Slain gunman was a “talented” Saint Lucia boxer and basketball player: official

Slain gunman was a “talented” Saint Lucia boxer and basketball player: official
Ronnie Samuel. * Photo credit: St. Lucia Sports Online video still-image
Ronnie Samuel. * Photo credit: St. Lucia Sports Online video still-image

(SNO) – President of the Saint Lucia Boxing Association David ‘Shakes’ Christopher believes former national champion boxer Ronnie Samuel, who shot two people before he was fatally shot by the police on Emancipation Day (Aug. 1), would probably not have chosen a life of crime had he gotten more support from the “system” as a “talented” sportsman.

“It is very sad to see when a sportsman or a sportswoman find themselves on the other side of the line … in these kind of tragic type of situations,” Christopher told St. Lucia Sports Online (SLSO).

According to SLSO, Samuel was a former Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and creole boxing champion. Samuel was also a “talented and skillful basketballer”, according to the SLSO report.

A younger photo of Samuel posing with a medal.

Law enforcement sources told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that Samuel was among scores of people revelling at the J’Ouvert on the streets of Gros Islet town when an altercation broke out between him other males, shortly before 7 a.m.

It is alleged that during the brief fracas, Samuel fired shots into the crowd, hitting Nicholas Montoute of Dauphin Street, Gros Islet and Randy Cherubin of Church Street, Gros Islet. One sustained a gunshot wound to a leg and the other, in the shoulder. It is not clear if Montoute and Cherubin were part of the altercation. It is being alleged that they were innocent bystanders.

Police identified Samuel as the gunman and took immediate action: shooting him. He was transported by ambulance to hospital where he was pronounced dead. His .25 pistol, which was located near to the scene of the shooting in low vegetation, was retrieved by the lawmen.

Cherubin and Montoute were treated at hospital and released.

Law enforcement sources said Samuel was known the police. Ironically, his mother is a police officer.

The gun allegedly used by Samuel.

Meanwhile, the boxing association president went on to say that Samuel could have kept in a paid programme based on his talent.

“I don’t know if I can say probably if more doors have been opened for this young man, be the way of sports where he could have been put in a programme and get some sort of stipend or something to keep him in that programme…. And overseas, a guy with that talent, would have been drawn into some programme… Probably the system didn’t channel enough resources sports-wise,” Christopher told SLSO.

In response to the report on Facebook, several people said they are surprised that Samuel got himself in that situation.

One person asked, “how did Ron got involved in these kinda things, was he really the shooter?”, adding “I watched him play basketball on the Conway court, the boy can play so well.”

Samuel after he was shot.

Another person said the boxing association could have played a part in saving Samuel.

“While the system fails our youth, the boxing association should have worked out something also. Then again maybe part of the system. I think along with the system, the different organisations need to play their part.”

Christopher, the boxing chief, responded that “it’s a jungle out when it comes to running sports, organisations without funds, to get their programmes implemented while a lot of funds are being spent in other programmes, not involving youth development”.

He said most times, leaders of organisations like his have to spend their “personal funds” to try and realise their goals.

“It is not easy brother. Frustration takes over both athletes and administrators…. So it’s not fair to knock us. We are trying with little $$$$$ support because with most of the results we would be sending our sports people overseas for training cause we don’t have the facilities to take them to world class,” Christopher said.

Another person, commenting on Samuel’s performance as a boxer, said: “RIP champ Ronnie. We will never forget you with those long jabs and plenty counter punches. Only jah knows.”

Aftermath of the shooting. One of the two victims being attended to while revellers and police officers look on.

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  1. One question... how come the weapon is in a grassy area and he's dead in a different area? It doesn't look like he had the weapon. Was he shot, ran and later died in the area in the photo or was he executed? I'm all for justice but if it was an execution then that is kinda messed up. Some people are saying he surrendered and then was killed. Any witnesses to speak on what went down?


  2. Remembering when we use to play at Methodist primary and it breaks my heart to see this is how you left bro. I understand people who say " you live by the gun, you die by the gun". But I hope they understand that growing up with someone you see them in a different light . This is so sad that you are gone bro. R.I.P


  3. Let the boy rest in peace bcuz when he was alive i never saw his face all over the media for his talents chpz


  4. Anytime one shows up to a public function carrying a weapon be it knife,gun or scissors,then there is definately intent. It's sad that a life was lost and I will render no judgement on the decease cause I refuse to judge anyone but he should have remembered that these events are heavily policed nowadays with loads of "itchy finger" cops who strangely enough,would relish the opportunity to engage.


