SLHTA members speak out on CIP Programme

SLHTA members speak out on CIP Programme
Dr. Ernest Hilaire
Dr. Ernest Hilaire
Dr. Ernest Hilaire

PRESS RELEASE – The SLHTA hosted a very successful discussion this week between its members and the Chairman of the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program Dr. Ernest Hilaire.  The discussions focused on a number of issues related to the program such due diligence considerations, application process, areas of qualification and ideas for expansion of the program after its launch in January 2016.

Dr. Hilaire lauded the hard work of the CIP staff thus far, in creating systems and operating procedures to guide the work of the CIP Secretariat.  He expressed satisfaction and pride in the fact that most of this related work was done by Saint Lucian professionals.

SLHTA members posed a number of concerns to the CIP Chair regarding functionality of the National Economic Fund, qualification criteria for real estate interests and minimum net worth of interested investors.  The CIP is expected to launch its branding strategy later this month.

The Citizenship by Investment Unit began receiving applications as of Thursday Dec. 3, 2015 from persons interested in obtaining an Authorized Agent Licence. The application package for authorized agents became available on Monday, Nov. 23. Interested persons are advised to email [email protected] to request a copy of the package.


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  1. Most Saint Lucian voters are pure idiots. The more crap you do, all well dressed up in a suit and signing away our lands, our titles, our citizenship for ill-gotten gains and lining your pockets, the more deeply they love you.


  2. Why Earnest Hillaire????? What has he done? Heard there was big roro down south in the PR of Laborie. Now They're saying Alva must go to make room for the insular, pompous and arrogant lodge brethren. Kenny this WILL be your downfall. What a complete an utter failure as pm.


  3. So what's new. When the PM in his IMPACS address to the nation on crime implicated the 'business community' (in total) in what the DPP later referred to as some of the gravest offenses in our criminal code there was not an official peep of astonishment or condemnation from any of the chambers members or officials. Its called the 'power of fear' by silence


    • This Chamber of Eunuchs did not even make a substantive reply to the last budget. Incredible!

      This body did not even have the testicular fortitude to make a useful response in its very own interest. Amazing! Who has any respect for these shameless, gutless, inept group of morons.

      They have no history of brining forward the state of commerce in Saint Lucia. Most, with very few exceptions are just glorified Customs Documents Clearing Officers. and mindless COMMISSION AGENTS.


  4. Now, the gates are open and the UWP horses are off! Let's see how far they will get with their utterings


  5. Well grynberg has the seabed, Hewanorra gone they say 30 years, diplomatic passes to guarantee immunity is available for sale and passports selling like hot bread, only thing left to sell is the people of sweet lucia.
    Ooops forgot they already start selling people (human tracking lambird scandal)


  6. Did he answer these questions truthfully? By what yard stick was this meeting assessed to be deemed successful? Did he disclose his alleged interference in the Jufalli affair and its potential repercussions with certain regulatory bodies? I am "Very Concerned In Earnest" and if civil society is not then they are just as culpable in facilitating corruption.


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