SLP accuses Chastanet of hurling ‘obscenities’ at its supporters

SLP accuses Chastanet of hurling ‘obscenities’ at its supporters


PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party wishes to condemn the behavior of UWP Political Leader Allen Chastanet, who on Monday night repeatedly swore at Labour Party supporters at Faux a Chaux.

Following his address at a public meeting organized by UWP Castries South East candidate, Mary Isaac, Chastanet approached a group of young people and enquired of them why they were supporting the SLP and Ernest Hilaire when the Labour had done nothing for the community. Not receiving the response he expected, Chastanet proceeded to hurl obscenities at the group before departing.

This is unacceptable behaviour from someone seeking to be Prime Minister of the country.

The SLP calls on Mr. Chastanet to not only apologize to the residents of Faux a Chaux but in addition, desist from a repeat of such behaviour.


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  1. We tired of hearing nonsense slp! I hope voters come out to vote stop saying Im not voting it is your right.


  2. i am totally amazed at the desperation and cruelty of the Labour Party .....I was at the meeting and this never happened. It is disturbing the Hilaire would allow comments he knows to be untrue to become a news item, this tells of his lack of morals, ethics and values.. shame on you Hilaire...


  3. Is he the first? ???? Am not saying if he did its the right...but I have heard an MP with my own ears jus after the last election. ..sooooo


  4. SLP is grasping at straws, starting to look desperate. Another attempt to avoid addressing the serious issues confronting us; using roro to distract us.


  5. Let's have a clean campaign please, regardless of where you stand even though emotions are high, and hunger has settled in some cases. The politicians should desist from making political support a means of survival.


  6. That's no lie he was allegedly using the f word n he was upset but me n my peeps not on politics vibes no party no color no tricks we were just passing through when we saw the crowd n allegedly heard him.first thought was his brave to be here at the time or really stupid.


  7. Jadia. Go and hug your father after the obscenities you hurled at him. Trying to distract people. Go and ask God forgiveness for trying to humiliate your father. Dont mind what your supporters say- they would never disrespect their father. They only there to see you fall as u are seen as Kenny`s pet.


  8. why attack jadia? jadia is giving her views and opinions about her father. y u buttwipes wanna get involve? at the end of the day, daughter and father will make up and so what? whilst u all bashing her, go get something worthwhile to do, cause she is better off




  10. This sounds more like SLP supporters to me. Mr Chastanet is a gentleman, and will not stoop so low, I know for sure Kenny can do that because he and is supporters are rowdy people. The UWP supporters are more of a quiet group who do not look for trouble and do not hurl obscenities at the Opposition, but know what to do on election day


  11. Yeah y'll UWP supporters out on this issue, the fact that it was publicized means somethings transpired between the two, where is there smoke there's fire


  12. Oh gimme a break. Is that the sort of Garbage Jadia "mouthpiece" Jn Pierre puts out? Jadia go reconcile with your father. this is propaganda at its worst, very Goebbels like and stinking of the modus operandi of the Nazi party during WWII. If St Lucian's vote those people back then we St Lucia gets the Government we deserve.


  13. Well well well..... Anything to get back into power i guess... Its just sad, instead of bantering each other with nonsense try to work together and stop making us (the people of St. Lucia) look stupid... Grow up! Please!!


  14. Wow, now SLP's press releases are degraded to stupid hearsay and gossip which aren't substantiated.


  15. Its true people. Politics aside. Chastanet showed how desperate he is. Sad for him to behave that way. He should.have.more class


  16. Why don't they asked jadia to apologized to her father. Give jack his jacket. It high time that politricks done n over with.


  17. There is nothing as dangerously insane, and depressed than an alleged Thug as a leader of a Political Party and its Band of illiterate and ignorant thuggish supporters.

    I wonder what this crazy man will do or say when he gets to know (in his mind) he has inadvertently landed our Party ( the SLP) Supreme Rule and Dominance over him ( only for being UN-Electable...).

    I am Thanking You In Advance 🙂

    Good Boy! 🙂


  18. Oh please, what bullshit!! Chasnet wouldn't know how to hurl obscenities if his life depended on it. SLP supporters desperation is showing


  19. When will these people stop the attacks on Allen's character? Your entire campaign is aimed attempts to tarnish his character. Is that how you treat people who offer themselves in service to their country?
    I am disgusted by this press release that only seeks to smear and destroy a man who has served his country for over thirty years.


    • SLP just for once, show some class. Lift up your backside off the crap you are putting out as press releases. Give us something to discus as part of the future of Saint Lucia. You still have more crap to put out before election day? Oh Pleeeeasse, enough already! SLP all you stink!!!!!!


  20. Dear SLP

    Can you :

    -Desist from coming across as so desperate?
    - Desist from posting ridiculous press releases?
    - Desist from the pot calling kettle black syndrome?
    - Can you ask your hacks to desist from displaying their ignorance, childish , uneducated behavior on social media. Somehow it gives a bad impression of St.Lucian's level of education.

    Can you please address the 2 recent murders which occurred back to back?
    No I don't want to hear the PM asking the criminals to give us a chance.
    I would like to hear the SLP's plans to curb crime.

    Can you tell me what OUT OF THE BOX, REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS you guys have been able to come up with.

    And finally, can you guys just cease to exist? Pretty please.


  21. Just thinking of the hostility and sense of superiority SLP operatives have makes me want to vomit. They look through all the UWP pictures online and target the people in them. Fear is rampant in this country. My sweet St. Lucia is in the hands of an oppressive dictatorship.