SLDHA elects new board of directors

SLDHA elects new board of directors
Dr. Timotheus Dorh


Dr. Timotheus Dorh
Dr. Timotheus Dorh

PRESS RELEASE – At the St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association (SLDHA) Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 17th November 2016, the following persons were elected and now form the Board of Directors for the period November 2016 – October 2018.

Dr. Timotheus Dorh – President
Ms. Sharon Ephraim – Vice President
Ms. Ekiema Yarde – Secretary
Mr. Tedburt Theobals – Chair of Finance and Administrative Committee
Mr. Morgan Cyril – Chair of Membership Development and Events Committee
Ms. Heidi Khodra RN – Chair of Education and Community Outreach Committee
Mr. Andrew Antoine – Chair of Public Relations and Fundraising Committee
Ms. Angela George – Affiliate Representative for the North
Dr. Aaron Adjodah – Affiliate Representative for the South

Dr. Martin Didier – Patron

The name for the representative from the Ministry of Health will be sent in a subsequent request.


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