SLP: Cabot Saint Lucia donation “a slap in the face”

SLP: Cabot Saint Lucia donation “a slap in the face”

Cabot Fiasco led by the Government of Saint Lucia

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is alarmed to learn via a report in the local media that Hon. Dominic Fedee, on behalf of the Government of Saint Lucia, has accepted a donation of EC$10,000.00 from Cabot St. Lucia, a Canadian owned company.

This donation, said to be towards education, comes in the midst of a national outcry of dissatisfaction because the United Workers Party administration facilitated an unprecedented loan of an alarming EC$30 million from the National Insurance Corporation (NIC) to Cabot to purchase land at Cap Estate for a Golf Course project.

Public dissatisfaction has been further fuelled by the 75-year lease to Cabot of the Queen’s Chain adjoining the property against the wishes of the people of Saint Lucia.

This donation of EC$10,000.00, merely 0.33% of the hard-earned money of the tax-payers loaned to this foreign company, is therefore very questionable. The Saint Lucia Labour Party considers this donation disingenuous and a slap in the face of the people of Saint Lucia.

Even after hundreds of Saint Lucians loudly protested the Cabot fiasco at Cas en Bas, we cannot fathom the audacity of Hon. Dominic Fedee and the Government of Saint Lucia, to shamelessly attempt to legitimize this agonizing injustice against the nation. What is further saddening is that the Government of Saint Lucia could blatantly attempt to use political chicanery with an insincere deed of “goodwill” to disguise this national travesty and attempt to assuage the discontent of Saint Lucians.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party welcomes and appreciates donations from our social partners and allies both in the corporate and global community. However, it is distasteful of any government to accept donations at the expense of our country’s patrimony, dignity, and integrity.

Our Party has previously stated for the record, but if for any reason there may be doubt, we wish to unequivocally state, the Saint Lucia Labour Party government shall ensure that the interest of foreign companies will never precede the wishes of the citizens of Saint Lucia. Furthermore, the relationship between Government and foreign investors will be transparent and unquestionable.


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