SLP asks: UWP goes after coconut vendors — who is next?

SLP asks: UWP goes after coconut vendors — who is next?

(PRESS STATEMENT) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party is outraged by the consistent oppressive behaviour of the UWP government towards persons who are seeking to make an honest living in Saint Lucia. Equally disturbing is that the SLP has been informed of a decision by the Prime Minister of the country to forcibly remove the vendors who sell coconuts in the Rodney Bay area.

Whilst the Saint Lucia Labour Party agrees that such economic activity along a busy highway can pose challenges, the Government can organise and guide the coconut vendors to ensure that they carry out their trade in a clean, convenient and safe environment.

It can never be right to deprive them of selling coconuts, which in this location, adds charm to the hustle and bustle of the Rodney Bay area evidenced by the many visitors and locals who support the sale.

In government, the Saint Lucia Labour Party actively encouraged the expansion of coconut cultivation for the expanding coconut water market. In this regard, thousands of coconut seedlings tissue culture plants were brought in from Mexico. It is therefore crucial for government to urgently address what is a rapidly expanding opportunity for vendors and farmers alike.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party believes that there are several young men and women employed in the Trade in the said area, and that shifting them to another location with less foot traffic is going to place them at a distinct disadvantage; and could force them into the already high unemployment statistics.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party maintains that the benefits of economic growth and development must be for all and not for a select few. Accordingly, the Saint Lucia Labour Party sustains it’s position of the need for Government to create the space and opportunities for all, including small and enterprising Saint Lucians, to engage in legitimate business.


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  1. The coconut men thrive there because they clearly provide a service that is desired. In Urban Planning it is common practice to look at what are called organic commercial nodes and desire paths, see if they have benefits and see how it is possible to regularise and integrate those nodes into the fabric of the overall plan. It is possible to incorporate the coconut vendors in Rodney bay, they do provide a good service, and they do indeed add positively to the experience of Rodney Bay. To quote a friend "Don’t move them, improve them!"


  2. No administration has been able to control the fish vendors. Should we wait until someone dies, from food poisoning, a disease, or an accident, before something is done?
    Parliamentarians who have set procedures, and a Speaker, flout the regulations all the time. Can you expect the ordinary man on the street to obey regulations?
    Get serious people.


    • WHAT A PILE OF CRAP, VAUHN BLANCHARD. You sound like some self-righteous prick who's missed the whole point of the article.


  3. lawless islands. all dem independent islands. independence my ***. look how we differ from st maarten, guadeloupe, martinique, tortola etc. lawless corrupt islands. i will never celebrate independence day. it did nothing for me.
    we need laws and standards and systems that work. health care, education, social system, taxation, infrastructure, safety and security, and more transparency in govt


  4. SLP will grab at any straw they are desperate. Pierre and his goons are making a mountain out of a mole hill,when they were in power St.Lucia look like a jungle now it is UWP time to clean up the mess they left behind the six idiots are complaining because they are all as nasty as the coconut vendors.


  5. I think if the government promise the vendors a place to sell, they should honor that and provide a sheltered structure so vendors can sell... However, you cant have people vending any and every where, before long the place will be looking like a ghetto... SO YES YOU ALL NEED TO VAMOOSE !


  6. Lol at guys sound hungry and desperate.

    Now ... concerned about the wellbeing of citizens. When you guys were in power you nothing better. All you concerned about is your pockets.

    I say again. Stop taking air time to complain and criticize. Instead tell us what your plans are for us. Our young people. Jobs. Health care. Etc

    Stop behaving so dam hungry!!!


    • Everybody still hungry and getting even hungrier under UWP just the same you cant even sell coconuts to put food on the table without been pressured in this country the shame of it.


      • No dummy you can sell coconuts but not there can’t you read the no vending sign. Thing is, you all don’t like to follow the rules. No order in the place, they say no vending pick up your patché and move.

        Some of you want to protest and make noise for what? The authorities say no vending follow the order and move to the other location by the abandon building.


  7. Labour why are you all so trouble minded over the same set of people who were boasting before election that UWP will be a haven for St Lucians?
    Let us all suffer.


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