SLP appalled at treatment of Emma Hippolyte

SLP appalled at treatment of Emma Hippolyte
Emma Hippolyte.
Emma Hippolyte.
Emma Hippolyte.

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is appalled at the apparent lack of respect demonstrated towards Hon. Emma Hippolyte by various platform speakers, including Lennard “Spider” Montoute and Guy Myers, at a recently held United Workers Party (UWP) Meeting in Gros-Islet.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party noted that the comments were made to the delight and mirth of Allen Chastanet, the UWP Political Leader.

During his speech seeking the approval of the one hundred people gathered at his endorsement, Lenard “Spider” Montoute said the following,

“You cannot ask me to run with someone who cannot even walk. Granny Emma cannot even walk you are asking me to run with her?”

It is amazing that a party which presented an 82 year old in Sir John Compton to the electorate in 2006 would express such disregard and disrespect for older citizens. What is even more disheartening is the message challenging the abilities, dedication and passion of the elders among us. Clearly, this is a position the UWP has held except when it was convenient to ride on the name of Sir John Compton.

In the end, the public will judge Hon. Emma Hippolyte on her record of honesty and excellence in her professional and parliamentary life. The public will recall also, that it took an SLP Government to introduce benefits such as the Home Help for the Elderly Program for our senior citizens and increase the public assistance packages given to our poor and vulnerable elderly.

Whereas the disrespectful comments of Spider, Guy Myers and others are not a reflection of Hon. Emma Hippolyte’s representation of Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia will remember it as a bold display of disrespect for the elderly among us. Through their comments, the UWP has basically classified elderly citizens as useless to our country. This is very disgraceful and disrespectful towards the men and women who have worked so tirelessly to build this country.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party urges the people of Gros Islet to ensure that Spider is soundly whipped for his disrespect and contempt for Miss Hippolyte and elderly persons in our midst.


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  1. Slp forgot when Mennissa Rambally had disrespect Sir John but then again she paid for it serverely at the polls. I cannot stand LABA double standard people.


  2. I think Emma is more ugly than incapable of runnung, but a very capable Rep and Minister. Very effective and professional woman and there is no way in hell that Spider will beat her. Now that ppl have seen her level of representation, she will have Spider for breakfast, lunch and dinner on election day.


  3. It's just witty banter. I personally prefer this to the use of the people's personal life affairs.
    It's clean. It's funny.. it's making points. Emma is old and spider needs disciplining.


  4. Our political strategises in this country is not good. George Odlum era they were doing the samething by insulting other politicians to win his voters.


  5. labour your petty releases will do nothing for struggling lucians, your days are numbered. It's almost time, we will be delivered from this group of incompetent ppl..........


  6. Grace you have missed the point totally. Candidates should not be chosen based on intellect and wit but rather on the basis of the ability to represent such as taking care of the constituency's needs etc.
    Remember Felon John and Laborie? Today we have Kenny and Vieux Fort, two of the most neglected constituencies on the island.


    • Sledge hammer, I concede to your reasoning, ultimately the electorate want to vote in competent people who understand the needs of their constituency. The press release does not come from an impartial source - it is from the SLP. The government in power will make capital of UWP faux pas as a strategy to deflect comments and scrutiny from themselves.

      However, unless independent commentators present critical unbiased analysis on government policies, it is the parties in opposition that fills that vacuum. Parties in opposition can best serve the people by batting their policies, but instead, valuable political oxygen is used up in ageist and sexist talk for cheap laughs. This can serve to alienate voters and let the SLP government off the hook!

      Spider, take heed, ‘a stopped watch is right twice a day’.


  7. Lenard “Spider” Montoute’s comment smacks of ageism and has missed the point. A candidate should be chosen based on his/her wit and intellect, and his comment displays he lacks both. If he is elected, it can only be because he is good at cursing. So, St Lucians be warned. Are you looking for a sensationalist or a level headed statesman? A politician who is worthy of his/her salt should be thick skinned to abuse. I expect Emma Hippolyte who has been in the political foray for a long time, can hold her own.


