SLHTA CEO Noorani Azeez resigns

SLHTA CEO Noorani Azeez resigns
SLHTA Executive Director Noorani Azeez. * Photo credit: Kirk Elliott
Noorani Azeez

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Saint Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association announces the departure of the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Noorani Azeez.

Mr Azeez has tendered his resignation effective April 6th, 2018 so to commence the next chapter of his career in the hospitality industry.

His time at the SLHTA spans nine years and was marked by a commitment to human resource development and the advancement of Saint Lucia’s tourism industry.

During his tenure at the SLHTA, Mr Azeez led the organization through many significant developments including:

· SLHTA’s Tourism Enhancement Fund which has supported over 100 projects designed to support community and industry development

· A Hospitality Training Centre which trained over 700 tourism industry employees during its inaugural year in 2017

· A local Foreign Languages Learning Centre in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico and University of Quintana Roo

· A Hospitality Apprenticeship Program for Youth which has provided tourism internships for over 550 unemployed youth seeking careers in hospitality

· The Virtual Agricultural Clearing House facility which uses a Whats App platform as a trading forum for farmers and hoteliers.

· The institution of an SLHTA Group Medical Insurance Plan for industry employees

Commenting on his exit, Azeez expressed his gratitude to the organization for providing him the opportunity to contribute to Saint Lucia’s development.

“Underpinning the growth that Saint Lucia’s tourism industry has undergone is the continued excellence of our hospitality workforce. I feel especially privileged to have been part of the work done by this organization and I thank my past and present colleagues, industry partners and SLHTA members for their confidence in me over the last few years,” he concluded.

Azeez leaves the organization in a very strong position to continue to be the voice of the hospitality industry and the Board of Directors of the SLHTA wishes him a very successful future as he progresses his career.


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  1. Your service to tourism and hospitality as the head of the SLHTA was phenomenal and I wish you did not have to leave.

    You are a great trainer and teacher I hope your next move is in that field.

    You will be missed. I wish you all the best in your endeavors Noorani.


  2. Mr.Azeez..The SLP soon say is the UWP force you to resign,or they push you out...But I wish to say you will be missed...Where ever you are,stay close not Far.You were excellent,Tremendous...And a Warrior for St.Lucia,and i hope you always be..I Thank you for your good works,And wish you all the good this life and world has to offer..God Bless You...Warrior.


    • SHARON TERRELL you turn gardeau. You know what the SLP will soon say. SLHTA is an independent body so how can anyone claim that any other party got rid of someone from SLHTA? Or do you know something about the influence of the UWP on SLHTA that will cause you to think that and expect SLP to say it?


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