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SLP believes gov’t going after House Speaker Andy Daniel

By SNO Staff

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Speaker Andy Daniel (left) in sitting of the House and SLP leader, Philip J. Pierre at a public meeting on Thursday.

(SNO) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) believes that the ruling United Worker’s Party (UWP) government will be going after House Speaker Andy Daniel after a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Allen Chastanet was allowed to be debated in parliament.

Speaking at a public meeting held Thursday night on the Castries market steps, SLP leader, Philip J. Pierre, said the government tried to stop the debate but his party was on solid parliamentary ground and Daniel had no choice but to let it go ahead.

Now, he believes that the speaker will be targeted, however the SLP will not allow it.

“But I tell you something,” Pierre said to supporters. “They are coming for the speaker but if they believe that they will come for the speaker, not because the speaker is a member of our party, the speaker is not a Labourite, but we must stand for what is right.”

He added: “And if they believe they take the speaker away, I will call on the people of Labour to march for democracy, not for the speaker, but for democracy.”

According to Pierre, somebody must stand up against the government.

“And this Labour Party is known for standing up for what is right,” he stated. “This Labour Party is known for standing up for bread, freedom and justice. It doesn’t matter for who it is, once it’s right, we will stand for it and in that case Andy Daniel was right, so we will stand for him if they begin to mess with him.”

Pierre said he was putting supporters on alert on the matter.

“So I putting you on alert, my brothers and sister,” he stated.

The meeting formed part of a series of public meetings that the SLP promised after the motion was defeated in parliament, and Pierre said there is more to come.

“We are continuing to make our case on the streets,” Pierre remarked. “And I told them what they did not let us to say in parliament, we will say it on the streets of Saint Lucia. So you just start to hear us.”

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  1. "the UWP coming for Andy Daniel?"....oh come on man ,we all know that is not true.come for him for what...that is an untruth.not because Mr. Daniel was fair in the sitting of the house and you may have won an argument or two with the speaker sometimes agreeing with you means that the United workers Party will come for Mr.Daniel.stop feeding the people lies .i guess it is true what they say a drowning man will snatch at a straw and the labour Party is drowning and drowning are all are sinking to an all time low... pun intended.

  2. Is Pierre really speaking the truth or is he trying to create some controversy?

  3. SLP standing up for what is right! biggest laugh i ever had. thats why the salopwee party out of power. only the ignorant are fooled by SLP. we are enlightened now, SLP theatrics fool no one.

  4. Time will tell!!! You all Lucians still playing stubborn. Tanto tano. Zort kaye tan!!!!

  5. Pip should invite Andy Daniel as guest speaker for the next SLP meeting

  6. Really power hungry

  7. The circus has left town so now the clown is looking for another gig. Kneeger please stop talking BS.

  8. when yall was not allowing us to get to experience the low cost of gas as soon as the reduce price hits market and wanted us to wait three months was that right? when juffali was appointed and saint Lucians didnt know was that right?

    power hungry dog and poor jab the gorgors that listening to you there

  9. F#ck wrong with them man.
    A whole bunch of useless political rubbish just to fool the people.

    But at the end. Slp are doing a damn good job at their role. Oppose! But with all that opposing of everything. It will backfire on them


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