SLASPA changes rules at port for vehicle importation

SLASPA changes rules at port for vehicle importation
Used vehicles in Japan
Used vehicles in Japan

(SNO) — With the increase of the importation of used vehicles into the island, the Saint Lucia Air and Seaport Authority (SLASPA) has announced new procedures at the port when these and other vehicles that are being brought in.

Chief of Ports Police Kennedy Francis announced the new procedures at a press conference recently, pointing out that all vehicles leaving the port must be insured and registered.

“Being in discussion with the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport Services, and they have indicated to us that they would like SLASPA’s cooperation on the enforcement of those laws,” he stated. “So essentially going forward some of the procedures at the port will change.”

According to Francis, all vehicles leaving the port will be issued with a sticker.

“Before you can leave the port, as part of the new procedures, you would need to go to Transport Board, register your vehicle, be issued with a registration sticker, issued with a license plate number, proceed to the production of those plates and for those plates to be affixed, as well as the sticker affixed to the windscreen, before your vehicle can leave the port,” he explained.

Meanwhile the police are pledging that the new procedures will be heavily enforced.

“Just to inform the members of the public, especially since Port Authority will be assisting in preventing vehicles from leaving the docks without a plate, if you are found without a plate or the vehicle is not registered, we would enforce the law by impounding that vehicle until you can rectify the situation, and taken to court for it,” Deputy Chief of Police Milton Desir said.


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  1. I have always said that for its size, this island has way too many vehicles coming in. We are also underdeveloped so if this continues it’ll be a major problem in the not so distant future. This, I believe won’t change much but it’s a start. At least the authorities have taken notice.


  2. Thought they were gonna talk about lowering the import duties for a min. Got excited over nothing smh ??‍♂️


  3. Why are they so demanding that we pay road taxes and all those other things and we can't have a good road to drive on..not even in the city ......they're just here for their pockets and not the people


  4. so what the purpose of this now ? For argument sake l imported a 2016 Honda likely than unlikely pay the duties you cant register a vehicle unless you show proof of insurance so I must get the insurance before I could drive the vehicle isn't this what people were doing all along or were they just paying the duty and driving around with not tag and plates the police would stop you anyway I mean I am just saying .......Incurring minds wants to know you know already how Lucians like excite themselves.


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