  5. Unfortunate. If he was a "bad boy" I don't feel sorry for him. But if he was trying to defend himself then his actions are a bit more understandable. We live in a lawless society where police protect no one. With those thugs on the streets, we must protect ourselves. But firing into a crowd is criminal and I can understand the police reaction.

    Did he live with his mother, the cop? Damning if you think about it. A cop's son has an illegal firearm right under her nose. Aren't those people supposed to have deductive skills?


    • Dont make assumptions......u dont know where he lived ....before she a police she was a mother....after she stops being a policeshe will still b a mom.....smh mothers try n his case he paid the price...still not easy losing ur never will b


  6. I don't understand some of yall people on here, whenever someone suggest government should do more for young people. Y'all quick to say stop blaming government but one of government's main purpose is the social welfare of it's people. The guy is just lamenting the lack of funding for sports programmes of youth in st.lucia with is the truth. The Olympic committee more interested in buying a building and sending their exec to Olympics games in Brazil than supporting the local athletes. And when one makes it big like Levern Spencer who has little support from government they are quick to take credit for her achievements. I hope the same people who say dont blame goverment say stop taking credit when goverment officials take for levern and our other athletes victories.


  7. is the system to be blamed our ourselves. we like to cast blame when we have to take a better look at ourselves.

    from a tender age we know the difference between right and wrong
    why did he not report the incident to all the police offers that were at the event?
    why did he not choose to walk away and live to fight another day?
    did he have a license firearm?

    He chose his path of righteousness and he got what he deserved?
    do I feel sorry no I don't

    they said he surrendered and the police still shot him is that true?
    sometimes it can be and the police officers knows about the justice system AND HOW FRUSTRATING IT IS TO GET JUSTICE....


    good for you officer job well done,.. its not a great practice but we need to fix the court system and the police system with regards to investigations closing cases etc

    the police don't have the expertise to do that here.. with brings corruption ..

    its a sad day but let this message get across the nation ...




  8. Shakes he had all that talent and he didn't do anything but seat on the block to rob people. His mom spoke to him constantly did he listen NO.


  9. Why are ya'll blaming the Government for this? I blame him first for making the stupid choices he did from a tender age wanting to lime with the thugs and do thuggish things that was his choice and nobody else. I blame the mother because she wasn't a parent to him she was just someone who loved him and made sure to protect him as much as possible when he got in trouble but not protect him from the streets he fell in love with, from the crimes he use to commit, from carrying, bursting, firing at people and loving guns, she never showed him tough love, she never let him pay for his wrongs. And don't say she didn't know cause alot of people knew and his name was calling both by the police and on blocks. I blame the father because a father should make sure sons look up to them and follow the right path as much as possible to make their families proud. You use to box and you were a good basketball player you might have even gone to a good school but not even that could have kept you away from being a VEY NEG because guess what VEY NEG was more enticing and trust me there are lot more out there just like him. These guys don't want to work, they don't want nothing good for themselves but the robbing, the killing, the drugs, the guns, the alcohol, the never ending party life, the live fast die young, get rich or die trying, violent trap and dancehall music and lots of unprotected sex. The whole of St.Lucia will be over run by them if we as a people don't do nothing and by this I'm now going to blame the Authorities, the Government, the parents, the family, the friends and society. We all have to play a part in this or else we will all be doomed by them. And their numbers are growing because we all are too afraid to talk about what's going on or to correct them because mothers or even the children themselves will come for us. It's time for us not to turn a blind eye because what we might see is the end of St.Lucia as we no it.


    • Good analogy buh is like u spitting a gloss in di air and let it fall back in your face.


  10. May his soul rest in peace. This young man was very troublesome from school. My son went to school with him and one day whlie my son was walking in castries he the deceased grabbed my son's cap and run away with it, good thing my son's father was in town he called his dad and run to the deceased apartment and got him washing the cap, my sons dad held him and brought him to the police station, when we got there his mom was so surprised to see her son. May your soul rest in peace


    • Surprised?? after dealing with him he would never be that way again. We parents overlook too many things our children do. If we cannot correct our children from small what do we expect them to become. I've always told young people if you're a sports man you must be disciplined!!!
      My question as a parent is was he authorized to have the Gun? Is it a license fire arm? from what I have read he was not poor no hungry. He choose his way of Life and that's the end of his rope. The bible says the foolish man dies before his time. You live by the sword you die by the sword. Stop the blame game.


