SLP calls for results of gov’t investigations

SLP calls for results of gov’t investigations

(PRESS RELEASE) – Members of the press, you may recall that in January this year the United Workers Party in a press release called on me to carry out certain investigations.

The United Workers Party is well aware that I am in no position to investigate issues for which the Prime Minister has publicly declared in and out of Parliament that he is investigating. I await the outcome of these investigations. Meanwhile we are requesting that the Prime Minister reveal to the public the results of the following investigations that he promised the public that the government of the UWP would conduct.

1. The Hewanorra Airport Scandal where it was revealed that several of his ministers were involved in interfering with the bidding and selection process by making hundreds of phone calls between them and the selected contractor

2. The public announcement by a former Cabinet Minister in the UWP government that he had been offered bribes by a sitting cabinet minister in exchange for his support for a preferred contractor in the Hewanorra Airport Development Project.

3. The allegation by a former minister Dr Ubaldus Raymond that members of cabinet were involved in criminal behavior

4. The Pajorah letter where a letter in which appears the signature of a sitting member of his cabinet commits the taxpayers of Saint Lucia to millions of dollars of debt.

5. The accusation that a member of his Cabinet has significant knowledge of a “kidnapping”.

6. The public obscene outburst and threatening actions of a member of his cabinet at a restaurant.

7. The revelation by a member of his cabinet in the presence of the Prime Minister that individuals in high places were involved in murder for hire.

8. The verifiable reasons for the demolition of the two buildings on the St. Jude Hospital Complex.

9. The role of the Chairman of the National Housing Corporation or his business entities in the construction work now being undertaken at St. Jude.

10. The allegation of mis-management and improper use of funds by the workers and their union representative at the National Housing Corporation.

11. The reasons surrounding the resignation, dismissal or absence of Mr Timothy Mangal as Chairman of the National Housing Corporation.

You will agree that these matters individually and collectively are of grave concern to the people of Saint Lucia and I will formally write the Prime Minister to inquire on the status of these investigations and allegations. Let us hope that we do not get the usual response of promising to investigate and then nothing happens.

But the reality is that we all know that nothing will happen. There may be the talk of an investigation, but we all know that this talk is absolutely shallow and a sham. That I can safely say without hesitation because that has been what we’ve been told in the past.

On taking office after the next election one of the first of many issues the Saint Lucia Labour Party will tackle is enact legislation to stamp out corruption in public office. No longer will political office be a means to become rich at the expense of our people. Corruption is the cancer that eats away at our progress as a nation and as a people. When we allow corruption to flourish it makes us a people all the more poorer. This is my promise and I will get it done.


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