SLCC mourns the loss of Ione Erlinger-Forde

SLCC mourns the loss of Ione Erlinger-Forde
Ione Erlinger-Forde

It is with a heavy heart the St. Lucia Crisis Centre (SLCC) says farewell to its founder Ione Erlinger-Forde who passed away on the morning of Friday, April 5, 2013.

Forde was compassionate, driven, courageous and a visionary. Her efforts to provide a safe haven for women began in 1986 and after toiling tirelessly for two years, on October 27, 1988, the Saint Lucia Crisis Centre came into being.

In 2013, the SLCC will celebrate 25 years of serving the Saint Lucian people.

President of the SLCC Juliana Alfred commemorates Erlinger-Forde as a person and as an institution.

Alfred said: “The SLCC recognizes the remarkable contributions made by the pioneer Mrs. Forde, in breaking down the barriers in dealing with the issue of domestic violence. Through her sustained, passionate advocacy, the SLCC was birthed, and achievements were made through the enactment of domestic violence legislation and the subsequent establishment of a shelter for women and children and also the establishment of the Family Court. The SLCC family pays tribute to this phenomenal woman who ‘broke the glass ceilings’.”

The SLCC wishes to extend its condolences to the family and friends of Mrs. Forde and we pledge to continue her great legacy.


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  1. Mrs. Erlinger-Forde has been my heroine for many years. Wehave lost so many movers and shakers of St. Lucia lately. May the legacy of each sterling role model guide us to measure our own worth in society.


  2. Mrs. Erlinger-Forde has been a heroine for me since my years in St. Lucia, which began in 1990 with the Peace Corps. We have lost so many movers and shakers of St. Lucia lately, it seems, Jo Rickard, Robert Devaux, Heraldine Rock. Bertha Sauer, Peace Corps, worked directly with her in those early years.
    The legacy from each of these sterling role models may guide us to measure our own worth in society.


  3. I have the utmost respect for those who have attained selflessness. This is how we measure the worth of a man/woman. Thank you!


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