SLOC Team heads to Canada for Long Term Athlete Development program

SLOC Team heads to Canada for Long Term Athlete Development program

b418ea7f-f3f7-43d9-b03d-8f1b5ea7f94fLong Term Athlete Development (LTAD) has been one of the buzzwords of the recently re-christened Saint Lucia Olympic Committee Inc. over the past year, replacing but reinforcing the previous rhetoric of Sports For Life.

In October of 2015, a steering committee advanced plans for LTAD and Physical Literacy in collaboration with National Sporting Federations, which themselves tabled draft proposals for their various disciplines.

Now, the steering committee and member federations will be represented at the Canadian Sport for Life National Summit and the World LTAD Symposium to be held in Gatineau, Quebec, from 27-30 January.

The Summit will feature high profile speakers, plenary and panel presentations, and individual sessions. Delegates will come from a number of countries and sectors including sport, recreation, education, health and government.

The World LTAD Symposium will feature a number of international speakers presenting on implementation in their respective countries. Saint Lucia will present on “LTAD In A Small Island Developing State” with Mary Wilfred, Programme Development Officer in the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, being the lead presenter.

Four Saint Lucia LTAD plans will be presented – the Saint Lucia Swimming Association will be represented by technical director, Lily Bergasse; Michael Pierre is trhe technical director of Netball Saint Lucia; the technical director of the Saint Lucia Football Association, Cyril ‘Ces’ Podd; and John ‘Buzz’ Erlinger-Forde, manager of the Saint Lucia Tennis Centre, will stand for the Saint Lucia Tennis Association.

Dr. Verneta Lesporis, Physical Education Specialist in the Ministry of Education, and Lisa Hunt-Mitchell, Chief Nutritionist in the Ministry of Health, will also be presenting on the Physical Literacy Campaign.

Saint Lucia’s delegation will be led by Rufina Paul of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee Inc.

Other events planned by the steering committee include a National Federations Stakeholder Workshop, National Summit with National Federations and coaches, additional meetings with National Federations, presentation of plans to wider stakeholder groups, physical literacy training with education districts, and a white paper on physical literacy.


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