SLDMA: Phased reopening of commercial activity “dangerous”

SLDMA: Phased reopening of commercial activity “dangerous”
Dr. Monique Monplaisir, SLDMA PRO

(St. Lucia News Online) — Saint Lucia is “not out of the woods yet” with regards to COVID-19. In fact, “far from it”.

That’s the warning from the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA) which has compared the phased reopening of commercial activity to someone stop taking their antibiotics early because they feel better, describing such a move a “foolhardy and dangerous practice”.

Japan, and to a certain extent Singapore, are examples to learn from, the SLMDA’s public relations officer, Dr. Monique Monplaisir, said in a statement on Monday, April 20.

“They were successful at flattening the curve, however, they have seen a surge of positive cases now because they reopened too quickly,” said Dr. Monique Monplaisir, public relations officer (PRO) of the SLMDA, in a statement on Monday, April 20.

The SLDMA strongly believes that, because of the limitations of Saint Lucia’s in-country testing, even a phased reopening of commercial activity potentially puts everyone at risk, Dr. Monplaisir said.

“The analogy has been made that reopening prematurely is like stopping your antibiotics early because you feel better. A foolhardy and dangerous practice” she said.

The battle against the novel coronavirus in the Caribbean is far from over, according to the authorities.

“We are not out of the woods yet. We are far from it. The director-general of the Pan American Health Organization or PAHO has warned us here in the Caribbean that the worst is yet to come. We have not seen the peak,” Dr. Monplaisir said.

As such, the SLDMA is urging Saint Lucians to continue to adhere to the recommendations of public health officials.

“Please continue to stay home. Leave only if you must for medical reasons and to get essential supplies. Continue to adhere to physical distancing and other hygiene practices,” Dr. Monplaisir said.

The PRO went on to implore bus drivers to adhere to the stipulated numbers of passengers on public buses and called on the wider community to support those who are most vulnerable.

“Make a call, send a message, check in with people. Children will be restarting classes using a different format. It is new, it is challenging but it can be done. Saint Lucia, we can indeed win this war, but it will take the collective effort of each and every one of us. Please, stay home and keep doing safe practices,” Dr. Monplaisir concluded.


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  1. I know that this virus is dangerous but the businesses needs to get back on their feet the pm can still open the country other activities can still be canceled there could still have curfew what about those who lost their jobs not everyone has money saved bills has to be paid only 15 cases of COVID-19 11 have recovered the rest are still at the hospital no one can travel and yet still y'all wanna keep the country like this smh


  2. This island needs to get back to business. Livelihoods are being affected here, we need to keep the mitigating practices going but we need to slowly get back to living. Your expertise is medicine, stay in your lane and do the best job you can do, that my response to your opinion. There are many facetes to this scale down, and if it continues there will be other situations that will arise that will definitely be a big problem. We are a developing country, dependant on tourism, however tourism is done right now so we need to come up with ways of creating a revenue stream for our country, we need to be productive but with care. Adhere to our guidelines and get back to work, we know what we have to do. Mr PM, this is where you get your brownie points for leadership, do that be decisive and steadfast. In life we adapt, and this is what we need to do, not cower in ou r homes, or be obedient to curfews like children. We need to adapt and be productive, make the changes necessary and let's get back to life


  3. I understand that people are not to be asked to stay at home with no means to make a living. The ask is knowing that there is a virus which has killed 700+ people running about. It is not asked lightly. It is true that Saint Lucia may be free of covid-19 but neither the CMO nor myself nor you dear reader can answer that question with any confidence. Given that this is the case I will stay at home for the next few months going out when only absolutely necessary and taking the necessary steps to protect myself when doing so. I hope my fellow Saint Lucians do the same. I understand that they are likely greater risk takers than myself but maybe their mothers, child, etc are not.


  4. Kira please tell me if it's food alone that is essential? What if people who can not feed if not on a hustle commit suicide then I guess people like u will say it is because of covid 19. Many jobs are lost like concern citizen said n many are suffering so if u think all sits on golden chairs or dine with golden spoons..Wake up from your sheep sleep. Yes if there is a virus then we all must be careful but worse things has been happening n we have never had to shut down. If u can not see the rabbit whole goes deeper then u might as well go house to house kill everyone.

    The mind can not n should not be confined..We were born free n isolate for a short period of time. The pm knows this n is trying his best but when u have people like ms mondesire n the cmo saying what they do..We have a bigger problem.

    To wash your hand regularly requires soap..How do u buy soap? Sanitizers are bought with what? N is breathing fresh air not essential? Taking a walk in the sun, is it not essential? Going to the beach n rivers is that not essential? I guess staying home is the new essential while u gain weight on the supermarket n watching TV. At some point your money will run out n what then? Please Kira tell me


  5. Concerned citizen I agree with u on all levels. This Mondesire person is speaking just like everyone else. They are the ones who will advocate for mandatory vaccines for everyone. They are the ones who will agree that taking an id2020 chip plus a vaccine will save humanity. They have documents but no brains. Food will not run out but people's patience will. Self isolation is good but forced isolation can b disasterous. They wait on WHO,who is causing more fear n panic among a people to open up their countries. She talks about Japan y not look at Sweden which has never closed. Yes Mr Pm u have done well but it's time to open up the country. Your borders are closed so nothing is going out nor coming in how can we get a virus that came in with foreigners just Lucian's who lived or migrated abroad.

    The CMO need to bring us hope n people like miss mondesire need to stop speaking a language only she can understand.

    Also u are right we have freedom by birth n also by law how can it be striped from us without our permission. Force isolation will do more harm than good. N she says worse is yet to come..why? Are these not the words every senator or governor uses to keep people fearful?? A flu has caused your neighbor to really b your enemy


  6. Dr. Monplaisir what do we do when the economy tanks and thousands don't have jobs to go to? Do we come to you...we dont all have doctorates. You do not destroy a country for 15 cases of covid 19...I am sick and tired of the elitist in this country telling the everyday people that what is good for them is to stay inside their homes whilst their jobs are running running out. I am even more sick of the persons who think that Mrs Monplaisir is right simply because she has a doctorate. This country needs to reopen or we wont have a country left to open. The constitution of this country gave every St.lucian freedoms and nowhere does it says that these freedoms can be taken away because of a pandemic. Its amazing that smart people always lack common sense. PM we St. Lucians support a step by step reopening....there are thousands who lost their jobs in the tourism industry who cannot find any other work because everything is closed down...the closure of this country has caused more damage to st.lucia than covid19


      • I never said there was a food shortage on the island in terms of stores..please read and understand...The food shortage I am talking about are those who lost jobs in not only the tourism industry but other industries like restaurants and food vendors among thousand of other workers...Do you think Ms. Kira that they have an unlimited supply of food in their cupboards or thousands in the bank? I used to be these people I know what it is like to hand to mouth and not knowing where the next meal is coming from..that is the reality on the ground and I will never stop speaking for them because in this lock down that is the reality. Sometimes we sit in our ivory kingdoms and think that everyone else is living in one also


        • I quite agree with you concern citizen ,and I also guess we are part of the lab rats system they are just silently infiltrating the agenda slowly in the Caribbean with a vaccine the inventor definitely will not allow his kids to take, but we are obliged too and to get ready for their new world slowly but surely. Wake up my ppl, wake up read read research,lastly there are people who just can’t afford and has to work on in a daily basis to survive yes we have to be vigilant and we have to be wise too


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