SLHTA celebrates successful Golden Jubilee Week

SLHTA celebrates successful Golden Jubilee Week
SLHTA Executive Director Noorani Azeez. * Photo credit: Kirk Elliott
SLHTA Executive Director Noorani Azeez. * Photo credit: Kirk Elliott

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Hotels and Tourism Association (SLHTA) has wrapped up an exciting week of activities to mark its 50th Jubilee celebration.

Executive Vice President Noorani Azeez says the exposure afforded to members and stakeholders of the SLHTA was undoubtedly fitting for the 50th anniversary celebrations.

The week opened with an elegant dinner at the Sandals Grande Resort on Pigeon Island which set the stage for a well-organised and balanced week.

“We got off to an exciting start with the Jubilee dinner where we honoured some of the stalwarts of the SLHTA and paid homage to those who have gone before. We also celebrated the foundation that they laid for us and the mammoth footprints they have left behind,” Azeez said.

The highlight of the week was on Wednesday, June 18 which saw both a trade show and the anticipated Annual General Meeting.

At that closed-door meeting, President of the SLHTA Karolin Trubetzkoy said the Association’s report to its members this year was “a proud one” and that it was indeed a delight for the Board to report on its many accomplishments ranging from the further expansion of its BookStLuciaNow booking engine, the SLHTA’s Tourism Enhancement Fund, and actions taken to address significant contractual challenges faced by our Secretariat on issues beyond our control.

“We have in many respects triumphed and we have much to be proud of. The work is certainly not done but the resolve to continue the efforts and the lobby on behalf of the membership is as strong as it ever was,” she said.

Executive Vice President Noorani Azeez joined the rest of the SLHTA executive team in not only reflecting on the years past but providing an outline of a clear path to the future with strategies designed to stimulate and energise the local tourism industry.

Among the proposals was one which looked to provide maximum value to SLHTA membership, through what he termed a “member value proposition” as well as partnerships with the Government of Saint Lucia in charting and effecting economic development.

The SLHTA executive VP even touted the idea of developing and focusing his secretariat into an entity capable of responding effectively to the needs of the membership.

The overall plan assumes policy development, advocacy, the member value proposition and the focus and activities of the organisation will be shaped and implemented to achieve the mission.

The factors influencing change in the industry along with possible initiatives to further enhance the proposed plans for development were among the other topics discussed.


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