SLNT tribute to Maria Patricia Grech and Geoffrey Jennings Clark

SLNT tribute to Maria Patricia Grech and Geoffrey Jennings Clark
Maria Patricia Grech
Maria Patricia Grech

Maria Patricia Grech was born in Portsmouth, England in 1936 and migrated to Saint Lucia with her husband and son in the early sixties. Her involvement with the Saint Lucia National Trust dates back to the early eighties when she joined the Trust as a Life member.

Subsequently, she was elected to Council, a position she retained until 1996 when she opted not to seek re-election. Upon retirement, she indicated her willingness to serve on Council appointed committees and gave herself freely to the following: Research and Publication Committee; Programme Committee and the Pigeon Island Committee. A prolific writer, with an eye for detail, Ms. Grech utilized her skills editing various Trust publications among those, The A – Z of Animals Found in Saint Lucia and The Management Plan for Pigeon Island.

In addition to serving on Council appointed committees, Ms. Grech represented the Trust on the Saint Lucia Tourist Board and the Biodiversity Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

An avid writer she was best known for her series of articles “Bush Talk”, a wildlife and conservation newssheet published by the Forestry Department in 1981.

The Saint Lucia National Trust is saddened to learn of Maria’s passing. She will be sorely missed as she gave of her time selflessly to advance the goals of the organization.

She regularly attended Trust meetings and activities and was always punctual. Her level of dedication was truly exhibited when she agreed to serve on the Research Committee despite her deteriorating health.

Members, Council and Staff of the Saint Lucia National Trust extend sincere condolences to her family, especially her son Nicholas. May her soul find eternal rest.

Geoffrey Jennings Clark

The Saint Lucia National Trust salutes the life of one of its long serving members, the late Geoffrey Jennings Clark. Geoff, as he liked to be called, epitomized what a great member and supporter of the Trust ought to be.

He was a regular at all our meetings and field trips and provided guidance to the organization through his interventions at these events. In his own quiet, forcefully humble way, Geoff was a consistent and persistent advocate for heritage and environmental conservation.

He, along with Rip and Julie Van Camp, initiated discussions with Mr. Christopher Lutz, owner of Point du Cap, and convinced him to donate the property to the Trust. They also started the Friends of Point du Cap, a group of Cap Estate residents who supported the transfer of the property and raised funds to support the effort.

His professional life as an insurer, and connection to the Saint Lucia Naturalist Society and the National Research Development Foundation are manifestations of his dedication to conservation and business development in Saint Lucia.

Members, Council and Staff of the Saint Lucia National Trust are deeply saddened by his passing and extend sincere condolences to his family.

May His Soul Rest In Peace.


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  1. May their souls rest in peace. The legacy of their work will live on. We cant thank them and their families enough for their sterling contributions to our fair Helen.


  2. So long Maria and Geoffrey. Thanks for the contribution made to the National Trust, the Naturalists' Society and by extension to Saint Lucia.


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