Obviously, such complete foolishness and spending only appeals to pinheads serving an idle government.

    What about the Black Bay Lands fiasco? We the public did not hear of that until we learnt that another $86 million dollars had been frittered away in tying our patrimony in the form of the land holdings, which we forfeited because SLP did not understand how to frame a business contract.

    Another $86 million had to be paid out to repurchase what was a piece of land, without any kind of encumbrance at all. The total loss to the country dollar-wise was $172 million dollars. That is what you get when you put children to do the work that only responsible mature big men should ever get involved with, in the first place. There is a huge difference between grown men and grown-up little children. They transition from diapers into depends kind of quickly.

    What about Grynberg? That was the most secretive and delusional of them all. Usurping the powers in the constitution, the party went into a secretive agreement with a known character paying out $150 million and again selling out our birthright. This time, the seabed. To add insult to injury, the taxpayers of this country are burdened with heavy taxes way into the future with that mistake, facing perhaps an additional $500 million in fines to a Dispute Tribunal.

    We see and hear the despair in the eyes on those children abused at home and taking to drinking alcohol and smoking as coping mechanisms. Old and young are feeling the crunch. Some are hanging themselves and drinking gramoxone.

    Take out your cheap calculator, you cell phone, or write those on the back of your paperbag. Now add up these figures. You have $48 million, $172 million, $150 million plus $500 million plus additional legal fees, and see what you get.

    That you have there my friends is the cost to us, to our children, and to our grandchildren government by the ignoramuses, for the ignoramus and of the ignoramus. Do not ignore any of this. We are not off the pain yet. All this money now still has to be paid back from the meagre earnings we get from tourism. The farmers are still planting bananas waiting to hear that the Geest Line is returning to transport produce to England. They are still dreaming.

    whist this idle dream is taking place, there is no wiggle-room to spend money on useful development projects. Meanwhile, we and our grand children are taxed and beaten down into poverty to service all this foolish debt from that characterized the era of the SLP as faux, and spendthrift government.

    Clearly we got mostly foolishness from the SLP. No transparency. Not transparency. But now, watch them bleating and baying about transparency? Shameless!

    • All well chronicled, but the actors in these great scenes of unbridled ineptitude are all still around. The titular former prime minister with titular tits is still in the wings awaiting the failure of his party to come up with alternative replacements apart from the floundering PJP and the almost unelectable Ernest Hilllaire. PJP is haunted by the ghosts of the acts of the apostles of Kenny. While these blunders were taking place, he either did not know or was not consulted which may be the same thing, but which still leads to the fact that he was never seen as an equal or replacement to Kenny D. Ernest, Kenny's perceived sidekick knew everything, and that says it all. What we have is an opposition party with so many communication specialists operating both near and far, that they are tripping over each other to find the proper messaging. The next election will not be a message election like the last two. The next election will once again be about performance. Chas Knows this and would prefer to perform and let the people judge or just hand it over to the half-pierre-half-hillaire-cyborg which labour will have to put together considering the intraparty squabbles already coming to the fore....bubbling to the surface...bubble them ah bubble.

      There is therefore no real interest in the Assistant grants, or in the Nice programme or step for that matter. There is no interest in St. Lucia either. The interest is solely in the realm of political tactics aimed at getting a party back in power, without the slightest awareness of that the continuation of the development of St. Lucia is paramount. Seriously, the 2011 election proved that the day after the election, the burden of running a country was the last thing on the victor's mind. The promise of injecting 100 million dollars into the economy and having a certain former visaless minister arrested and sent to Guantanamo fizzled with the realization that it was playtime again. The usual characters returned from their CARICOM exiled countries. The ambassadors extraordinaire bounced to the new post giving riddim, and the SLAPS corral hailed their masters. It was time to unleash the full power of labour. To shell out 11 million dollar bridges and to allow for contractors to keep flying to Vieux Fort in helicopters. It was time let a hospital remain in a stadium. It was time to name a new hospital not yet finished building in the name of a doctor no one in the real St. Lucia seems to know.

      The fact is that all these calls are feeble attempts...I mean bold attempts at the labour party having a public confession. The things they accuse are the things they hold guilt about. This is a form of political assault commonly used by the untalented. Lets accuse our rivals of exactly what we did, so that the least they may reply is that we did it too. Brilliant! But it wont work. The 30 year ice-age is about to begin. The loss of the two Vieux Fort Seats is taking place with every move towards the eventual completion of DSH project. That Dennery seat is also coming home. Hillaire is petrified, and so is Pierre. The republic of labourie can remain annexed.

  6. SLP calls ...SLP calls.....always calling for we dont realise that all they are doing is trying hard to stay relevant till the next election...???

  7. Hope those truly in need gets the help. I've seen people who doesn't need the help goes for it and receive it. Some people have assistance from family over seas and still take assistance for the poor.

  8. Minister Montoute is not one to blatantly show political bias in this matter. I will not say this in the case of some other Ministers, but I can vouch for Spider. So let not your heart be troubled.

    • Yet right? This sucker does not show bias? What can you vouch for? You can't. We all know him to be divious and what he shows in public isn't what he really means. The truth about him just happen to pop out this time.


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