SLP believes more time needed before corporal punishment abolition

SLP believes more time needed before corporal punishment abolition
Pierre (file photo)

(SNO) — Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Philip J. Pierre has said his party is not against the abolition of corporal punishment in school but believes more time is needed to achieve it.

He also believes that the government should have engaged all stakeholders on the matter before making a decision.

“What the commission should have done, before they made the pronouncement, they should have floated the idea, let discussions happen through the PTAs, through the principal association, through the teachers union and then come to a conclusion,” he said at a press conference.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, said it has suspended and eventually abolished corporal punishment in schools in keeping with the many international conventions of which the island is a signatory.

Chief Education Officer, Ruffina Charles, said that while the Education Act had no stated policy for the abolition of corporal punishment it did contain structures that stipulated how corporal punishment should be administered.

Pierre pointed out that the SLP is not against abolishing corporal punishment but thinks that teachers should be given more time to adjust to other forms of discipline.

“If you notice, none of my colleagues has stated we are against abolition or for,” he stated. “We haven’t said so … what we are saying is the process.”

The idea has already been criticized by the National Principals’ Association (NPA) and the St. Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU).

They said that principals and teachers were only invited to meetings on the matter after the announcement for the abolition was made.

The SLTU believes that systems should be put in place to give the teachers skills training in alternative forms of punishment, while the NPA said such changes take time.


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  1. How many senior members were consulted before that man thoughtlessly poured forth another of his inanities? The political dinosaur probably has never taught for one day in his life. He probably raised only one piccaninny. Does that make him an expert in childrearing?

    Wait for the next AGM. That may well be the last of him and his usual nonsense.


  2. The old formula for Corporal Punishment in not working...this was the mindset that one hat fits all concept. Teachers not be the ones playing the role of parents, some parents know that their child is out of control and want teachers to do their jobs. Yes, consequences should be put in place to handle such situation(s) that arise. To be honest it should not matter if it was done without a rally of what should be done first...students know and should know how to conduct themselves, but some choose to due to wanting to. for example, the society that give a murderer the chair does not stop other people from killing it just slows down the process. I do believe that WE PARENTS are not doing enough or doing what should be done to have a better society of I say press on and figure out the next step and stop the winning on what should have been done first. Start thinking about the next step and start moving forward. GOD SPEED


  3. You call it an arsenal, so it means a method of destruction. No body has to train anybody to be non-violent. Period. We should probably try training thieves not to be thieves before we arrest them. Listen to yourselves reasoning nonsense.


  4. Corporal punishment is practiced on the pretext that it keeps children on the "straight and narrow." Studies now proves that it does not, and in fact, it is just cruelty administered to children by instilling fear in them which may have psychological effects in the long term. So tell me why are we saying that we need consultation to abolish cruelty to children? Matter of fact any body who administers any beating to a child should be jailed immediately because we jail adults when they beat adults. It is illogical to suggest that while we should not beat those with fully developed brains who do wrong but instead beat those with underdeveloped brains who do wrong. While the world moves on we are lamenting the lost of our ability to terrorize children.


  5. A well thought statement which i agree with when you take away teachers main form of discipline without re-training them. The behaviour of students will only worsen


  6. Alot of us read with your mind already made up as to what we want to read and not what is actually stated in the article. The gentleman never said or in anyway implied that he was against the abolition of corporal punishment. All he is saying that there should be discussions with the necessary stakeholders before implementation. I too, I'm in support of the abolition, I know first hand what the fears of being strapped felt like, however in this present atmosphere of unruly kids, what is the next best option given to the teachers ??? Despite the fact that teachers should develop themselves and maybe come up witha less abusive ,but effective form of discipline,the are still not able to implement it on their own. The authority must be given by the ministry. In this case don't you think discussions are necessary for this to happen? I once attended a meeting at my child's school where the principal and the school district representative were present and they confirmed that it was also not acceptable to put a child out of a class and parents asked then, what can be done ? And they said we have to come up with other methods of discipline. Which brings me back to Mr. Pierre's point that discussions are necessary. So my people before we jump into conclusions let's just read to understand.


  7. Let's put it simply. As usual, they have placed the cart before the horse . Corporal punishment has been in our arsenal since the days of slavery. Both parents and teaches use it, This is pretty much the only effective method of punishment they know. Teachers should be trained in non corporal punishment before the abolition of corporal punishment.


  8. the teachers need to go back to school that's what they need to do,hey have people in the country working for so much less that you guys and don't even do that non sense,the higher they put yourll salary the more yourll want,some of yourll is the reason they want to implement that because yourll created an environment where the children are even afraid to speak to yourll,some of you have no patience,one thing government workers always liming the streets going to work what time they want and still getting pay,its time they make an example of yourll,if only they could of replace all of yourll and with new teachers out of school yourll want to be stay out. NONSENSE


  9. It was Neville Carnac who said it best in 1987 when he said shadows they are and shadows they will remain for the rest of their lives "Mr speaker they are shadow ministers so no surprise that they will oppose anything the government does together with their unions


  10. Governments are elected to formulate policy and teachers are supposed to carry it out similar to the fact that parliament enacts laws which the police follow. So what's the problem with PIP? Anyway don't worry hilaire and Alva coming for him. Since when is it the role of teachers to set policy?


    • Do u have children? Have u every taught? When will u people stop politicising all issues. And cintraryto your thoughts the politicians are our servants not our masters. They are the ones who beg us to do them a favour and vote for them.


      • Favour? Which favour? If you were not that dumb, you would never have used that word. They ask you to vote for them to give them and exercise power over you, jackass.

        They get power, influence, a good salary, the best pension deal in the country. You are just too dumb to see that. What is left is for dummies like you to treat them like gods. Wiser people try to restrict their most extreme acts that favour themselves, their followers, and their family.


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