  11. Damn fool. He alone is to blame for his actions. Suffered his likely fate. I'm not being wicked but sorry to say it could have been one of our kids that was shot enjoying a little jump up. Jackass trying to mess up the people jourvet


  12. Shut urll a-- how is his mother to b blamed the fellas attack di man he see he couldn't do nun but shoot they a-- so f-- who vex he defend his self the police have to take jail cause do man had surrender the police. Commit murder they couldn't break his leg n jail him not kill him jail the f-- police of kill his a--


    • U just proved that u are vomiting hear say and was not there. Yes Fellas did engage him but not 1 of them had a weapon. Ronny is a former boxing champion and pulled out a firearm then opened fire and did not hit not 1 of the so called Fellas that engaged him only innocent bystanders.....and no he did not surrender and got murdered. He was fleeing the scene of the heinous crime he committed and got dealt with by the authorities. Bravo officers for such a quick response to the situation. Ronny should have known better.....he failed the training he received which led him to become a champion.


  13. Everybody have the criteria to judge between wrong and right .sad that young man life ended that way. He could only blame himself going down that path.if you have a talent promote yourself social media made it to easy in this time .


  14. You choose a life of crime and is a .25 pistol you choose as your weapon of choice? More likely to piss off your enemy and make things worse for yourself. Also, why isn't more emphasis being placed on the ones who got in the altercation with him? They need to be rounded up and not just walking the streets.


  15. I agree with the Jn Baptists person.

    And the system is stil failing the youth especially the young men.


  16. The system is still failing our youth especially our young men. And who is annoyed with my comment just choke.


  17. What has talent got to do with this or youth for that matter? At a public gathering why are many individuals armed with guns and knives? As a matter of course everybody should be subjected to security checks and if individuals are caught with weapons they should be heavily penalised.


  18. Unfortunately too much of funds which could be used to assist the youth and small enterprises are being spent on other programmes not benificial to the overall improvement of our society.
    Administration after administration come and leave office after being elected by the people and leave the people hopeless, especially the youths and the unfortunate. Poor !! young man who who had to loose his life in carnaval where millions are being spent to support customs.
    Emancipation from [email protected]@!
    I bet you among these hundreds of people including those who were shot by the gunman and the gunman who were at the activity at Gros Islet cannot answer this question.
    In what year were we emancupated from slavery and by whom?????


    • I saw this young Man a few days before emancipation day, never did I thought It would be the last time I would have seen this kid, maybe his life could've been saved if the police had only called the ambulance who knows! and have him do the time in prison,after his time in jail he could've been rehabilitated. Am sorry for the lost for this young man wrong choose of life..


  19. It's just amazes me how people can just JUDGE other people. I just don't get it, do you not love yourself enough to find compassion for lost souls? The only good and evil that exists is the spirits within us. Raise the vibration. Keep your mouth shut before talking about who else will die like whom? You can get yourself killed by your own relatives who does not have to be in a gang. Raise the vibration! Darkness cannot drive away darkness only LIGHT cab do that. Didn't your Jesus said to be a light?! Then shut ypur senseless mouth and be a damn light! Hypocrite!!


  20. please dont blame the system and govt for stuff like that

    i was sexually abused as a child more than once. i was neglected by my parents and lived with relatives. i later lived with my mother and the treatment received by my step family was not to envy. i was on my own from 18. even then it was a hard life. i ended up with kids and unending abuse. against all odds i got myself educated in many small certificates or diploma programs as i could. i did cxc again . i got a degree eventually after begging a lot and countless trips to the ministries.

    i had no help but did not end up on the streets, or violent, or in drugs etc. i went thru hell and i can tell you that if you are headstrong nothing is impossible. i suffer it sometimes with flashbacks and nightmares but i learn to control it all.

    i really do feel sorry for youth who end up on the streets or who are violent or on drugs. i really wish there were programs set in place to help every vulnerable young person, and this will be my foundation one day when i can afford it. even when they commit horrible crimes i have a tendency to feel sorry for them and try to figure out what unfortunate circumstances led to this.
    but dont blame it on organisations or govt please.
    lets just help however we can to make this island a better place.


  21. so u blame the government now for some guy who failed to use the brain and talent that he was given? it does not look like he grew up poor either. he did not want to be a productive citizen. he wanted to be bad boy. so he dead. and his other bad boys will go the same way if they dont change


    • i agree the govt etc should not be blamed. many people go thru hell and are headstrong and dont end up like this. but i do hope his freinds get on the right track so they dont end up like this and our island become a better place to live in. may he find peace beyond death.


    • Well said. Im so sick of the ...on here blaming government for an a... that decided to fire bullets at innocent people. WTF is wrong with urll people. Mom should not be blamed either. You make children, teach them right and they take their own path. Only mindless ...will put government in that mess. So many peeps i know that are unemployed, dont play sports , have nothing going for them and they dont even own a gun or would never do such. Glad his dead. Kill his a-- again. Dumb f--


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