    • My dearest Grace,
      If you understood a little bit of politics and human behaviour, you would know there is no way Spider could beat Emma. The only disparaging/negative thing I could say about Emma is that God was a little kinder to us than Emma when he was administering good looks. However, Emma is a fantastic worker, professional and public servant. Amen….. I would vote Emma any day ahead of Spider; even for PM. I love my not so good looking woman.


      • St Lucia’s macho politics must wake up from its slumber and realise a 21st century society is progressive when talents and abilities are not defined by gender and age, and more superficially by skin tone and beauty.


  8. I want to see the press release on Jufalli. since you have time what about it. instead you write on a stupid comment. I have heard worse from you mouth. but truth your letter is rather funny when read.what happen about the jufalli affair??? release a publication jade(ia)


  9. these press releases are so funny, and seem to be intended for the hacks. Now writer, you try to hit a low blow by saying "approval of the one hundred people gathered". You must have been there to see the one hundred persons. You are crying fowl for the fact that your own tactics are used against you. The PM instead of making a national address about Jufali affair, chose to do it in grand RO-RO style on the market steps saying we dont care about diabetics because he sold us out for one.
    So please do not insult my intelligence. Good for spider if he had one hundred persons attended, means he may well lose that seat to emma. BUt dont come with a whole publication about because granny E was said cannopt run. In fact its a dam funny joke. I applaud you for making me laugh cause I had a bad work day at the school. the schools which you need to tell you government to provide with better facilities and resources instead of a few sheets of bristol board and chalk and duster, if lucky


  10. As a st lucian i wish everyone could put a side their political difference .We need to unite and move this island forward . Party politics just creates animosity,all we do is shoot each others ideas down base on party affiliation.,if for once we all put our heads together i am sure we could enhanced st lucia and fix most of its problems.whether it's slp or uwp
    The problem is we are making everything a uwp/slp issue that is our down fall .while other countries/ islands are moving forward we are cought in a quagmire.


  11. SLP always forget the pass, Kenny called guy Joseph " puddle". Was that ok? Kenny called the new senator "boy". Is that ok? So what's the big deal calling Emma "granny". When Compton came in SLP had so much to say about his age.


  12. Jadia I had some respect for your intelligence but now it is NIL! Don't you know a play on words critically when you hear them?

    I see absolutely no disrespect.... you chose what you wanted from the statement and sent a press release to appease to the electorate....what a shame!

    Listen to the entire statement and make sense critically!!!!


  13. I predict this race is between Enma and Prudent. You cannot resurrect a dead man. Spider was finish even before UWP shamefully endorsed him.
    He has no ideas except maypwee. Only a loser will resort to matpwee. And by the way who wants to vote for left overs Move on Spider your time has paseed. Even some in your party are quietly saying so.


  14. Spiders look as a ROOD Boy with his baseball cap upside down may impress some kids, but a serious person will represent himself as a respected adult.
    I hope he will pay for his disrespect comments for elderly on election day.


  15. You cannot ask me to run with someone who cannot even walk. Granny Emma cannot even walk you are asking me to run with her?” What is wrong with that. It a phrase used when someone cannot run. Get a life SLP.


  16. These hypocritical fools really have the nerve.

    Why do people use the elderly , female and the young card conveniently?????

    Both sides are guilty at poking fun which when i look at the nature is plain disrespectful.

    In my opinion it is not right to attack people personally and the argument of you are guilty of doing it too should not be used in my opinion.

    Sometimes I shake my head, because such double standards exists on both sides.

    -Fun is being poked at King for not having tertiary level education and being the PM, but we attempt to sell to the young people that no matter what your level of education, you can aspire to greatness.

    - Guy Joseph is continuously referred to as a bus driver, which when used in the context that SLP and their operatives use it gives the impression that bus drivers are dumb and cannot contribute meaningfully and that leadership position should only be for those with degrees. (My look how they came out in defense of Jade Brown).

