SLP: Allen Chastanet ‘desperate’

SLP: Allen Chastanet ‘desperate’
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) says it is concerned about the decision of the United Workers Party (UWP) to host a rally in Anse Ger/Desruisseaux, alongside the SLP’s launching of Herbert Roserie in Micoud.

The SLP notes that a previously advertised UWP launching of Dominic Fedee at the Anse La Raye Waterfront on that same date has been cancelled in favour of a Micoud South event.

The SLP’s concern stems from a pattern of behavior that Allen Chastanet has had during the 2016 campaign. On each occasion Chastanet has awaited an announcement from the SLP, only to plan activities on the same day.

Chairman of the SLP, Hon. Claudius Francis says this is an opportunity for the SLP and its supporters to demonstrate maturity, despite the provocations of the UWP. According to Francis,

“They have tried every tactic to provoke our candidates and supporters and on every occasion we have remained focused and resolute. This latest move is yet another campaign tactic to promote clashes and confrontation.

I call on all supporters and well-wishers of the Saint Lucia Labour Party to follow the example of our Political Leader and remain calm and focused on our record of achievements and pledges to transform Saint Lucia.

To our supporters who will be attending our campaign events, I urge and advise that you should not react to provocation. Do not react to the anger and desperation of Allen Chastanet and the UWP.

We will conduct our campaign with class and respect, despite attempts by the Opposition to incite negative campaigning and reactions.

We wish Saint Lucia a peaceful campaign.”


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  1. SLP - You still sending our press releases LOL. Elections is already next week and u still writing press releases...LOL. You all will pay for what u all did to Lucians.


  2. If that was only provocation I would let it drop but this is so much more it stinks. It is pure bullying. I always had a suspicion AC was a bully well here is the evidence I needed to confirm my suspicion. By the way I hope he has his resignation letter ready for the very next day after the results are announced he offers his resignation. A failed leader have to resign. As a reject he must give someone else a chance. Full stop!


  3. When you moochers from the SLP see that you going to lose Central Castries you get desperate!

    Calling elections so quickly is a clear sign of desperation for any clear thinking person to see.

    All of your incoherant propaganda on social media is another sign of desperation.

    Kenny going back into pergatory.


    • Bad thing about him losing is he will be crying like a lil' b.... for the next 5 years. Why can't he just retire!


  4. I happy Kenny call elections early so i can vote him out early he promised better days and we got unemployment in st lucia in crease suicide increase vat empose on St Lucians and 300 million collected yet budget is not called to debate about those topics that need addressing and the colour blind supporters of slp dont see the country suffering if uwp was in power and those issues arise they would be voted out now Kenny administration is there the educated persons will vote against this administration the dumb and the colour blind will vote red again


  5. Now i must call Chastanet Rev.Chastanet I see him have a robe as a priest oas he came on the platform in Desruisseau mi roro.Lol


  6. Lolol...but Claudius you are proving to the UWP party that the SLP is afraid...just like King said "yo pere". Claudius come on man, of all statements that!


  7. St. Lucian politics has reach an all time low. Come on SLP, how petty can it get? At this juncture with an election date on the calendar, all I'm hearing is CRAP, GARBAGE, NONSENSE. Nothing of substance that would help me make a decision. Both major parties are just full of political bluffs.


  8. Come election day there will be a lot of surprises this was a total miscalculation on the part of the PM this reminds me of Mr Patrick Manning lool. It is my view that the PM is more in election mood than he understand the mood of the people, just a not her reminder of his selfishness. People has simple bread and butter issues. People want to live and don't feel as if the are on hand outs. I would at her you keep your 500 per common entrance child and create propped jobs that I can live and pay my bills. He ran a camping in 2006 the night before elections Kenny address the nation and so did sir john after l listen to the issues then I voted for uwp. It was not these best years as we all know why, I was happy to vote slp in 2011 but after 5years I did not see the issues been delta with the hundred million cash injection among other things just did not happen I believe Kenny has done his bit and has very Little to offer from here I will be voting uwp


