SLP announces plans to put more money in the pockets of St. Lucians

SLP announces plans to put more money in the pockets of St. Lucians
Minister Emma Hippolyte
Minister Emma Hippolyte

PRESS RELEASE – Hon. Emma Hippolyte, Minister for Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs, announced plans today to increase the personal Income Tax allowance from $18,000.00 to $30,000 for all St Lucians. By increasing the personal allowance by $12,000.00, an additional 3,500 persons will no longer pay Income Tax or be required to file a return.

The SLP’s record on delivering tax relief to those who need it most is proven. Earlier in the life of this administration the Government raised the Income Tax Allowance from $15,000 to $18,000, and today’s pledge will mean that the SLP has doubled the Income Tax allowance from the level that it inherited from the UWP in 2011. Policies like this make a real difference to people’s lives and their families lives.

At this morning’s Press Conference, Minister Hippolyte spoke of the many ways that the Government has found ways to ease the tax burden on the poor, the dispossessed, and the vulnerable. She said:

‘We exempted or provided reductions for a three-year period to first-time home owners from the payment of Property

We introduced a Registered Home Ownership Savings Plan, which made it easier for people to purchase and own their first home by providing an Income Tax deduction of $6,000.00;

We abolished all taxes on gratuities and tips that were paid to hotel workers;

We abolished the Entertainment Tax that people had to pay to Inland Revenue Tax Collectors every time they held a dance, a show or some other form of public entertainment;

We increased the tax deductions on savings in Credit Unions from $3,600.00 to $5,000.00; and

We abolished the need for an Exit Certificate from the Inland Revenue Department every time someone travelled out of Saint Lucia.’

The SLP does not need to make wild claims and undeliverable promises, our record of delivery tells its own story.


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  1. any educated individual knows that Kenny is Not the right prime minster . he is only destroying the country .lucia wake up.


  2. I still don't see talks of minimum wage. Have the population already dont meet that benchmark so who u helping the so called middle class? ? The rich still getting richer while the poor remain poor.


  3. Um Emma I will not be exempted from income tax. Emma I have to pay property tax for my grandmother,92 yrs and my grandaunt 91 yrs. After 2012 Kenny, your party leader implemented property tax on pensioners. Also how am I to build a house when the government, inland revenue asked me to pay over $15,000 in tax to put a property in my name. Now alone u talking. U will now start to pass around with your tinted windows lowered. Do yourself a favour and find a husband, breed and retire. And take Simple with u into retirement.


  4. Emma,a good way to start to make right the great number of bad things you and your government have done to st.lucians is to replace the subsidies on rice ,flour and sugar so that the items become affordable again to every st.lucian .YOU HAVE JUST OVER TWO WEEKS TO DO THAT.IF YOU DON'T,THEN IT WILL BE DONE BY THE NEW UWP GOVENMENT.


  5. It is really unfortunate that Emma Hippolyte has allowed Kenny and Tony and the Red Brigade to soil her good name


  6. Emma you are a decent old lady , I believe yo still have some integrity and I also believe you are the last of your kind.
    Leave that mess while you can the red has left a stain on you and it is starting to fun off leaving a bad taste in peoples mouth.


  7. SLP now in desperation/survival mode. No matter what you say or do you have already lost. You not coming back after June 6th. N.B. This is not a wild claim nor is it an undeliverable promise Like the better days and the one hundred million KDA promised .


  8. EMMA how can you be so hipocrite,, now you want to say people will no longer pay income tax or file return,, its toooo late,, and you are not EMMA HIPPOLITE,,,, YOU ARE,,, EMMA HIPOCRITE.


  9. Heres an idea for either party... Y yall eh try n create a fund to fix all dem retaining walls dat falling every time it rain. U really think alla dem make-shift 2x4 yall puttin up on d road for years are safe for motorists or pedestrians? Last year i paid $150 to register my car.. This year it was $350.00 (with worse roads and more 2x4). N i kno Kenny buyin dem 2x4 damaged and untreated by Rayneau. Either way... I dodge nuff pot holes already... But to dodge a whole piece of road dat missing is a whole different ball game. Gassa i from corinth n i duz go n drive Bocage-Chabot jus to feel wat a paved road is like. 🙁 . As far as im concerned.. Wid d state of d road network here... Yall can jus move all speed bumps!!! Cuz we already kya drive fast. On a side note... To raise revenue... With this new allowance, Government can also open tyre shops in each community cuz tyres sellin like hot cakes. I even have to budget tyre money for the month dem days deh. Tyres and yall can sell suspension parts too. Call it 'Kennys Tyre Scheme'


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