SLHTA Apprenticeship Success Story – Junior Chef Billy Mauricette

SLHTA Apprenticeship Success Story – Junior Chef Billy Mauricette

billyPRESS RELEASE – Billy Mauricette is a 19 year old residing in the community of Anse La Verdue, Canaries. Billy first attended the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School and was later transferred to the Marigot Secondary School, where he completed his studies.

From the tender age of 10, Billy had a passion for cooking and that passion then persuaded him to study Food & Nutrition at the Marigot Secondary School. During his last year of Secondary School (form 5), the SLHTA hosted its first ever “Chefs in Schools Cook-Off Competition” on Independence Day, February 22nd 2014 in which he participated and represented his school, securing a 3rd place spot.

After graduating from Marigot Secondary School, Billy decided to apply for the SLHTA Apprenticeship Programme, which was recommended to him by a friend. A few weeks later he received a call from the SLHTA informing him that he was selected for the programme.

He was asked to consider Caribbean Pirates Restaurant for his Apprenticeship which he did and over the next two months, he gained valuable experience and skills working with Chef Noel and the owner of Caribbean Pirates Restaurant, Chef Robert Skeete. Billy says that he thoroughly enjoyed working at Caribbean Pirates because the employees are very pleasant and friendly.

Billy admits that although Chef Robert can be very stern and always at you to get things done, his intention and goal is to ensure that his Trainees develop and become the best in the field of Culinary Arts.  Billy has also appeared on Chef Robby’s popular cooking television show “Cooking Caribbean Gourmet” on Choice TV which airs every Sunday.

Further to his stint at Caribbean Pirates Restaurant, Billy was sent to acquire more knowledge and skills in four other Restaurants/Hotels including Cap Maison, Rex Resorts, Spice of India and Blue Olive restaurant.  At each establishment, Billy spent 3 days learning various cousins from French Cuisine at Blue Olive to Indian recipes at Spice of India.


Billy performed so exceptional that he got multiple job offers at all 4 establishments and had to choose. He decided to start off at Rex Resorts where he spent 6 months after which he was offered another opportunity at Cap Maison Resort. Billy started his first day at Cap Maison on Monday 16th November 2015, and he is looking forward to learning a lot more working with Chef Nico and Chef Craig.

Looking at the future, Billy hopes to attend the Culinary Institute of Canada or even get a full scholarship to a similar school where he can master his art in the Culinary field. Chef Robby said that “Billy was like a breath of fresh air, he was excited about cooking, and he was very eager. He went over and beyond his call of duty and it paid off for him”.

The Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association Inc (SLHTA) extends congratulations to Billy Mauricette on his successful journey thus far in his career.


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  1. Well done my have done well and continue to aspire....Hard work does pay you past Facilitator i AM PROUD OF YOU.....


  2. Please, do not get swellheaded but keep climbing the ladder gracefully and steadily. And do not forget, while climbing, keep your eyes fixed on God and you will not faulter along the ways. Congratulat and best wishes for the future.


  3. positive vibe! with so many of our young men having a love and passion for cooking why not take pride and encourage the art at a national level. we are blessed with so much food, fruits, and spices, if only we could develop a culture for food creativity. giving our men the encouragement, education, and tools for the art to experiment. on a local and international scale it can boost our economy, can be beneficial to our healths, and can remedy much of our social ills. good food is the way to the heart.


  4. Billy, good luck with all your plans. Just one word, always keep an eye on the guys with experience. You will not make the same mistakes they made. Success, guy.


  5. Its soo good to see what our youth are capable of. Its sad that a lot of our boys take a life of crime or excessive achohol consumption or promiscuity but this gem right here has his head on his shoulders. Ambicious, goal oriented and focused , this young man should serve as an example of the levels of productivity we want in out workforce. Keep up the good work young man. Be humble and work hard it will pay off.


  6. Well Done Billy! I Wish you all the very best for the future. May you go on to achieve greater things and may you represent your lovely island in every aspect of this delightful profession. You have done good and may you carry on in the same vein. You family must be well proud of you. We need more ambitious young people like you who can contribute and to take this country forward.
    I hope I will be able to sample some of your culinary delights one day when I come home.
    All the very best for the future.

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian Lucian
    Berlin Germany


  7. Congratulations young man! I love to see young men excel, especially since they are so marginalized. Reach for the stars. God bless you.


  8. Congratulations to future chef Billy Mauricette. It is very good to see younsters excel. All the best in your future endeavours.


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