SLP: “Allen Chastanet government has no soul”

SLP: “Allen Chastanet government has no soul”
From left: Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and Health Minister Mary Isaac
From left: Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and Health Minister Mary Isaac

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party believes that the Allen Chastanet government has no soul and therefore it expects that the reckless actions which they have unleashed on the workers of Saint Lucia will continue with no concern about the economic difficulties which many families will endure.

Security of livelihoods of citizens should not be so casually disregarded by their elected government. Government has a responsibility to make arrangements for the continued survival of people who will be affected by the closure of their workplaces or the places where they carry out their trade and those arrangements must be clearly communicated to them.

Following the closure of Radio St. Lucia early in the term of the current government, the abrupt closure of the St. Lucia Fish Marketing Corporation, by the Chastanet Administration, without consideration for the most basic needs of fishers, for their trade and livelihood continues to be of grave concern to the Saint Lucia Labour Party.

Today Thursday March 14 2019 marks fourteen days since the corporation was closed without due care for the livelihoods of fishers and their families. Explanations by the Minister for Fisheries, Ezechiel Joseph have not given fishers the comfort that their livelihoods will be secured and the Minister’s outright refusal to address specific concerns of fishers has demonstrated the high handed and callous approach that this government continues to employ in dealing with fishers and other vulnerable sectors of the population.

Minister Ezechiel Joseph

Since the closure of the St. Lucia Fish Marketing Corporation fishers continue to operate without access to ice and other basic services creating confusion among fishers and business people who depended on the operations of the Corporation. The Fisher Cooperatives are still unclear about the true intentions of the government as they relate to the management of the entity even after seeking meetings and given vague explanations.

It is clear that the UWP Administration does not have a clear and well thought out plan for the Fish Marketing Corporation. In addition to the uncertainty which has been caused in the lives of hundreds of Saint Lucian fishers, workers too who were employed by the fish Marketing Corporation are still seeking explanation and seeking redress. Many have had their lives thrown into chaos with the abrupt decision and there has since been no credible signal from the government that their services will be engaged by management in any future arrangement.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party notes that this matter relating to the St. Lucia Fish Marketing Corporation involves the delicate livelihoods of thousands of working Saint Lucians. There seem to be no urgency to resolve the state of anxiety which exists among the fishers and workers even while the closure of another government agency the St. Lucia Marketing Board fast approaches.

This callous attitude is visible in the manner in which vendors’ trays were destroyed on Mother’s Day 2017 and the manner in which coconut vendors were uprooted from their selling location along the Gros Islet Highway without due regard for their survival.


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  1. Day after day I see St Lucia have more than the 43%of jackasses Chastanet spoke about. Some of you have no analytical mind. You all are there to kiss the arse of the white man. Negroes are afraid of Whites, slaves mentality.


    • Sad to say, Chastanet’s comments where he related black people to animals (jackasses) does not show me that he holds the black race in high esteem. But then neither does the black race hold themselves in esteem higher than other races. I would not give his words any credence and it is unfortunate that you do. As prime minister it is what he does that will speak volume. Will he use his prime ministerial role to fortify his own empire? Will the common man improve his livelihood; have access to health care, education and employment for himself and for his children. Economic growth may occur but completely bypass the most vulnerable members in society that they do not get even a crumb. Will government ensure equality for all?

      The middle classes can and will make systems work to their benefit; it is the working class that look to government to create a social, economic and political environment that will enables them to thrive. Improve the education of the working class and you would have proactive people who will not accept insults and platitude from political leaders.


  2. Yea tell me about it. Did SLP had soul? Day ban sa hote,you all are stuck on stupid locked in on dumb and searching for ignorant. You all had fifteen years to work all you did was fork around so taking a 4ing hike. UWP is here to stay so deal with it.


  3. We takin note slp for when yur turn will come in office. We takin note.


  4. Organize and centralize fisherman fisher folks fisher woman ban together and form your own coalition follow the principles of Marcus Garvey and be economic independent not dependent. SLP don't have to tell us what we all know and so should you Chastanet don't give a rats ass about poor people so you folks have to make your way. Ban together and buy the equipment freezer and what ever else you need. They promise you Dubai but no Dubai coming for you and if it does come it will not be inclusive of you so rise up organize and centralize start your own credit union it can be done stop demanding start building your own economic independence yes you voted for them but don't expect them to toss you a bone at least not now election is still some time away organize yourselves the holy season is near fisher folks make good this time of year pool together and render your own salvation .


  5. useless keep your braying Arse quiet.
    Slp did nothing to change the direction the slfmc was going which was broke always broke after year after of bailout by gosl.
    So what u talking shit about Pierre


  6. if yall were coming up with the money and not doing borborl then the place would have been opened still. yall inside there yall taking mizi things and selling it below price for yall friends and the place not making money because of yall selfish acts so how do you expect the place to run without making money.


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