SLP accuses Chastanet of placing his ambitions above national interest

SLP accuses Chastanet of placing his ambitions above national interest
Allen Chastanet


PRESS RELEASE – In a letter dated December 16, 2015 to organisations around the world, none of which are named, Political Leader of the United Workers Party, Allen Chastanet, makes clear his intention to attempt to destroy the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) which has been introduced by the Government of Saint Lucia to help encourage investors back to our country.

The Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) which comes into operation in January 2016, promises to open our doors to a new wave of foreign direct investment which will be to the benefit of all Saint Lucians, especially our young people and those among us who are unemployed.

Allan Chastanet knows that the latest report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) shows that Saint Lucia has returned to growth, and that the CIP is already exciting investors’ interest in our country. It is obvious then that this latest move by Chastanet, is not only callous and disloyal to the people of our island but it is one more desperate attempt to sabotage the development of the country, in order to help him to gain power and to subject our country to another period of instability as was experienced between 2006 and 2011. It should be clear now that Allen Chastanet does not care about Saint Lucia and its people.

Saint Lucians must remember that Allan Chastanet was very much part of the last government which was characterised by constant scandal and infringements of the laws of our country, including the shameful Tuxedo Villas affair in which Chastanet was one of the main culprits.

Now that the Labour government has taken our country from instability to recovery, we must ensure that the scandal of the UWP and recklessness of Allan Chastanet is not allowed to return the country to the dark days of their last Administration.


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  1. CIP, what a joke. CIP is the reason that St. Kitts had two national representatives at the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia competing in the downhill skiing events --- two Americans. The travesty was seeing the two of them carrying the St. Kitts flag at the opening and closing ceremonies. Bayteez.

    CIP may bot end up being an issue if crime and lawlessness remain an issue, no one will want to be associated with us.




  3. I am not a Chastanet supporter but I agree with him in this subject as I am yet to see how we st lucians will benefit from the the CIP program. I would like the PM to come out and outline at least 5 reasons why St. Lucians should support this venture. I'm only hearing investment but at what cost to us. Give us the list of pros and cons this land is our land too and we should have a say as well.


  4. it's a pity that we ST LUCIANS are very short minded.if a man dad have business and he is not palying any very big role there how dumb of us here to allow him to run an xtra big business like ST LUCIA...TANTO TANTO!!!!!!!!


    • In this case Kenny knows even much less. SLP jokers agree to let him spend money like Monopoly play money. They make him leader. He makes himself Finance Minister.

      When the figures go past 10, it seems that he get extreme difficulty understanding what he is dealing with everytime. Give him millions and Frenwell happens. Black Bay happens. The Grynburg secret deal happens.

      Either of these guys are square pegs in wrong holes. Most Saint Lucians cannot up to today, tell the difference between who is black and who is white give both a pass no matter what amount of foolishness they do. So we are setting up ourselves for another kick in the pants, because we value people because of their hue. We know our place. They are smarter than the darker looking Saint Lucians.


  5. Kenny you said so many things while in opposition and now you want to fool us by saying Chastanet is placing his ambitions before National Interest.
    Listen (1) you were the one who said you would advise investors not to invest in our Country it was not Chastanet, now you want to change that
    (2) You are the one who sold St Lucia's status to juffali. After two years unknown to us. this has come to light he has invested nothing. it was not Chastanet
    (3) You are the one who shoved Citizenship by investment down our throat, when we know little about that. It was not Chastanet
    (4) You were the one who promised Jobs Jobs Jobs during your last campaign, and you never delivered. Now you want to say Chastanet's letter will cause investors to stay away. I guess nearing your term who would hope investment would bring jobs.
    (5) you cannot forget when Vaughn Lewis was in the UWP camp you had your supporters call him Bounty, Lara, Too jou soo, Now he is one of your top advisers in Government. The same Too jou soo man has he changed? there he is earning thousands of dollars along with his wife couldn't that salary which is being paid to Vaughn and his wife help with some project to help unemployment. These name calling was not brought about by Chastanet. Whatever Chastanet has written, I support him because he is looking about our interest. You know you will be out of politics soon so you want to butter your bread before leaving.


  6. I am sooo tired of this slp and uwp bullshit, it's time for this f o k wry to stop none of them do not worth st. Lucia .


  7. Aa did KDA saw that SLP release : and if he did he would realize that he is almost in the same boat with Chastanet the only difference is Chastanet said that he supports the CIP buy Hilaire should resign. KDA did in fact told potential investors not to invest in St Lucia and now the SLP admin is causing LUCIAN to suffer


  8. Jufali represents us yet he cant invest one cent with all his riches! Who ever wrote this article for the labour party should be fired.


  9. Let me state that I am not a fan of Chasnet infact I think he would be detrimental to our country. However, I think grossly hypocritical of the SLP to suggest that Chas is anti St.Lucia when Kenny in opposition stated he would advise investors not to invest in our country. Infact I considered Kenny statement bordering on criminal dereliction of the role of the opposition.
    This just goes to prove that red or yellow they are all the same self centred and take the electorate for fools.
    My view is that we should show these politicians that we are not fools by boycotting the next election, stay at home let them vote for themselves.


    • That is not clear thinking at all. Both parties have a near 45% each, regarding their share of the electorate and most likely voters.

      If valued and capable independents or a new third party's candidates were elected, and in key party strongholds that would change the balance of power forever. Where there is likely to be a swing vote heavily in the opposite direction for a brand new candidate.

      The French and Germans do it. Their countries are not anymore unstable than the Greeks or the Italians.

