SLBS pulls hair color product

SLBS pulls hair color product

hairdyePRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) has withdrawn from sale the Couleur de Star hair dye product.

The product does not comply with the compulsory standard for the labelling of pre-packaged goods as it is labelled in a language other than English, and therefore is non complaint. In addition, the product poses the likely risk of skin irritations or burns.

The hair dye which was withdrawn from sale is the brand: Color de Pelo Professional with the product name: Couleur de Star. The hair dye is in a multicoloured box with the picture of a blond Caucasian woman on it.

The product was identified during the SLBS’s routine market surveillance activities. Market surveillance is a program under the compulsory standards compliance program where inspectors visit retail outlets and inspect goods to ensure they meet the requirements of a number of standards being policed under this regime.

Consumers are advised to discontinue use of the product if purchased.

The SLBS encourages the public to also be vigilant when making purchases. We encourage consumers to report to the SLBS when they find products which are labelled in a foreign language. Under the compulsory labelling standard, products are to also meet basic requirements such as having an expiration date, and listing the country of origin.

A foreign language is allowed where it is the common name of the product, or the manufacturer’s name or address. No exceptions apply otherwise in the description of the product.


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  1. OK supermarket sellin what they say is plum jam. Everyfing is written in Chinese and when i tell the chinee man dat da man say is only for Chinese they sellin it not for lucian. But it on the shelf sitting hard lol


  2. There is a toothpaste which St. Lucia Bureau of Standards has pulled off the shelf of the Chinese store at the corner of Brazil and Coral Street (Opposite Star Lite) and that toothpaste is still on the shelf there.


  3. ...those trespassers are being facilitated by whom? Not for anything their products and or services are being sold uninterrupted - you could complain/report till hell freezes the drift!!


  4. I hope they visiting S&S and the gang of stores including the Chinese but wait we're already sold out to the Chinese !


  5. I guess Mnc need to pulll all those meds that they sell that are in another language. u cant even read the leaflet. its medication u cant even tell if u got any side effects


    • All medication has side effects. good that are so, start eating grass and bush tea
      no side effects.. jst take it easy on the amounts.


  6. The last time i called the bureau of standards about a suspect product which had cancer causing risk and was being sold at a local retailer they said that i had to buy the product myself and bring it to their office. I was appalled at this response. So whats the point of asking the public to report if you dont take any action??


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