    When you attack both King and Guy, what message are you in effect sending to the young people that you house in physical structures you call schools that you boast is universal secondary school education but you know very well in the absence of an improvement in the curriculum is set out to fail the students.
    What hope do you provide to those students in the lower secondary schools who are demoralized because our current education system is set up to fail them?
    What are you saying to those young persons who cannot afford to continue their education due to financial constraints, that if your job description is "can i take your order', or is a bus driver that in no way can you sit in parliament? That you in know way have the intelligence and the brains to run a business, an organisation, a country?

    Again what message are you sending out to young people who are not academically inclined when you continuously attack King and Guy on their level of education and previous jobs?

    What you'll have to address you'll not addressing well, but you'll busy talking about elderly.

    What taking you'll so long to write a press release in relation to Juffali and what the judge said?


  17. oh boy! Jadia please grow up and rise up above all this petty nonsense. So much insult and maypwee I have seen come from YOUR mouth on FB and now yall want to play as though yall holier than thou? Make a round madam roro and address the serious issue of Juffali and the alleged bobol that took place in London!


  18. Jadia you working for your money I However Granny E. can take care of herself. "...I will put him across my knees and give him a good spanking.." lol...


  19. Oh boy! Politrickers appalled again when their own tactics are used against them. Seriously is this really the problem that the SLP is trying to make this out to be?

    The vile comments and disrespect made by their members on the Market steps towards the DPP and against Allen Chastanet raised not a whimper of condemnation from any of the millie bugs seated there. Almost everyone in St. Lucia refers to Emma as 'Granny' or 'Granny-E.'

    Instead of this feigned indignation why don't they be as vocal about the Juffali scandal?

    How about telling us why the minister of Foreign Affairs has not said a word on this matter which involves his ministry.

    How about telling us about exactly what "due diligence" was actually performed on Juffali?

    Tell us about what due diligence was performed on those who are on the Citizenship by Investment Program; those on the Board and the Agents. How about telling us when you all are gonna hold an inquiry into the Juffali disaster?

    These are the things you all should be "appalled" "surprised" "shocked" and "disheartened" about.

    Enough of the distraction and nonsense, lets deal with the real issues you all have been sweeping under the carpet and avoiding for too long. It's rather surprising how you all turn into gorgors on moomoo pills when the real questions need to be answered. Chooooops!


    • Bolom , in a previous post I had indicated that the usual passionate defense of the government was noticeably absent.
      They cannot afford to talk because either which way you look at it, they or should I say we coming out looking foolish.
      They want to save face I suppose.

      Don't you find it funny that it was shortly after learning about Juffali a diabetes research lab was thrown in the mix.
      Was this to appease the (m)asses or was this done as a means to justify Juffali's appointment?


  20. You SLP cats never cease to amaze me. Are you implying that Emma can't run is disrespectful the island's senior citizens?
    On the contrary I believe you have to the lowest level of the septic tank for abusing their minds.
    If you are convince she can run, then sign her up with John Mitchell's round the island independence walk.


  21. Really now! So much maypwee SLP members give UWP already? When yall calling Guy poodle and insulting the man's entire family yall didn't see anything wrong with that? And you tell me the SLP actually sent a press release out on words someone said on a platform? Really?

    And we are supposed to take these monkeys seriously? So many other issues of national interest that people are calling for the government to address and in/ an election year you going to send a press release about maypwee?

    Communications director is already showing her roro nature and he inability to rise above the pettiness by coming out with this rubbish! We know they have to justify your role but sending out rubbish like this is doing the exact opposite!


  22. You started it SLP
    Sir john :woy woy mi jab la
    Vaughn lewis :Toujour soo
    Guy joseph: Poodle
    Clendon Mason: Jaws
    now you all crying for Granny E.


  23. Oh please! Stop your hypocrisy. Are you surprised by the things you do best when somebody beats you to it? Hell, go get a life and stop messing with our brain.


  24. These press releases are so
    I am reading this, and can picture the facial expression of the writer.....

    Desperate politicians complaining about everything except the issues that are affecting the hard working citizens.


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