      Too much is at stake to simply boycott the next election. That does not make any kind of sense whatsoever.


    • Out morons is some very high places do not have any flipping understanding of the implications of what they say, and what they do. Bram-Bram would be a brighter star in our sky than the very many idiots we vote for, only to mismanage our country's business.

      The chickens are coming home to roost.
      1. Watch IMPAC.
      2. Watch that moronic ambassadorial clown act from Saudi Arabia.
      3. Watch the crime, the business closures, and suicides from the rippling effects of the VAT.
      4. Watch the unfolding international embarrassing events with the first PIC.
      5. Watch the impending financial disaster of the Petro Caribe oil deal.
      6. Watch how we celebrate like reaf dummies, a 1.6% growth that has not even been really recorded yet. Our SLP idiots are not easy. That foolishness must be making the rounds in other countries in the region with their repeated guffaws reverberating from island to island, and from country to country. SLP has made Saint Lucia the laughingstock of the region.

      Before that we had money evaporating into thin air. We had Rochemel, for US $48 million. We lost US $86 million with the lost of land at Black Bay. SLP morons called that an investment. We gave away another huge sum, US$150 million to Grynberg.

      These asinine blunders together are what is crippling this society with violent robberies, murders, choppings, suicides, depression, business closings, more SLP lies, and even more SLP clueless political shoot shate. This guy is beginning to sound more like a real genius compared to the SLP's MPs.


      • i agree 100% my brother or sister let us not be fooled by fools we must take our country back no matter what for we know how to run our country slp are communists the uwp as well this is a democracy not a communist state i beg my people stand up in protest peaceful tho we must rebel peacefully to save this great country for generations to com


  10. SLP must think we stupideeee! Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice! Shame on me!
    The SLP sold diplomatic status to the highest bidder, tell me how can that be taken as national interest? It is nothing but personal interest in what power and money can buy including votes. There was nothing in it for St. lucians except for the selfish persons involved. That my dear is NOT national interest. that is what is called self-interest.


  11. What a whole load of rubbish coming from people who boast about the number of Doctors and degree holders in their party! Bullocks!!! You mean the SLP in all it's brilliance can only come back with an Allen and UWP bashing statement


    • I am left to question a lot of things. It is apparent that many in the bunch have "doctored" degrees and not doctoral degrees. There is a huge difference between the two.


  12. SLP is a small-minded bouchay group of moronic party idiots, for all types of idiots and by all types of idiots. Somebody said that the market steps in Castries is shoot shate central. Only crap is spoken there.


    • SLP once had a belly dancer on the market steps. Then they laughed again at the people, waltzing the idiot dance on a platform in Soufriere. SLP are so full of --it.
      Small wonder these morons and stooges have the country going by the tail. These maggots really believe that we are all as dumb as they are.
      SLP, your days are numbered. Next time it is 17 to 0! I am impatient to see the backs of these maggots. Good riddance to bad rubbish!


  13. I think if Chas st just hush up he will win that election easy cause Kenny already defeat himself. Chasnet and guy just shut up please


  14. Hilarious . Unbelievable idiocy. The questions still remain:
    Why was it necessary to give Juffali a diplomatic passport? Why was this a prerequisite for his philanthropy? Would Cuthbert Didier have not been a better, more useful candidate?Why not reward one of our own who has diligently worked in the sector for 3 decades? Who got what? Are the foxes now in charge of the CIP henhouse?
    Can we trust the foxes with issuing our citizenship when they can see how obviously lucrative it is?
    Why is the CIP panel comprised of SLP operatives and not truly independent leaders of civil society?
    Chastenet is absolutely correct to question the process as it stands because it has future implications for all of us and our ability to travel and our right to national security. Listening to Shelton trying to defend this is like listening to Nazi and Maoist propaganda. Don't talk for the SLAP stormtroopers hinting at press censorship.


  15. Weak comeback.

    SLP should have spoken directly to the points he brought forward in his letter, debunking his lies and misrepresentation of truth.

    Instead they went into Allen bashing mode.



    • One is not only unpatriotic to tell investors not to invest here. The morons that say that are also traitors!

      But we see that the jackasses that say such crap do not have enough intelligence to see where that would end. The SLP jsut keeps on breeding daily, one other and even one bigger idiot each minute.


  16. Take the CIP to a referendum to quill the argument and debate. The majority do not want to part with their land and ultimately their culture. The effects of the CIP will only be decipherable in the long term. The short term effects may seem rosy but will fade in the long term when the populace begin to loose their voice, their land and their culture.


  17. SLP! come on stop playing games with St. Lucians, Chastnet is right, he never said do not come, he is correct, legislation needs to be in place a prospective SLP candidate is the head of CIP, you do not want questions to be ask. is Your campaign monies on the line? if it doesn't go through? There should have been a referendum on that decision if you ask me. If he did not care he would let it just come through, why is it Gonzales PM of St. Vincent don't want it?


  18. Pot calling kettle black. That is all our political idiots and well-qualified MORONS can do.

    SLP you have the blasted MANDATE. Tell us the people what you are doing IN RESPONSE TO THE CAVEATS inserted in the latest IMF REPORT.



  19. Aa Chastanet why you want to destroy something that will create employment for the youth and older persons? Shame on you.


  20. When Kenny told Investors don't come to Saint Lucia wasn't he putting his ambitions before National Interest? I am appalled at the BS that the Government of the St Lucia Labour Party continues to feed to St Lucians. If yall focused yall efforts on fixing National Issues as much as yall focus on Chastanet yall wouldnt have to be worried about him winning the election! My vote yall could never ever ever get again!


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