SLP accuses WASCO of attempting to mislead public on John Compton Dam project

SLP accuses WASCO of attempting to mislead public on John Compton Dam project

(SNO) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party has accused Water and Sewerage Company Inc., WASCO, for attempting to mislead the public in relation to the de-silting of the John Compton Dam/Roseau Dam and the condition of the sediment disposal area (SDA) project.

In a news interview, opposition Member of Parliament Dr. Ernest Hilaire reportedly questioned the tender process for the project.

In response, WASCO stated in no uncertain terms that the de-silting of the John Compton Dam project was done through a competitive bidding process. WASCO also claimed that the said the tender process was subject to oversight by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). CLICK HERE TO READ THAT STORY

But according to the SLP, the response by WASCO was an attempt to mislead the public.

“The Labour Party stands by its questioning of the bidding process based on information received unless and until the Labour Party and the people of Saint Lucia get clear answers or clarity from WASCO on the following questions which are relevant to the issue of whether there was a fair, objective and honest tender,” the SLP said in a statement.

The SLP asked WASCO to provide answers with proof to the following:

1. Was the initial notification for prequalification not published on 5 August 2017 with a deadline of 16 September 2017?

2. How many companies submitted prequalification documents?

3. Is it not true that only CIE (owned by Rayneau Gadjaher) submitted documents?

4. Why was CIE not asked to submit a tender as not only did it qualify but was the only company that sent in a prequalification bid?

5. Did WASCO not ask Mega Contracting Inc. and Saiwak Construction and Heavy Equipment Rentals to submit documents for prequalification AFTER the deadline had passed and even when they did not meet tendering requirements?

6. Despite the above did WASCO not send a letter on 18 October 2017 to Mega Contracting Inc. and Saiwak Construction indicating that they have prequalified, when they did not?

7. Did WASCO not issue tender documents on 8 November 2017 to both companies?

8. Did Saiwak Construction not submit a bid together with another company?

9. Did Mega Contracting Inc. not submit a bid together with a foreign company?

10. Did Mega Contracting Inc. qualify as they were bidding with a foreign company as WASCO itself admits that it had to be a local contractor?

11. Was Mega Contracting Inc. not awarded the contract?

12. Can WASCO clarify the information that is in the public domain of a direct relation between Mega Contracting Inc. and a Government Minister?

13. Since WASCO stated that the bidding process was done with the oversight of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), can WASCO show any proof of CDB involvement?

The SLP said it wishes to inform WASCO that it must not engage in partisan political activity and perform the role of advocate for any minister.

“WASCO is a statutory body and must always serve the national interest and not continue to be used for political purposes,” the party stated. “The Saint Lucia Labour Party awaits the response of WASCO to the questions above and to demonstrate that there is transparency and accountability in the management of its affairs.”


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  1. Mr. Leader of the Opposition. It costs just $5.00 to get a copy of a certificate of registration of a Company. Ask your staff to get a copy of the registration of Mega Contracting Inc. and the latest return and post that on your Facebook page. You don't have to ask WASCO for that. If you give us that information, then the other questions will be relevant or totally irrelevant.


  2. I think I speak for most st lucians when I say. I think it's time for the slp to just keep quiet for once and just wait for elections.


  3. Indeed, ALL these 13 questions MUST be answered immediately. The people of St Lucia need this information without delay. Poor little St Lucia has to be protected from greedy-swindling-vultures otherwise it will never reach its full potential.


  4. So Mendes tended but was told he does not have millions even if he has the right equipment so cie tended with the hope of subcontracting Mr Mendes company .But cie was side lined inother to secure their interest .mega and the other Indian was not intrested nevertheless that guy went and took them by the hand and drag them into the tending process by spoon feeding them everyting on the plate. Now Mr Mendes was constantly rejected by the previous admin even
    on two occasions when a foreign company got the contract it was terminated on a technicality because the heard Mendes was involved.a Canadian company was surprise to know that a local company very experience had dredges on island . Mr Mendes company was the frist approached concerning the dam. They conducted a survey and gave them everyting in a booklet from depositing the silt to the dredging and they used the booklet as a guild line as a way Mendes actually had the contract .He constructed a road to mobilize his equipment then the govt change and all fell down. This govt promise to let me Mendes continue but when they saw all that millions involved the table turned .So u c both admins failed it's jus like the st Jude hospital .poor jab mr Mendes and his son


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