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“SLP administration did the right thing” – UWP


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PRESS RELEASE – After weeks of persistent calls the United Workers Party (UWP) welcomes the news of reduced prices on petroleum products on in Saint Lucia.

The UWP recognizes that while the next scheduled adjustment was slated for April 2015, the SLP Administration did the right thing, for once, and provided the much needed relief that Saint Lucians have been yearning for.

This victory belongs, not only to the United Workers Party but to all Saint Lucians who feel the  squeeze from high fuel prices, rising cost of living, VAT, unemployment, increase in water and  light bills and VAT on non-prescription medication and boldly expressed their discontent through their participation in the 29th of January 2015 march.

We thank everyone who came out to march and it was the bravery of the thousands of Saint Lucians who exercised their democratic right that forced the Government to listen and to act. The UWP assures all Saint Lucians that it will remain vigilant and a strong advocate for more balanced socio-economic policies.

The Government has now shown, both in the last quarter and with this recent unplanned change, that there were substantial surpluses, but is yet to confirm who the beneficiary was.

We are once again asking the Government to bring clarity on this matter.

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  1. Let's all sit on our asses and argue with the government for a job . Smh . St.lucia looking like it have welfare ?

  2. The better days promised, have been delivered as indicated by the opposition.

  3. This march proves unity is strength in great numbers so when we need some thing done take it 2d streets coz they don't like their dirty laundry being exposed on the street by people showing displeasure in numbers 4d local and foreign press 2c an this should b dune 2 any party who's in government playing around with voters rights

  4. so hear that is it going to be lowered on the next fuel adjustment or is it lowered already right now as we speak at the pumps

  5. CD you have to create your own employment sometimes. There are no jobs sitting open with someone ready and waiting to bring it to you. That does not exist anywhere in the world. Sometimes we have to use our own creativity, and ingenuity and individualism to create our own employment within the confines of the law. Keep praying about it, but eventually step out bravely and do something because no government will do it for you. I have faith in you. More faith than I have in any party or government.

    • I don't expect them to hand me a job but I do expect them to create the environment for me to find one or become successful at what I decide to do for a living. To this day both UWP & SLP have failed us. There are a lot of people who want to make a difference in their lives but these parties are like anchors around our necks.

  6. I still don't have a job to pay for lower fuel prices. I did not have one under your government and I still don't have one under this one. What's the point. Choops.

    • There are several nice programs available.
      Cruise ship employment.
      Further your education.

      make your self competitive

      You can't just expect to get a job,you must take steps towards making your self more employable. if you presently have an associate degree, go for your bachelors

      • you are right. but on the contrary. we encourage people to further their education. it is very expensive. sometimes so expensive that you are denied a loan from financial institutions if you are employed and seeking to further your education at the same time.


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