  9. Is Kenny from vfort didn't he go for a seat that was strong SLP. Some of u I aint kno where they get uall from. Lol


  10. But to me it's ur fault pm. U only gave the guys 3 weeks so if they probably lunching all candidates the best place I see they can do it is at the leader constituent i am appalled ( ur fav word) by ur statement lol


  11. Oh me oh my!!! This is a press release? SLP you have and continue to push the undecided straight to UWP....I am surely one of them and several others I know


  12. Desperate? we are all desperate.... In fact I am desperate for all this childishness to cease.


  13. Well St Lucia really ignorant. So think the SLP. What piece of nonsense is that.


  14. CLAUDIA PAYY (#0U.....WHY DONT U ASK UR PRIME MINISTER WHY THERE IS SUCH SHORT TIME FRAME BETWEEN NOW AND ELECTIONS...didnt even allow the ample 3 weeks equivalent 21 days.... he gave 17 days.... one of his WICCA #...he leaves no space for the UWP, guys are so damn selfish you are not even allowing the populace a fair opportunity to select who they think is more suitable for their gov't.....announcing election day Thursday time from Friday to Sunday for registration.....I think this is blood cloth selfish........BUT JAH NAH SLEEP......that's why he sent plentiful rain to wash away the evil u guys are trying to manifest......Claudia u very tricky guy all cool and dandy becus ur supper is set at ur table...but the majority of the nation is not plzz...Im pleading for we st.lucians to protest against the lack of freedom of democracy...


  15. Tyrose if u are the real one....just vote to make a difference...the attorney general will deal with u ...smiling


  16. U dig ah hole..U dig ah hole..u dig ah hole and put de devil in...
    Keep Calm....Change is coming!


  17. Rotflmao!

    We have all notice this patter.


    We may as well put a leash around their necks and they would be EXTREMELY SUBMISSIVE TO US.

    Allen cannot even explain to us the "Creative Ideas" he has to REPLACE VAT.



  18. The really desperate person is Allan because he went for a seat he knows is strong flambeau so that he be prime minister. So people of st Lucia who is desoerate now. The man went up in soufriere and lost so jow is Kenny desperate all members of the UWP ade desoerate as far as i see it.


  19. Desperate to cause the electoral office to be opened today for those who want to exercise their right to vote. Desperate calling elections while the youth write cxc.Desperate is calling a budget and no debate. Desperate is being in power and saying they are victims ;getting less funds. Desperate is the two hospitals that cannot open yet vat of 300 m was collected last year. Political maneuvering is what's being done after a series of desperate moves by SLP.


  20. PLEASE!!
    I don't have any inside information but isn't it possible that the short notice period has caused the uwp to accelerate their campaign? That perhaps they had to cancel anse la raye and replace with an event that they had planned for later. Claudius Francis and SLP stop crying for nonsense! Yall all over the place spreading propaganda that uwp is not ready, playing on people's minds. I had initially said I wasn't vote but your actions of late have caused me to change my mind.


  21. The one person I see that's desperate is KDA , because Dr. Ulric Mondesir has him cornered with no room to maneuver. We are just waiting for June 6 to deliver the knockout punch.


  22. Desperate? The most desperate sign is the quick rush to elections even during common entrance and CXC examinations time. No respect for the welfare of the students.

    But this year had better be NO tricks. Last elections was Spider and Ezekel win on the night and lose in the morning. Flambeaus go be like hyenas on the ground. Not a cockroach dat passing.
    No retreat no surrender.


  23. wam to dem labours wat yourll afraid of we going where we want slp fraid flambeau for life


  24. First you morons call him a "Fagg*t" then you call him desperate, the only desperation I see is in your crappy party, the SLP... Kenny face it, you're done so start packing your bags.


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